Author Title - Synopsis
Julie Bihn "Foxy's Special Day"
Today's Chip's Birthday! An orphan at birth, Foxglove has never celebrated her birthday. Find out how Dale cheers her up.

Roy Neal Grissom
"Home is Where You Hang Upside Down"
After meeting the Rescue Rangers the first time and leaving Winifred behind, Foxglove gathers enough courage to visit the tree headquarters again. Her new home might be with the Rescue Rangers, and with Dale...


Foxglove and Dale are to get married - much to Fat Cat's disappointment. He wants them both out of the picture; does he succeed?

"A Syllabus of Comedies"

Sherwood meets The Acorn Gang in this silly and twisted satire. Foxglove plays "buxom Foxglove of the Blue Bottle" and helps Chip and Dale (or should I say Chipgheera and Dhaleloo? ;) ). A riot!

Glenn S. Byrnes "Married With Chipmunks"
Fireworks fly when Chip and Dale find out that they're both becoming fathers. Rat Capone and Fat Cat aren't so happy and decide to pay their respects to the Rangers. A fun romp mixing parenthood with good 'ol Rescue Ranger crime fighting!


Part of Stephen A. Stone's "One Year Vacation" opening story. Foxy's Brazilian cousin, Morcego, takes the couple in while they are on vacation. Little did Dale or Foxlglove know that her cousin is a vampire bat! His bite turns her into quite a different Foxy than we're used to. Read to find out what happens!

The J.A.M "A Tangent Fanfic Based On Roy Neal Grissom's 'Consummation'"
A slightly different look at Roy Neal Grissom's story "Consummation". Dale's feelings for Foxy and his own self-esteem are tested to the maximum when Fat Cat decides to kidnap her. Will he succeed in rescuing her? A very emotional and powerful edition worthy of Roy Neal's original title.

Matt Plotecher
A sequel to the story, "Fly Into the Light". Foxy receives a disturbing anonymous letter. While the Rescue Rangers try to unravel the mystery behind the letter, Chip uncovers a painful childhood experience, back in the days when he was just like Dale...

"Trite Frite Nite"

In this screenplay, Dale tries to whip up a scary story while baby-sitting Bink, Tammy's younger sister. The whole Rescue Ranger gang falls victim to his off-the-wall tale. Foxglove, for example, cameos as "Keeper of the Book of Forbidden Secrets". A great Rescue Rangers


A nine-chapter story featuring the Foxglove and the Rescue Rangers. Synopsis coming soon!

"Color Me Confused"

This story takes place after "Plots" and before "Swarm". Cassandra, the fortune-telling gypsy moth has a circus robbery case for the Rangers. Foxglove helps them find and catch a major suspect, but as she and the others find out, things aren't always what they seem. Trust me, you will want to read this!

"Wedding Bells Will Chime, Death Knells Shall Toll"

    Dale is really nervous an upcoming wedding day, even though it's Kan and Tham that are getting married ;). Unfortuately, he and the other Rangers have plenty more to worry about. Synopsis coming soon!

Chris Sweeters "He Who Laughs Last"
Not wanting to be called "hen-pecked", Dale decides to play a practical joke by pretending he is Chip in Gadget's bedroom. Sparks fly between Dale, Foxy and Gadget when his joke turns sour. The author rates it PG-13; I do too ;).

Carlton Edward Baird II "Rescue Rangers X-Episode 101: A Force Reborn"
The very first in a television series, the Rescue Rangers, including Tammy and Foxglove, enjoy a life many years into the future. They befriend Wescott, a flying squirrel looking for his original parents and a place to fit in. Wescott falls in love with Tammy at first sight. But how to win her over? Meanwhile, a new evil is brewing, and it's up to Wes, Foxglove and the Rescue Ranger team to set things right.

JJ Pierce "The Hooded Menace"
Bubbles from the CuCu Cola Cult has escaped from Alcatraz prison! Determined for revenge on Gadget and the Rescue Rangers for foiling his earlier plans, he kidnaps her. Chip gathers everyone, except Foxglove, hoping to vanquish Bubbles yet again. Actually, Foxglove is the one who saves the day. Find out how she does.
Darren "Sabrewolf" Perlongo "Hang On Batty!"
Foxglove and her echolocation skill becomes a prime component for Professor Nimnul's army of drones and an ultimate weapon. Herself barely escaping capture, Foxglove's Ranger friends try to put a stop to Nimnul's plans. Here, a new Ranger, Wolf, joins the cast for some high-flying action!
John Alan Davidson "The Revenge Squad"
Fat Cat brings the most dangerous villains together for revenge against our favorite crimefighters. Their plan - use stolen biotechnology to create clones of each of the rangers and frame them in a series of high-tech robberies. Foxglove acts as the eyes and ears of the Rangers as each tries to defeat his or her clone. The story introduces Erick Rosewood, Chip's longtime friend and agent of S.T.A.R.S - a high-class monitoring facility. Kyle Laurel is another new face, and has a troubled past involving Chip. Definitely worth a read!
"Strider" Stephen T. Stone "The Dark Savior Saga"
Chip and Gadget's children, Geegaw and Jennifer, ask the couple of 15 years how they found themselves in love. Their story starts with Fat Cat and Nimnul, as they team up for revenge, Leviathan, a later addition to the Ranger family was hypnotized into taking Gadget and the RescueRangers out. Dale strengthens his love for Foxglove when she is later kidnapped by the two villians. Leviathan saves the day...but at what cost?

 "The Truth Revealed"

The adventures continue from "The Dark Savior Saga"! Today, Leviathan mourns the anniversary of his parent's death. This time, however, he discovers evidence that could discover thetruth behind a 30 year old mystery and the death of Gadget's father Geegaw! Fat Cat, Top Dog and Rat Capone join forces to capture and destroy the Rangers, but can they trust each other? Foxglove turns the tide on the evil trio, and lends a helping wing to Leviathan. You'll also find out how Foxglove got her name. A very enjoyable read!

John Nowak "Under The Bridge"
Synopsis coming soon!


The sequel to "Under the Bridge". Synopsis coming soon!

"Sovereign (Part 1)"

Synopsis coming soon!

Brian Hannan "Another Green World"
The "Twilight Zone" meets the Rescue Rangers in this entertaining story. Charlie, a once-freelance detective is taken in by the crew. Although it seems that she much in love with Dale, Foxy warms up to the new visitor. Is it what it seems? Perhaps not...come see!
Note: This story contains some mature language.

"It's only a Northern Song"

Synopsis coming soon!

Steven Hamrick "The Times of Their Lives"
A new Ranger epic story with a lot of action, a special guest, and a villain that will make you gasp! It's all a part of the 10th Anniversary Celebration. - Indy

Chris Silva + Steven Hamrick
"Texas Rangers"

    The Rangers take a quick trip to Foxy's family ranch in Hondo. They soon meet her uncle Bedivere Fairmont for the first time, and embark on an action-packed adventure to find "Gallopin'" Gawain Fairmont's special ring. Both Chris Silva and Indy team up to write this highly-entertaining short story.

"The Day Dale Became Smart"

    Dale saves a mysterious being from the clutches of a hungry cat, and is granted his longtime wish to become smart. Unfortunately, Dale's new intelligence doesn't make him wiser. He joins Fat Cat and Professor Nimnul to turn Foxglove, Chip and the other Rangers into what he used to be. Only his inner-feelings and childhood memories can help him now. Excellent story by Chris Silva and Indy!

"Dare to Dream"

    Dale N' Gadget? Chip N' Foxy? What's going on here? These two talented authors take you 11 chapters into another world of the Rescue Rangers, as our favorite chipmunk, mouse and bat team change roles in life and love. "'Daring To Dream' is a completed story in and of itself, but it is the first part of a larger saga of stories that we are writing (with no predetermined end at this point)." - Indy

John Pesterfield "Count Dracula"
Dale's love for vampire movies and comics finally gets the best of him. Inspired from the story, Count Dracula, Foxglove and the other Rangers play a hilarious trick on him. The trick leaves him a better chipmunk in the end - you'll see.

Jeff Wikstrom "Rat, Bat, Alligator-God"
Synopsis coming soon, but be sure to read Jeff's prequel to RBAG, "The Mole" for background information.

Matthew Kirby "Nosferatu or Not"
Dale's horror comics turn his dreams to nightmares! Foxglove has Gadget turn into a vampire. Foxglove?! Definitely worth a read!

Dave Junker "Foxy & Dale - A Rescue Ranger Christmas"
"What's Christmas?" Foxglove never really heard of the holiday, so the Daleand the other Rangers show her some of the things that make it so special. A playful story that makes you feel really warm inside. ^^

Rosey Collins "The American Dream"
You might remember seeing Lancelot Fairmont on Foxy's family tree as the first generation to arrive in America. Rosey captures his travels in "The American Dream". He meets many new faces along the way, including his future wife Lucy "Lily" Becker.

"Every Rose Has a Thorn"

Elizabeth "Rose" Fortenoy, a member of Foxy's family tree also has a story to tell about herself. She comes from a once-wealthy family, later struggling from gambling debts. A very pretty femme, she had many rich benefactors asking for her hand in marriage. You can imagine how much her mother, Margaret Fortenoy, wanted her to marry one of them. She's in for quite a surprise. This is an elegant story with a heart-tugging ending.
Note: contains some mature dialogue and situations.

"A Troubled Start"

    The first, and possibly the most epic prequel to "Good Times, Bat Times". Foxglove is born in Texas knowing very little about her parents Daisy and Galahad Fairmont, who are presumed dead. Enduring a painful childhood, she later finds that her Uncle Bevidere was leaving for California with knowledge that her father might be alive. Determined to find her father, she sets off for San Francisco. This story spans across many years of Foxglove's life, including her adventures with various memorable characters, and up to her first meeting with Winifred, Bud and Lou. This tale shows a side of Foxglove you've never seen before...

    Note: This story contains some mature language and situations.

"Science vs. the Mysterious Forces of the Unknown"

    Foxglove asks an interesting question to Dale during lunch with the Rangers; "What do you think happens to you after you die?". The question makes its way over to Gadget, who is convinced that anything science can't explain isn't real. What happens next is something only Rosey Collins could write into a light=hearted and clever short story.

"Deception, Mutilation and the Inevitable Ex"

    Gadget discovers Ben, Foxglove's childhood "friend" from "A Troubled Start", in a nearby pub, and finds him quite attractive. He returns as what seems a changed bat from his earlier, more bratty ways, but it's hard for Foxglove to tell the others - especially Dale - about their past. A horrifying mystery unfolds as she and her bat friend, Liddy, uncover 3 corpses with their skin removed! Chip and the other Rangers soon find that there is more to Ben and Foxglove then they had thought before. An extremely engaging and spiritual story that will remind you of "The Secret of NIMH", and will keep you reading from beginning to end!

    Note: This story contains mature language and situations.

"For the Want of Youth"

    Winifred, the evil witch from "Good Times, Bat Times" is finally nearing her dream for eternal youth. All her latest potion requires is the Diamond of the Muses, and a child to steal youth from. Bud and Lou return as Winifred's henchmen with the promise for eternal youth, but when Lou accidentally kidnaps Dale and Foxglove daughter, Danielle, his thoughts about what was promised doesn't seem so enticing anymore. It's a whimsical story - full of suprises and dialogue you wouldn't expect from Winifred, Bud and Lou, but love all the same.

    Note: Danielle is an original character drawn by Bryan (aka. Pouncer)

"Don't Knock It Until You've Tried It"

    A truly enjoyable light-hearted story featuring Foxglove, Dale, Liddy (from "Deception...") Nick (Dani's younger brother) Chip and Gadget. With two rascaly children and a huge love for both, Dale tries to convince Chip that being a parent is a beautiful, rewarding experience. Babysitting two children has never been more fun (and exausting) for both Chip and Gadget. You'll love this one!

    Note: Nick and Liddy are original characters from Rosey Collins.

"Bend Over Backwards"

    "Bend Over Backwards" continues the antics of Foxy and Dale's family from "Don't Knock It Until You've Tried It" Chip and Gadget have tried for nearly two months to have a baby. They soon realize what some of the interesting conversations Liddy and Foxy have between each other will lead to. Prepare to look at the Ranger HQ in a while new way, as both girls turn it into a "safe" haven for the new couple to have a child. You'll love the snappy dialogue, especially the talk about "birds and bees" Dale has with his son. This is a funny story!

"The Guise of the Demon"

    Ben Porch and a French-speaking wolf named Wolfsbane roam Transylvanian country during their worldly travels. Little did they know that Foxglove and Dale were spending their vacation here with their children, Dani and Nick. You'll find that Ben hasn't changed much from his last meeting with her; Foxy is still very much on his mind. Much of what happens throughout the story is dedicated to Bram Stoker's classic horror story, "Dracula", but given Rosey's original style and great use of dialogue.

    Note: This story contains some mature situations.

Morgan Kohl
"Little Fangs"

    Foxglove, after months of holding back, finally decided to tell Dale that she is actually a vampire bat. Dale shows her that he will do anything to show his love for her, even if it involves the scariest exerience an avid horror movie fan could have. An extremely intimate love story that deserves a look.

    Note: This story contains some mature situations.

"Double Criss-Crossed"

    Disaster befalls the Rescue Rangers, during Dale's birthday as a terrible storm nearly destroys their home. The special gift that Foxglove and Gadget made for him helps save their lives. While looking for a way to recover what was left, Gadget befriends a sprightly young fox named Criss-cross. Little do the Rangers know is that "Chris" is, in the most literal sense, not what he seems. A hugely entertaining story with a plot that gives the story its title.

    Note: contains just a bit of mature language.

Eric Spurling "Secrets Unknown"

    (Watch this spot - Eric Spurling is revising his story with a new writing style. You'll also find "Rangers United" here, too.)

Cliff Grimm "Yet Untitled RR Adventure"

    Follow Dale, Gadget, Foxglove and Chip chapter by chapter as they uncover the possible mystery about a mouse named Dan Gray. You'll also learn more about Dale and his struggle to fight both jealousy of this mouse's affections for Foxglove, but the lack of confidence in himself.

Alex Croley "Angels in the Garden - Out from the Cold"

    Holding a deep secret that caused her to flee the chipmunk she loves, Foxglove now lives with a mouse named Apollo Thistletoe and hummingbird, Humprey Castlehopper - friends she had met in a forest that quickly became family. They now are part of a small crime-fighting group called "Angels in the Garden". She however, cannot forget Dale, and the group's decision to travel to the city she left makes her feel even worse about her secret. Follow an exciting mystery involving the Rescue Rangers, Rat Capone, and a mysterious fighter named Mouso, as it unfolds over time.

    Note: Apollo and Humphrey belong to this author

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