Secrets Unknown

by Damon Togarth

Darkness falls about the streets
An evil one waits and watches you fly
Pondering weither or not your being protected
He wait for the time that he can snatch you away
Away from all you love, Away from me my love
But I won't allow it he'll never have you
For my love is more than he can handle
so for now he Waits and watches you fly
thinking of the day that I'll not be around

In the dark room sat a lone figure obscured by the darkness his details cannot be determined, but he is reading something off a computer screen and writing notes….
“Hmmm this is interesting to say the least. So she’s a Rescue Ranger, eh…. and she’s married to one as well…this IS going to be interesting.
The darkened figure rises from the chair and heads out of the library, heading for the park
Meanwhile in the park..
“ Go out for a long one Dale…” Chip calls out
“Ok let’er rip…” Dale replies
Chip tosses the chipmunk football far and long as Dale goes to receive.
“I…got it.”
Dale catches the ball and spikes it into the ground and is suddenly taken off his feet by a brown blur.
“ High cutie..” The figure calls out as soft, warm wings embrace him
“Uh high Foxy, What ya doing here?” Dale answers
“Just checking to see if you remembered our daughters birthday today.” She replies
“Um…err ya I did Hun just on my way to…pick up her present.” Dale grins sheepishly
“Uh-huh I bet you were.” Foxglove kisses him on the cheek and lets him up. ”Ok then you better get going and pick it up I expect you to be home by five o’clock tonight and it’s three-thirty now.”
“Yeah Dale you better get going.” Chip chides him
Dale gets up slightly embarrassed as he waves and runs off to get his daughter a present for her birthday thinking…”What do you get for an Eight-teen year old?”
Little does anyone know that a figure is watching their every move and action writing it down and leaving heading towards down town following Dale.
Dale wanders around trying to find the perfect gift for his daughter unknowing that he’s being followed “Hmmm I wonder what she would want?”
The dark figure chuckles a bit hearing Dale’s musings, even though he’s out of sight. His ice-blue eyes flickering as he stays in the shadows, light just barely touching his black fur. The dark figure smiles to him self and leaves heading for the park again.
Dale meanwhile is too busy trying to find a present to notice anything.
Back in the park the rangers are setting up for the party in the headquarters.
“I hope Dale gets back soon so we can start on time.” Gadget states
“My cutie will be back.” Foxglove says reassuringly, more so for her self than anyone else.
“I hope so.” Chip replies
A knock at the door brings the Rangers back to reality as Chip answers it…but no one is there only a note.

Dear Rangers;
I’m sorry to say but you better cancel your plans if you want to see the goof ball anytime soon I have him at the warehouse where we all first met. Winifred

The rangers just all gasp at this turn of events not only is Dale been captured but Foxgloves old master has returned, most likely for revenge.

Part 2

Chip just stares at the note as the words sink into his brain “Dale, no we got to find him guys.”
Foxglove, tears welling up in her eyes just stands their shocked out of her mind.
Monty comes in with a lot of balloons in paw and sees the situation. “‘Ere now what’s all of this…”
Chip hands him the note, which Monty immediately crumples in his paw and gets a stern look on his face “I say we teach this witch a lesson for grabbing our friend.”
Chip looks up “Ok lets go…. RESCUE RANGERS AWAY!”
They all go to the hanger and take off Un knowing that the dark figure still lurks about grinning as he watches them take flight in the Ranger Wing. The dark figure takes another note and places on the door to the Rangers Headquarters and flies off into a nearby branch to wait…Which isn’t long for Dale returns shortly with a small package wrapped in festive paper. He finds the note and reads it

Dear Cutie
We had a change of plans go to the warehouse that brought us all together, that’s where the party got moved

Dale looks at the paper and heads off to the warehouse the figure just chuckles as his plan starts to take effect.
At the warehouse…
“Where is he.”? Winifred screams
“He’ll be here Mistress.” A soft voice echoes from the darkness
“He had better be I don’t want those rodents catching on till it’s too late for them.” Winifred begins to look over at something to her left “It’s about time you got back.”
“Humph, well you wanted it done right, it took a little more time than I thought but they’ll be here any minute.” Said the dark figure as it steps into the light.
“That’s good Damon, very good.” She says handing the odd creature something
“Now I must go and prepare for our guests mistress I’ll be back in a little while.” Damon says wandering to a dark corner and fading into the shadows.
Just then the rangers arrive chip strides in determined to rescue his friend, Foxglove right behind with a mixed look of fear and frustration on her face.
“Ah I see you’ve arrived good…” Winifred says as a cage comes down on them trapping them with no way out
“Where’s Dale…” Foxglove cries out
“Oh the goof ball probly on his way here to help you out my dear.” Winifred says with a cackle
“You mean you don’t have him?” Chip asks afraid of the answer.
“That’s right you furred fool. I don’t have him but I will shortly thanks to my two new apprentices Sasha, Damon meet our guests won’t you.” Winifred calls out to the surrounding area.
“Of course mistress.” The soft voice flows from over their heads “I’ll be right down.”
And right down she comes jumping onto the cage is a mouse that defies all the laws of beauty, White furred wearing a red dress that accentuates every line on her.
“Hello I’m Sasha… Pleased to meet you.” She giggles
“Broken buckets Where is he…” Winifred mutters
“Right here Mistress.” Damon answers as he steps from the shadows and into the light He is very different as the rangers gasp at what they behold, A large (head and shoulders bigger than Monty) mouse with Bat like wings affixed to his back.” I’m Damon…though you won’t care once were done with you.” He chuckles darkly

Part 3

“But before we dispose of you I have something to tell your loud shirted friend and you know what I’m talking about Foxglove…” Winifred added
“What are you talking about?” Foxglove asks
“Why you don’t remember the reason you joined us I’m surprised and hurt but I’m not going to say until your Friend gets here.” Winifred answers
Just as she finishes Dale walks in and is shocked to see his friends trapped “What’s going on…” he then sees Winifred and remembers how he and Foxglove destroyed her plans. “W-What do you want Witch?”
“Simple just to tell you something about Foxglove that’s all but first… Damon punish him.” Winifred says
“As you command Mistress…you are going to feel so much pain you’ll never forget it the rest of your life. …Which is going to be very short.” Damon chuckles
Damon Leaps at Dale using his wings to full advantage he kicks Dale right in the jaw knocking him out. “That was too easy.”
As Dale wakes up he finds him self in a cage with Foxglove the rangers are nowhere to be seen. “What do you want of us Winifred?” Foxglove asks holding Dale’s head on her lap
“Like I said to tell him how you came to me…………Pregnant.” Winifred says
Dale stands suddenly grabbing on to the cage “YOU LIE!”
“Winifred looks at the munk “ Oh do I really. It seems to me that She hasn’t told you every thing about her past, have you…”
Dale looks to Foxglove who is already on the verge of crying “Foxy, please tell me it isn’t so…”
Foxglove completely breaks down and cries shedding bitter tears as she nods that it’s the truth.
Dale staggers back and slumps onto the floor in total shock from this revelation on his wife’s past.
“I see that I got the reaction I was looking for. Good now that he knows you have no choice but to join with us again and turn your back on those rodents…” Winifred smiles at her triumph
“No…No don’t do It I don’t care about your past Foxy I will love you no Matter what happened.” Dale stands saying this and looks to Winifred “As for you I don’t care what you say about me but never EVER say bad things about the love of my life.”
“And what do you plan on doing about it huh you’re the one captured as well as your friends.”
Dale smiles slyly and yells “NOW!!!”
From an open skylight a net drops down ensnaring Winifred
“Crusty scrub buckets…” Winifred curses
Up above Magnolia Giggles as she finds the lever to release the cage
“But how did you know Cutie?” Foxglove asks
“Easy Chip would’ve picked me up on the way if you guys actually did change the place.” Dale replies
Magnolia flutters down “And Dad picked me up on the way here and told me about what happened the first time.”
Foxglove gives Dale a huge kiss and a hug then suddenly remembers something very important “What about the others Their with that creature.”
“We got to save them that’s what.” Dale replies
“The lets go mom, dad…. come-on” Magnolia says and flies off toward the main part of the building
In the other part of the building things weren’t going too well for the others either
“Now then lets see how much pain they can stand…. Drop them” Damon says looking down into a boiling vat of acid
The crane slowly starts to lower them to the acid
“You’ll be in agony for a few seconds then blissful eternal slumber.” Damon says darkly
“Stop… and surrender villain.” Magnolia says flying in
Damon chuckles evilly “You dare to try to stop me Girl Lets see what you got.” Damon Flies into the air and an aerial battle ensues unfortunately Damon gains the upper hand and locks Magnolia in a separate cage “I’ll save you for last.”
Unnoticed Dale and Foxglove sneak in and reverse the crane freeing their friends
“Ok bloke your going down.” Monty says fists curled
Damon turns around and sees them free “Bravo I guess I’m defeated… Not at all.” With that He flies off “I will return fools and next time I won’t be so easy to beat.”

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