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Drawing by Darrell Jones
If you simply love anthropomorphic, cartoon, or real bats, this mailing list is sure to please. You can subscribe to Darrell Jones' Belfry Bat Forum mailing list to receive all sorts of pictures and stories by email. The picture at left is a sample of what you'll see. You can bet that you'll find Foxglove in here, too ^^.

To subscribe:

email with the following in the body of your
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(the list retrives your email addy from the 'from' header in your email so be sure when you subscribe you change it to your real email addy (you only have to do this once when you subscribe and when you unsubscribe)

To unsubscribe just email the list at:

with the header 'unsubscribe' with a blank body.

If you have any questions, please drop Darren a line. I'm sure that he'll be happy to answer them.

Belfry Bat Forum
You can also get all of the latest pictures, stories and more at the Belfry Bat Forum. It's located at:

To subscribe:

Go to

Read the agreement, then fill out the accompanying form after pressing "I agree". A confirmation letter will show up via email. You can then add/reply to topics on the board - have fun!

To upload files to the board:

Let's say for example you wanted to upload something along with a message. At the moment, BoardPower (the BBS Software in use) doesn't allow uploading of files, but it will link to directories. I find this approach acceptable, except linking to other's sites.  At least like this the link can directed to this server.

In order to upload your file, go to: Two prompts will appear to where you can upload files from your HD to the server.

Once uploaded, you'll be redirected back to the Forum's page. When you write you post in the Forum, you can now make a link to: (don't forget the extension)

and that's it!! So, whenever someone views the page, the image will be added to the post as well :)

This will do until the BBS software is updated to support file uploads internally, but this way, it saves a lot of hassles with linking to other sites

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