"Dale's Proposal to Foxglove"
Chris Silva

Gadget looked sternly at Chip. “Chip, you have got to talk to Dale about Foxglove.  He’s got to be willing to take their relationship to the next level or he's going to lose her!”

Chip threw up his hands. “Gadget, I'll try! But Dale's never been in a relationship like this before.  He doesn't understand what's at stake!” Chip was about to say more, but Gadget had him cornered and he knew it. “I'll do my best,” Chip sighed nervously. He and Gadget headed down the hall toward the living room where Dale sat, watching television.

The Mega Monster Movie Marathon was into its third chilling hour. The others were supposedly in their rooms except for Foxglove who was out feeding. Knowing he had the arena to himself, Dale sat back and enjoyed the show.  He was half way into “Alien” when Foxglove returned.  Dale looked to her and smiled.

“Hey Foxglove, you're missing a great movie,” he said. But Dale saw by the look on her face that something was troubling her.  “Foxy, what's wrong?”

She silently approached and sat on the couch next to him. She took the remote and turned off the television.  Dale knew this was serious—she’d never do that unless it was something that couldn’t wait. So instead of getting mad, Dale turned to face her. She looked into his eyes and sighed.

“Dale, I want you to be honest with me,” Foxy began

**This really is serious—honesty in the first sentence**. “Foxy, you know I'd never lie to you,” Dale said.

Foxy gently put the remote down and brushed Dale’s hand. “Dale, how do you feel about me?”

Dale was surprised by such a blunt question and began to get nervous. “What do you mean?”

Foxy’s voice was calm, yet plaintive. “Please, tell me how you feel about me.” Dale’s winsome smile came to his face in his defense. “You're a great friend and I sure like you a lot.”

Foxglove looked pained, and she withdrew her wing. It obviously wasn't the answer she wanted. “Just a friend?” 

**Oh, that’s what she meant**. “I...I mean, I...” Dale stammered.

Foxglove began crying.  Dale put his arms around her. “Foxy, don't cry! Please stop crying! I can't bear to see you in tears.”  Despite herself, she snuggled up against him. “Dale, I love you with all my heart and soul! You must tell me, do you love me?”

Dale released her, stood and turned away.  Foxglove cried harder. “Foxglove, I do love you, but I don't want you to love me,” he said sadly. She gasped in shock. “Why Dale?  Is it because I'm a bat or because I worked with Winifred?” Dale shook his head slightly. “No, it has nothing to do with what you are or did. It's just that...”

Chip and Gadget listened to the conversation in stunned silence. Foxglove sensed something was wrong and she came over to Dale and put a wing on his shoulder.

“Why, Dale?  Why should I not love you?” she asked in despair.

Dale grimaced and lowered his head and his voice. “Foxglove, you're stunningly beautiful. You spread joy and niceness wherever you go, you have a great smile, an enchantingly beautiful voice, you're fun to be with, you're the kind of girl every guy dreams of.”

**What’s this chipmunk’s problem?** “So?  Don't you dream of a girl like me?” Foxy asked.

Dale was caught a little off-guard by the question. “Yes, I dream about you all the time...uh, I mean...that's not the point, Foxglove, what I'm saying is that you're utterly amazing in every way.”

“Then why shouldn't I love you, Dale?” she asked desperately. 

Dale sighed. “Foxglove, you could have any man you wanted. Why should you settle for a dopey, goofy looking, klutz like me?” She gasped at the words, and he turned away from her, his shoulders slumped.  “I can't offer you any kind of life. I'm just a little kid in a grown-up body.  I'm not mature enough to be in love and to love in return,” he said in almost a whisper. 

Foxglove followed him and came around to his front. “Dale, are you saying that you're not good enough for me?”

“Yes, Foxglove, that's exactly what I'm saying.  That's why I haven't told you how much I love you.  You could have the moon and stars, why settle for a clod of dirt?” Dale asked, his emotions melding into his voice.

In an instant Foxglove was wrapping her wings around Dale.  This took him off guard and they toppled to the floor.  She began covering his face with kisses, laughing. “Dale, Dale, Dale!  All this time I've been thinking that I'm not good enough for you, and here you thought that you weren't good enough for me!” she said in total exultation.

“N…Not good enough for me?” he asked with incredulity.

The kiss parade kept on trucking. “Dale, you're wonderful, loving, compassionate, funny and very handsome!  My heart races just hearing the sound of your footsteps or the sound of your voice! The beating of your heart is a joy and comfort,” she said as she continued kissing him.

Dale was flabbergasted. “Very handsome?” 

Foxglove giggled and ran the tip of her wing on his nose. “Dale, most chipmunks wouldn't give me a second glance, but you think I'm very beautiful.  Is it so hard to believe that a bat can find a chipmunk handsome?”

“Well, I guess not…” Dale said, still wondering at the turn of events.  She smiled and looked into his eyes.  Dale looked deeply into her beautiful eyes, he felt himself becoming lost in them.

“Dale, how do you feel about me now?” she said softly.

“Foxglove, I love you with all my heart and soul,” Dale told her. 

“Right answer, cutie,” she said with a big smile and the two began a long and passionate kiss. When they stopped to catch their breath he put his hands up to her cheeks.


“Yes, Dale.”

“Will you marry me?” 

Foxglove, Chip and Gadget all gasped. “Dale...I...I will gladly marry you,”

Foxglove said in stunned surprise.  She began crying again, but with joy.  Her tears rained down onto Dale's face and they kissed again. Chip and Gadget were overjoyed, and hugged each other over how well things had turned out.

Dale and Foxy separated. “You know, there is only one thing that could make this better,” Dale said.

“What's that, cute stuff?” Foxglove asked.

Dale’s smile was positively beaming now. “I just wish Chip and Gadget could have been here for this. It might have given them the push to admit just how much they love each other.” Chip and Gadget froze in their embrace and looked nervously into the living room.

Foxy leaned in and whispered, “But cutie, they were here for this! They've been in the hall watching us the whole time.”

Dale’s eyes bulged in an expression of pleased surprise. “They have?” 

By Charles Williams
“Sure, I could hear their breathing when I came in,” Foxy said, grinning

Dale took Foxy’s hand and they went straight to the now-embarrassed twosome.

“Hey Chip, Gadget!  Now that you're together, just look each other in the eye and say ‘I love you!’  Come on, you both know you love each other, just say it!” Dale shouted.

“Come on you two, you know you want too!” Foxglove shouted.

It was hard to say who was blushing more. Chip and Gadget looked at each other apologetically and began stammering.

“Uh, Gadget...I..”

“Chip...this is kind of...”


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