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Drawing by PandaFox_98

Hsien Ko's outfit is perfect for Foxglove
(the sleeves should show why ;) )

Unfortunately, Umen_Orlando aka Jaleel cannot run this site any longer. So currently the Foxglove Feature is frozen until there is the one who is able to take care of it. If you are a real Foxyphile and have a calling for running this project, if you know HTML (PHP and MySql are also welcomed) and know how websites are created, write your thoughts here.

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PandaFox debuts with a talented drawing of Foxglove dressed as a japanese ghost warrior from a popular Capcom video game. Speaking of dress, Liddy and I finally got out of Macy's with six evening dress styles for you to choose from :"). The arson crimes are still going strong, and short of a fire, the Feature gets a few minor changes, too.

It's gotta be the sleeves...
If Foxglove was to play a character from Capcom's "Darkstalkers" video game, Hsien Ko is a perfect choice. I'm sure that you could guess why, but you have to admit that she looks so cute in the costume. PandaFox is a new artist to the Feature, and offered this great-looking drawing or her. In the game, those sleeves hold all sorts of weapons and gadgets. You wouldn't want to get Foxy mad when she has this on...

One thing that grabbed my attention (and yes, besides the nature of the outfit ^_^;;) was how PandaFox drew Foxglove's hair. Hsien Ko's locks curl around her face, much like the drawing shows. Given that Foxy normally doesn't have hair, it was a very nice touch. You might have seen ChipNDeath's drawings of her with long, flowing hair. It looks quite nice, in fact, and doesn't distract from her look at all :).

You'll find PandaFox's picture in her gallery here and the update list. I hope that you'll get to see more drawings from her, too. Thanks very much!

Evening dress with matching handbag ;).
Liddy and I are back from Macy's (finally!) She decided to unpack and try on one of the dozen or so dresses she bought for herself, so I have a minute to show you the six choices for FoxyKISS evening wear. Each dress is featured in Vogue.com's fall fashion show.

Clicking here will open "FoxyKISS WIP" in a pop-up window. There, you can see the choices Liddy and I came up with. Well, they're mostly Liddy's but I got a chance to say that I like them :}.

While I like them all, I can't decide which to make for FoxyKISS. Can you please help? Drop a quick note in "FoxyKISS What to Wear?" with your choice, or you can email me. From these, I'll draw the evening dress you like best. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't suggest one of your own. I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Another day, another fire...
Looks like the arson criminal is back, and in full form today :}. Foxy's getting rather tired of this, as you'll see in her diary entry. Do you think that they'll ever catch this guy?

And featuring...
I always appreciate your suggestions to make the Feature a better place, and try to apply them as much as possible. One such convenience is adding a "previous page" link on each fan art page - pretty standard (in other words I should have done this from the start :") ). The gallery navigation bar at top is also placed towards the bottom, so you can advance or go back when at end of a page.

Bryan Grube - a true Dave Clark Five fan, suggested placing his collection of songs from the group to a separate page. This makes the list of songs in Romantics a bit more compact ;). You'll find the collection marked by a cute 'lil folder and link to the page. Again, if you find something that could use improvement at the Feature, please let me know. I'll gladly try to do this.

Thanks again for all of your love and support for Foxglove. Over a decade since her sole appearance in the Rescue Rangers series, she is still remembered so fondly. < ^-^ >

If you missed the last update...

Dave Clark Five times Four
Bryan Grube is back with more songs from that fab 5 group, plus one that Deborah Walley herself will enjoy. The first is perfect for Foxglove, "Mighty Good Loving". Bryan mentions that it's "a song about when others say your lover is no good for you but you think that they are wrong...and the love IS there the others are just too blind to see it" I have a feeling this is something Foxy would try to explain to Liddy when it comes to Dale right now. The second song is, as Bryan explains, a song about commitment. Titled, "Anytime You Want Love" Dale gets to sing this to Foxy. He adds, "...when love needs to be dished out the other is there to take it...:)"

The next song by Dave Clark Five is called "Concentration Baby", and definitely one for Foxy to sing to that bashful 'ol munk she loves. Given the couple's recent breakup, perhaps this one might explain to Dale that all it takes is shedding his fears about having a relationship. The fourth song by this group is sung by Dale. Foxy may feel that he's unaware of her existence, but I think it's just the opposite. Titled "I Need Love", Dale explains that he is always thinking of her. Don't worry that the lyrics mention that he's seeing other girls - we know how much of a ladies man Dale is :").

The last song is a lovely ballad written by the King of Rock N' Roll, Elvis Presley. Dale gets into his shoes to sing "Can't Help Falling In Love" - a romantic ballad that Bryan says is great for a slow dance with your love.

Blissfully unaware...
I heard Foxglove crying a short while ago, and after peeking into her diary, I can see why. You'll have to take a look, and pray that she doesn't fully believe what she wrote today.

Just who are we shopping for?!
Liddy did accompany me to look for some evening wear for Foxglove. Unfortunately, she decided to start shopping for herself, which is why I'm still stuck in New York's 5th Street Macy's as I write this :}. Tomorrow, both of us will have six styles for Foxy to wear, and this is where we'll (at least I will) need your help choosing one. Liddy is trying on a white silk dress with matching fur wrap. I'll admit she looks pretty good in it, but don't tell her that - we'll be here for another hour! ;D

Deborah Walley Alert!
David Junker recently stopped by Deborah Walley's website and posted some great news in the Acorn Cafe. This lovely Hollywood actress is making her way to a Hollywood Collectors Show August 25-26 in Chicago. The show takes place at the Marriot O'Hare Hotel. Any Foxy fans from the Windy City might want to drop by between 5-9pm and pay her a nice visit.

Hey, if you did meet Deborah for the first time, what would you ask her first? This week's Foxy Poll covers just that; I'd love to know what question you would choose to ask above the others. This might help those who are going to see her in the next two weeks :}. If you'd like to know when and where she'll appear next, be sure to stop by her page at www.deborahwalley.com. Here's a question to Deborah - when are you stopping in Philadelphia? :")

Be sure to check out tomorrow's Foxy Diary entry. I plan to add a new entry every day for an entire year. Hope that you like it ^^.

I hope to add a new Special Feature later this week. You might remember Morgan Kohl's Foxglove Beadcraft from a while ago. Vornoff sent a great photograph of it, and I hope to find out some things about how it was made from Morgan. Stay tuned!

Ostrich mentioned two conventions that we could attend: FurFest2K, which begins this November in Chicago, and Further ConFusion3 which starts January of next year. If you're in having a Rescue Ranger/Foxglove fan gathering at one of these conventions, drop me a line. If a majority of people "sign up" for either, I'll ask Ostrich if we can make arrangements for such a meeting at the chosen con. It's a fun way for many of us in the RR community to finally meet each other, and I've already heard from a few people that are interested in doing this. There are still some more details to work out, but I'd love to know if you want to join in the festivities. Could you please e-mail me if you are? More on this soon.

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