Play the FoxyKISS Early Beta v2
FoxyKISS WIP - Outfits we're working on ^^;

click me!"KISS", or Kisekae Set System is based on the japanese phrase kisekae ningyou - playing dress-up with dolls. KISS has been around for a long time, and has evolved to PC and Mac versions of the concept. It's still popular in Japan and here, too. It's also enjoyed by all sorts of people - young and old, male and female. You might have even seen or tried it before - it's pretty cool, actually.

Marty Grover from Psychic Mouse Studios suggested building the Foxy KISS set, and is developing an online version that anyone with a modern browser (currently only IE 4.0+) can play.

An updated beta version of FoxyKISS is available here:
It will open in a separate window; click the "Return to the Foxglove Feature" to close it.

To play, click on any of the text links on the left side of the screen. A set of clothes will appear on the right side. Use your mouse to click and drag any piece of clothing onto Foxglove. Neat, huh? :)

Again, it's still an early beta. So some of the categories may show a broken link icon in place of a piece of clothing. Asofar, the program doesn't function in Netscape browsers :\ Marty mentioned that he hasn't had much luck fixing this. I'm also starting work on new outfits based on your suggestions from "FoxyKISS - What to Wear" (thank you!). If you have any comments or suggestions about how FoxyKISS currently looks or plays, don't hesitate to e-mail me at, or Marty at Thanks!

Admittedly, I'm no connoisseur of clothing and could still use some great ideas from you to start drawing FoxyKISS's wardrobe. A sundress with matching hat & jewelry perhaps? How about a slick Nike(tm) jumpsuit? Any ideas (within decency, mind you) you might have are welcome and will really help us get started on creating a wardrobe. It will also help us get a beta version of FoxyKISS released sooner. =)

Marty and I thank you for the great outfit suggestions you have provided so far, and plan to implement some as soon as this model is finished - keep them coming! ^_^ To see the full body picture of the FoxyKISS doll plus the original sketch, be sure to stop by ChipN'Death's gallery. If you're feeling adventurous and would like to design a piece of clothing now, you can download the picture right to your hard drive and open it in any graphics app. Click your right mouse button (PC) or control-click (Mac) to save the picture now. We'd love to see what creative designs you come up with :).

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