"Soft Wings"
An Eric Spurling Poem Compilation

by Eric Spurling

1. "She Will Be My Wife"
2. "My Life and Love"

3. "One day..."
4. "Seal Our Love With a Kiss"
5. "A Bat Named Foxglove"
6. "My Love Is True"
7. "Wings of Love"
8. Inspired poem by Karl
9. "
I must wait"
10. "Little Wings"
11. "Those Three Words"
12. "Night Sky"

Poem 1 - "She Will Be My Wife"
soft wings enfold me in a loving embrace
i turn around and look into her face
i stare into eyes full of love and life
someday soon she will be my wife



Poem 2 - "My Life and Love"

Soft wings take flight into the night
and i sigh i wish i could be with her when she flies
to soar through the air with my life and love

TOP 4-13-99


Poem 3 - "One Day..."

I make advances every day
but he just pushes away
I must confess that I love him true
but am I deluded that he feels that way too
How can he be so cold
or is it that im too bold
I try to reach him through anything
from comics to T.V. tohinting that I like those things
when actually its him I'm interested in
I just can't seem to win his heart
but this is only the start
one day he will be mine
and that will be so sublime

TOP 4-14-99

Poem 4 - "Seal Our Love With a Kiss"

soft wings of beauty enfold
those are the wings i love to hold
together we will be one day
if i cn get the courage to say
i'll love you forever and a day
and on the day we wed
it will be pure bliss
when we seal our love with a kiss

TOP 4-15-99


Poem 5 - "A Bat Named Foxlgove"

soft wings go in to the night flying
what is that sound?
its her crying
crying for the love she wants and needs
but may never get
she wants him to notice her but he hasn't yet
but when he does he's in for a shock
that he wont soon forget
the shock that he'll recieve is that he'll fall in love
with a bat named Foxglove

TOP 4-15-99


Poem 6

Soft wings of rapture enfold
her loveliness i'll forever uphold
to see her face full of love and light
it just seems to make every thing alright
now i look into her eyes and get a suprise
i see in her the love i seek
from other sources it has been weak
i'll show her now that my love is true

TOP 4-16-99

Poem 7 - "Wings of Love"

wings of love enfold me
i wish some one had told me
that to fall in love was a great thing

now i take her by the wing
and show her how true i am
death wont keep me from her
i will ever endure for my love
the one they call Foxglove

TOP 5-17-99


A "Soft Wings" inspired poem from Karl

Soft wings, like warm velvet,
My true love's caresses!
I scarcely believe it,
The joy she expresses...

In her eyes, I am more,
Than I knew me to be.
I've no choice but - adore,
Through eternity!

TOP 4-15-99

Poem 9 - "I Must wait"

    Soft wings fly into the night
    oh what a beautiful sight
    to see her up there in the air
    free as can be
    I long to be with her
    to hug and kiss her
    but I must wait untill she comes back to earth for me

TOP 9-6-99

Poem 10 - "Little Wings"

    little wings up in the sky
    how I love to see you fly
    and as I join you you giggle with glee
    but one day soon you will be free
    to go wherever you want
    and I hope that you find that perfect one
    like I found in your father so long ago
    your knight in armor
    don't worry you'll know
    and when you do make sure you stay true

TOP 9-18-99

Poem 11 - "Those Three Words"

    Softwing fly through the night sky
    the one I'd love to hold
    But if I say "Ilove you."
    she might think I'm too bold
    so i wait any watch and wonder and pray
    For the day that my messed up brain will say those three words.

TOP 3-11-00

Poem 12 - "Night Sky"

    Softwings fly into the night sky
    Oh what a beautiful sight
    Now you can see why she's my love and light


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