Much thanks to Tom Hunt, for generously offering an original "Witcheroo" videocassette. I use a Mac, but I believe that most of you will use a PC, so the files are in .wav format. Don't fret, Mac users (like Julie Bihn, Chip N' Death ^^), if you have the latest Apple Quicktime Plugin, you can listen along. If not, use this link to download Quicktime; it's definitely worth it for both Mac and PC users. Even at 11Khz, they sound pretty good actually.

around-need.wav 13.6s 147 kb Monty: Zipper's right. If it wasn't for Foxglove 'ere, all our funny bones would be broken.
Gadget: She always seems to be around when we need her all right.
Chip: We just happen to have the right bat bait.
(Foxglove giggles)
bequiet.wav 1.5s 32 kb Snake: If you can't be helpful, be quiet!
breakfast.wav 6.7s 61 kb Foxglove: I thought perhaps a certain chipmunk might find in his heart to invite a girl to breakfast.
hanging-around.wav 14.1s 151.1 kb Dale: Whoa there! Stop, before you land into something... hey!
Foxglove: Mmm...G'morning cutie.
Dale: Ehhh... Hi! What are you doing here?
Foxglove: Oh, you might say that I was just...hanging around.
hello-cutestuff.wav 15.5s 166.5 kb Dale: Nice of the chief to have the annual police picnic while we spy on him.
Foxglove: Hello...
Dale: Yowhoo!
Chip: What are you...oh.
Foxglove: Hiya cutestuff!
Chip: Here Dale, look after your guest. I just remembered something I have to help Gadget with.
Dale: Ehh...hi there!
just-dont-hurt.wav 9.7s 105.5 kb Foxglove: I'll get it for you, Winifred. Just don't hurt him...uh, them!
Freddie: Alright sweetie, you go get it for me.
Foxglove: I won't fail you.
giggle.wav 1.9s 20 kb (Foxglove giggles)
lookitsfoxglove.wav 3.5s 37 kb Gadget: Look! It's Foxglove!
moonrock.wav 6.7s 73 kb Dale: *Ribbit* Who said that??
Foxglove: You promised not to hurt him if you got your 'ol moonrock...
outofhere.wav 3.3s 35.3 kb Foxglove Let's get out of here, quick!
peek.wav 1.9s 20.3 kb Foxglove: Mind if I have a peek?
right-away.wav 3.8s 40.8 kb Foxglove: Yes! Of course Winifred, right away!
ruin-spell.wav 9s 96.5 kb Foxglove: Don't do it, Freddie!
Freddie: No! Foxglove, don't!
Foxglove: Change Dale back and promise to let us go or I'll drop this and ruin your spell!
takeitfromhere.wav 6.1s 70.1 kb Foxglove: I'll take it from here, guys.
Snake: Foxglove? Just in time to steal the glory!
that-idea.wav 6.1s 68.5 kb Dale: They think I'm clumsy or something.
Foxglove: (giggles) I can't imagine where they got that idea.
tounge.wav 3.2s 34.6 kb Snake: Don't touch the tounge!
understand.wav 6.9s 74 kb Foxglove: You don't understand; Winifred was the only friend I had until I met you and the Rescue Rangers.
we-cant.wav 16.1s 173 kb Dale: Y'know , I didn't think bats could do this.
Foxglove: Do what, darling?
Dale: Hang around in mid-air like this when they're carrying so much weight.
Foxglove: Uh, oh...
Dale: What's the matter?
Foxglove: We can't!
Dale: Oh...
welcome-bigboy.wav 8.2s 88 kb Dale: Whew! Thanks!
Foxglove: You're very welcome.
Dale: Ehhh...did you get something in your eye?
Foxglove: Only you, big boy.
what-now.wav 2.3s 24.6 kb Foxglove: What now, cutie?
whataguy-clip.wav 3.4s 36.7 kb Foxglove: What a guy!
whataguy.wav 18.9s 199 kb Chip: What do you think you're doing?!
Dale: Sharing my new hobby with my best friend.
Foxglove: Dale! Remember what I told you...
Foxglove: The glider won't carry two passengers.
Dale: Oh...
Chip & Dale: Yaaaahhhh!
Foxglove: What a guy!
why-doing-this.wav 12.4s 133.1 kb Foxglove: What are you going to do?
Dale: She's comin' straight at us!
Foxglove: They didn't do anything to you! Why are you doing this?

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