"Good Times, Bat Times" Video

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The Rangers first encounter with Foxglove. Dale falls helplessly from his bubble-gum harness. Luckily, Foxy catches him just in time. All is well until both realize that she cannot hover and carry Dale at the same time.

1m37s 5.8 MB 160x120

How Bud & Lou deal with the ol' witch's tantrum is beyond understanding! This scene details Winifred's plans to become a real witch and get revenge on those who fired her from her job as a cleaning lady.

1m14s 4.3 MB 160x120

Winifred the witch swipes the chiefton's hair! The gang try to intercept her in the Rangerplane, but are blown away as she speeds by. Foxglove saves the Rangers from a huge crash by partially straightening the Rangerplane. It pays to have Dale around in cases like this - he's the perfect "bat bait"! ;D

1m23s 4.6 MB 160x120

The museum's moonrock is in Winifred's clutches! All seems well until the Rangers arrive in their newly constructed "Bagpipe Express". Will the Rangers rescue the moonrock from Winifred? Download and see!

1m5s 3.6 MB 160x120

The scene that captured our hearts! Dale tries to move the moonrock to another location, but ends up chasing after it to RR headquarters. Foxy catches her prize and proceeds to flirt with an overly shy Dale. His short tumble off a tree branch shows how sincere Foxglove really is.

59s 3.2 MB 160x120

Foxglove's charms start to work on Dale as he whips up a story about lifting the heavy moonrock. Foxglove even coaxes him into giving it to her. Winifred flies in to take the moonrock, which Dale holds on to for dear life. To the horror of the other Rangers, Foxglove and Dale are sucked up into her vacuum cleaner and whisked to her hideout.

1m18s 4.5 MB 160x120

Dale didn't know that Foxglove was working for Winifred until she handed over the moonrock. Now Winifred has the power to do as she pleases, such as zapping Dale into a frog. Zipper helps both Foxy and Dale put an end to her fun ;).

1m17s 4.4 MB 160x120

Winifred prepares to zap Dale into a jellyfish until Foxy threatens to ruin her spell with a brick she was carrying(!). Dale's zapped back to normal, but simply couldn't leave Foxy when she told him to escape. They're both captured again, but Zipper returns - this time with backup! :)

1m58s 6.7 MB 160x120

Lou tries to catch Zipper in his web lasso, but instead catches a big oil drum on its way down ;) Bud doesn't have much luck with the Ranger's Bagpipe Express, as Monty blows him up with the bellows. Dale & Foxy finally break free, and decide to add a little something to Winifred's potion. She soon learns that once behind bars, a janitor's work is never done. Ruining what was probably the only true C+G moment, Dale sweeps Chip(!) off his feet on his new hanglider. What happens after that is only something only dear Foxy could love ;).

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