"That Is How Vampiresses Are"
The Spanish Version of "Good Times, Bat Times"

Translated by The J.A.M

Good evening.

These are highlights of the back-translation of GT,BT, from Spanish back to English. People, this is what happens when Disney leaves the translation to amateur paws. While English and Spanish are beautiful languages, they're not exactly compatible as one might think. The average word in Spanish is twice as long as the average word in English, so to fit the EXACT dialogue, the dubbing actors would have to speak twice as fast. So while I'll accept omissions, there are some parts in which I wonder from WHERE did they get the text from, ESPECIALLY in puns and other wordplays. And while I knew Foxy had the hots for Dale, I didn't know HOW MUCH until I read the original dialogue.

So, this is basically what GT,BT sounds like in Spanish:

The title GOOD TIMES, BAT TIMES flashes on the screen, while the VO says

"That Is How Vampiresses Are"

English: "I thought you might enjoy a movie." Spanish: "I thought you would have fun with this."

E: "You guys want any of this stuff I got from the snack bar?"
S: "I wanted to know if you want a snack that I PREPARED AT HOME." (¡!¡!¡!)

E: "They call this pizza with the works?" he asks angrily, "they forgot the peanut butter!"
S: "They call this a special pizza?" he asks angrly, "they simply forgot the CHEESE."

and again: E: "Yeah, but he doesn't know what tastes good,"
S: "Yeah, but he forgot the cheese."

E: "You pop it, you wear it, Mate!"
S: "It blew up, now get us unstuck!"

E: "That airhead?"
S: "That vampiress?"

E: "Eeeah, that's right; better off without that airhead!"
S: "You're right, we're better off without her."

E: "I'll turn that little ceiling-walker into windshield juice!"
S: "I'll turn that insect into a cockroach!" (¿?¿?¿?)

E: "Sounds like a pretty hairy mission to me!" S: "Sounds custom made for me!"

E: "I don't think we're going about this cleanup in the right way." S: "I don't think we should trust what we just saw." (¿?)

E: "Release the grappler!" S: "Release that thing!"

E: "Uh, did you get something in your eye?" S: "Hey, were you watching us all that time?" (I think that was what he was supposed to say)

E: "Only you, big boy!"
S: "Only you, handsome!"

E: "I didn't think bats could do this."
S: "I didn't know VAMPIRES could do this." So for the THIRD time Foxglove is referred to as a vampire, hence my confusion as to why Dale did not seem TOO scared of her.

E: "Do what, darling?"
S: "Do what, heaven?" HEAVEN (cielo) is a term of endearment in Spanish. Don't ask me why.

E: ". . .some sorta list. Elephant earwax. . ."
S: ". . . some sorta list. One piece of elephant ear. . ."

E: "Thanks again for your help, Miss Foxglove," he tells her politely, "but we got work to do!"
S: "Thanks again for all your help," he tells her politely, "but we'll solve this case!" Dale never calls her MISS (Señorita).

E: "Ah, rusty buckets!"
S: "Oh, it short-circuited!"

E: "all those late nights in the public library. . ."
S: "all those nights in the witches' library. . ."

E: "I'd go back to being a cleaning woman," she continues, "except I was fired from my job."
S: "I'd have to go back cleaning windows unles this spell works, or I'd turn someone into a toad!" (¿?)

E: ". . .I'll show those cretins who fired me. . ."
S: ". . .I'll show those cretins who attacked me. . ."

E: "Oh, soggy sponges!"
S: "Pair of cretins!"

E: ". . .a stakeout with all the comforts of home!"
S: ". . .a good tree with all the comforts of home!" (¿?)

E: "Hiya, cute stuff!"
S: "Hello, friends!"

E: "It's the machine from the drive-in!"
S: "It's the machine we heard before!"

E: "so I'll--I mean, so you'll be safe!"
S: "so--so you won't be in danger!"

E: "Hair today, gone tomorrow!"
S: "What the wind took and did not return!" ("what the wind took", the translation for "Gone With The Wind")

E: "The little blighter's tryin' to bring us out of this dive!"
S: "Our little friend is trying to stop us!"

E: "Next time I'll take the stairs"
S: "Next time I'll take the controls."

E: "Any landing you can joke about is a good landing,"
S: "Any emergency landing I survive is good."

E: "Yeah! And that landing was a joke, all right!"
S: "Yeah! But that landing was very dangerous!"

E: "That's the whole idea! Now hide!"
S: "Get to work! Now hide!"

E: "If you can't be helpful, be quiet!!!"
S: "If you want to save your skin, be quiet!!!"

E: "Straggly scrubbrushes!"
S: "Underdeveloped witches!"

E: "Oh, some helper you are! . . . I turn you into a Louisville Slugger!"
S: "Oh, thanks for your 'help'! . . . I turn you into a human!"

E: "I did! I did!"
S: "I tried! I tried!"

E: "I'll take it from here, guys!"
S: "I'll take it to Freddy!"

E: ". . .Maybe you'll make a decent witch's assistant after all!"
S: ". . .After all, I think you'll be my #1 assistant!"

E: "Gadget luv, you've done it again! Whatever it is,"
S: "Gaddy, Nice [LINDA: another complement], your idea worked again as always!"

E: "I call it the Bagpipe Express!"
S: "I call this a Speedy Bagpipe!"

E: "Oh, so you want to play catch, do you?" she taunts, "Catch this!"
S: "Oh, so you want to baseball?" she taunts, "Take this!"

E: "Rapid fire!"
S: "Quickly! Fire!"

E: "GIVE IT TO ME!" "O-okay,"
S: "GIVE IT TO ME!" "That's what I said."

E: "This is gettin' monotonous!"
S: "This was the end of the Speedy Bagpipe!"

E: ". . .those moldy moppets [mopheads?] have my moon rock!. . .
S: ". . .those nosey fools have my moon rock!. . ."

E: "Just don't hurt him . . . uh . . . them!"
S: "Just don't hurt anyone, please!" (And DID Foxglove kiss Freddy's thumb?)

E: "or I'll turn you and them into plant food!"
S: "or I'll turn you and them into centipedes!"

E: "Once again I have to take matters into my own dishpan hands!"
S: "As always *I* have to do things!"

E: ". . .Stop! Before you run into something!"
S: ". . .Stop! I already got tired of chasing you!"

E: "Hmmm. Good morning, cutie!" S: "Hmmm. Good morning, handsome!"

E: "You might say I was just hanging around."
S: "As you can see, I'm hanging from a tree."

E: "What I want to know is why you're always hangin' around!"
S: "What I want to know is why you're always around ME!"

E: "I thought perhaps a certain chipmunk might find it in his heart to invite a girl to breakfast,"
S: "I thought that maybe in the bottom of your heart you'd have the desire to invite me to LUNCH."

E: "Oh, I just eat!" he explains, "They won't let me cook. They're afraid I'll break too many dishes."
S: "Oh, I just--I just--" he explains, "They won't let me cook. They're afraid I'll break the dishes."

E: "My morning what?"
S: "You were watching what?"

E: "Come to think of it, that boulder was plenty heavy!"
S: "And now that I found it, after all, there was no problem."

E: "Because it's mine, you thick-headed little rodent!"
S: "Because it's mine, you wimpish rodent!"

E: "Now that the sun has set," she declares, "I can finally cast the spell that will make me a real witch!"
S: "Before the sun sets," she declares, "I will have finally finished the spell that will make me a real witch!"

E: "Dust off, lady!"
S: "Come and get us! Come and get us!"

E: "You want us to eat him now, Freddie?"
S: "You want us to lock him up, Freddie?"

E: "Don't be silly, you little twerp!"
S: "Don't be silly, you useless rodent!"

E: "Winifred was the only friend I had until I met you and the Rescue Rangers!"
S: "Winifred was the only friend I had until I met the Chipmunks to the Rescue!"

Yes. In Spanish, the show is called "Chip and Dale to the Rescue" Also, CHIPMUNK and SQUIRREL are the same word: ARDILLA. In "Out of Scale", where the chipmunks constantly point out the species difference, the term is ARDILLITA (little squirrel). The OFFICIAL term for chipmunk is ARDILLA LISTADA (striped squirrel), not very appropiate for translation work, is it? Thus, the battlecry is "Ardillas al Rescate!" "Chipmunks (squirrels) to the Rescue!!"

E: "I'm *not* sorry, you dimwitted dust rag!"
S: "It's a pity you did not continue keeping my friendship. . .!"

E: "*Ribbit*!" is Dale's logical observation. Then "Who said that?"
S: "*Rabbit*!" is Dale's logical observation. Then "Who said Rabbit?"

E: "And I won't hurt him!" the wicked woman assures her, "All right, boys; it's dinnertime!"
S: "And I didn't hurt him!" the wicked woman assures her, "All right, clutzes; it's dinnertime!"

E: "Bud! Bud, speak to me!" he cries while holding the appendage in four hands, "Speak to me!"
S: "Bud! Bud, speak to me!" he cries while holding the appendage in four hands, "Now you'll be able to talk a lot!"

E: "*Foxy*!"
S: "*Fox*!" and in all other previous dialogues, he calls her Fox, not Foxy, that is, he says FOX, he doesn't say ZORRO, or ZORRA, which can at times mean something ugly.

E: "Broken broomsticks!"
S: "How dare they!"

E: "I've been waitin' to get you, you miserable little bushwhacker!"
S: "I've been waitin' to get you, you underdeveloped insect!"

E: "What now, cutie?"
S: "What now, heaven?"

E: "Now it's time to play hardball!"
S: "Now it's time to play baseball!"

E: "Now I've gotcha, garbage walker!"
S: "Now you won't get away, inflated fly!"

E: "Always knew that bloke was full o' hot air!"
S: "Always knew that bloke was an inflated balloon!"

E: "It's an ill wind that blows no one any good!"
S: "Finally this filthy vaccuum cleaner is good for something!"

E: "Farewell, small fry!"
S: "Farewell, small ones!"

E: "Don't call me *Freddie*!" she says after he has left, "Ummm, flubberin' floor polishers!"
S: "Don't speak to me in that tone of voice!! Hell's witches!! How low I've fallen!" Also, the guard speaks both phrases with TWO distinct voices. A dubbing error, I suppose.

E: "Gangway!"
S: "Look out below!"

And finally:

E: "What a guy!"
S: "How brave [of him]!"

The rest of the dialogue was basically the same and acceptable.

Special thanks to Roy Neal Grissom for providing the original and complete English dialogue (thanks for the tape!!!) in his review, and to both him and John Nowak for explaining to me the use of the noun "fry".

Also thanks to Julie Bihn for posting the Super Gigantic Episode Guide, which inspired Mr. Grissom to do the review for GT,BT.

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