Hang on Batty!

Screenplay By: Darren "Sabrewolf" Perlongo
Regards to Darren, who has passed away. We'll always remember you!


Opening scene:RRHQ right after breakfast in the living room,Dale is watching a scifi flick while Chip is helping Gadget in her workshop and Wolf is in his room that had been made just yesterday.It has only been about a week and a half sense the gun smuggling case where Wolf joined the team.

Dale: Blast those aliens you star troopers!!!!

Monty and Zipper come in through the front door, after going to collect some parts for Gadget.

Monty: Dale could you keep it down, we can hear you at the bottom of the tree.

Zipper nods in agreement

Dale gives them a dirty look but pipes down.Monty goes into Gadget's workshop to give her the parts and comes back out and relaxes on the couch.A few minutes later Chip and Gadget walk out of the workshop.

Gadget: Thanks for those parts Monty I'm going to need them tomorrow.

Monty: No problem luv, we stopped by the cheese shop on the way back.

Gadget just gives him a sarcastic look and goes into her room.

Chip walks over to Wolf's room where the door is closed, he knocks and waits a couple of seconds.

Wolf(from inside his room): Come in.

Chip opens the door to find Wolf sitting cross-legged on the floor in the middle of his room.His room has his bed on one side made of sponge with a Olive Drab Army style blanket on it,perfectly made. He has a gun vault embedded into the wall so it could not be removed from his room.Several pieces of furniture are around the room all completely tidy.

Chip: What are you doing wolf?

Wolf: Meditating

Chip: why?

Wolf: I need to clear my head,I haven't been around people for this long in years and its making me soft,less effective.

Chip: you're not less effective you're still sharp as a needle.

Wolf: I don't know, I just keep getting these feelings and sense I don't know how to deal with them I need to get rid of them, they are a danger to me and the team.

Chip: If you don't know how to handle the things you've got to learn how to.Express yourself.

Wolf: I don't know,but I'll think about it.

Chip: Glad to help.

Wolf nods in response.

Chip: Hold on a sec I want to teach dale a lesson,

Chip(calling down the hall): hey Dale come here a minute.

Dale comes running up with an annoyed look on his face.

Dale: Hurry up its the commercial and I don't want to miss the movie.

Chip: Why can't you keep our room this clean(he points inside Wolfs room.)

Dale gives Chip a dirty look and runs back to the TV.

Wolf: What was that about?

Chip: Stop by my room sometime and you'll understand..

Chip: I'm going to go watch TV with Dale see ya later.

Wolf nods.

About ten minutes later everyone is watching Dale's movie when Wolf walks out in full flight gear with his helmet under his arm.

Wolf: I'm going out for some flight time so I'll be back in about an hour.

He walks over to Gadget

Wolf to Gadget: by the way thanks again for making that room for me.

Gadget: No problem, say you don't have an extra seat in that jet of yours do you?

Chip gets a very nervous look on his face.

Wolf grins slightly.

Wolf: Sure, want to come along for the ride?

Gadget: Yeah,those jets must be nice to fly.

They both get up and start to head to the door.Chip jumps up and try's to stop them.

Chip: Gadget, are you sure those things are safe?

Gadget: Sure,besides both of us are pilots.

Chip: Then can I come along?

Wolf: Sorry, no three seat planes, but I'd be happy to take you up tomorrow.

With a slightly defeated look, Chip gives up and goes back inside.

Wolf motions Gadget to follow him and he leads her down to the flight room in his base.After they get into the flight room, Wolf looks at a control consul for a second.

Wolf: I think an F-15 will do.

He hits a button on the consul and an F-15 is taken from it's storage lot and placed on the runway by a giant crane. Then wolf opens a closet and after a few moments of thinking he pulls out a flight suit.

Wolf: I think this should fit, the changing room is over there(he points to a door)

Gadget: Ok thanks but why can't I just wear my coveralls.

Wolf: You wear the flightsuit over the coveralls,it keeps you from blacking out when we pull high G's.

Gadget: Oh, ok

She goes into the room and comes back out in the suit.

Wolf: Ok lets get going.

After showing her how to strap in, he leads her over to the plane and she gets in the back seat of the jet.Wolf gets into the front seat and after securing his own harness and closing the canopy he starts up the plane.

Wolf: you know Gadget, we could design some weapons for the planes that are non-leathal,then the Rangers could use the jets more often.

Gadget: Yeah your right, I'll think about it.

Wolf: Prepare for takeoff

He hits the engine start button and throttles to half afterburner, the plane audibly strains against the catapult on the runway .The strains can be heard even over the immence roar of the twin turboprop engines.

Gadget: Golly, this thing is loud.

Wolf: Yep

He moves his thumb over a button on the throttle stick.

Wolf: release in 5,4,3,2,1,release.

With that he pushes the button and the catapult fires driving both of them into their seats.They shoot out of the tunnel and go to about 15000 feet.

Gadget: jeepers! that was fast.

Wolf: you aint seen nothing yet.

He slams the engine into full thrust shooting tongues of flame several feet behind each engine and soon they break the sound barrier,the sonic boom shatters a few windows near them.

Wolf: you wanna fly?

Gadget: I don't know how to fly a jet.

Wolf: its basically the same as a regular plane but the sidestick is your speed controller.If you do do something wrong I can switch control back to me.

Gadget: ok I'll try

Wolf: ready?

Gadget: yes

He flips a switch and gadget takes control.. He shows her how to control various things on the plane like the radar and radio systems.This continues for a time with Gadget quickly learning some of the more advanved features of the aircraft and Wolf is impressed by how fast she learns it.About thirty minutes later they are on their way back to HQ when Gadget spots something.

Gadget: hey Wolf, whats that at 3 o'clock?

Wolf: I don't know lets get in closer.

He takes controll and pilots them pretty close to the object and after a few seconds Gadget recognizes it.

Gadget: (gasp)its Foxglove, she looks terrible.She's trying to make it to Headquarters!

Wolf: looks like she has some company too.

He indicates a robotic looking device about the size of the jet that resembes a aircombat drone following foxglove. After a few seconds it starts shooting nets at her barely missing her.

Wolf: put on your oxygen mask, were going to give her cover.

They both quickly put on their masks and Wolf dives toward the robot, his eyes fiercely locked on his target.

Wolf: Sidewinder locked on.

He fires a missile from a wingtip, which the robot dodges easily and starts shooting guns back, the tracers slicing through the air rather gracfully.Wolf does evasive maneuvers and comes in again.

Wolf: locked on

He waits until he is very close to the robot until he fires,the device does not have time to dodge and is hit being completely destroyed, showering flaming debris onto the ground below.

Gadget: Wow,good flying.

Wolf: Thanks,lets land and help her out.

They land inside the tunnel and take the elevator back up to HQ,the table now have been moved just a few days ago to allow them quick acces to the facillity in needed.

Gadget: Hurry outside Foxgloves in trouble!!!

All the rangers scramble to the runway to see a smoking, sootcovered,and generally not feeling well foxglove land badly on the runway in front of them.She starts staggering over to Dale.

Foxglove: Dale.......

Foxglove then passes out and falls into Dale's arms.

Chip: lets get her to the hospital!

The rangers pile into the ranger wing with the injured bat layed out on the rangers laps.Wolf scrambles back down to his jet which as been automaticly rearmed and takes off to provide the other rangers with cover if it should become nessacary.However they encountered no resistence and Foxglove was taken in and treated by the same doctors that had treated Wolf only a week and a half ago.Several hours later Foxglove is still asleep in her hospital bed.All the rangers are in the room with her.

Wolf: who is she anyway?

Chip: she used to be a witches helper who....took a liking to Dale....and helped us defeat her master.She's a good friend of the rangers.

Wolf: I wonder what happened,those burn marks were caused by a type 3 stun beam and Gadget and I saw the drone shoot nets at her.Why would someone go through those lenghs to catch a bat.

Then Foxglove groans and begins to stir.

Monty: She's starting to come around mates

All the rangers gather around her as she slowly drifts toward consciousness.

Foxglove: wh-where am I

Monty: you're in a hospital luv, you took a real pounding

Foxglove: I feel terrible, that thing shocked me with something and then started to chase me.

Foxglove starts looking around at the rangers and smiled weakly when she saw Dale

Foxglove: hiya cute stuff.

Dale blushes at the nickname. Foxglove then notices Wolf.

Foxglove: who are you?

Wolf: my name is Wolf

Gadget: he's the one who saved you from that robot.

Foxglove: thank you sir

Wolf: just doing my job.

Chip: when you're feeling better why don't you tell us what happened,right now you need your rest.

Monty: yeah, you just sleep a spell and we'll try to find out what happened.

Foxglove: ok

Foxglove slowly goes to sleep.After a few minutes Wolf motions Chip and Dale to come with him and they follow him out the door. They are greeted by Dr.Smith.

Wolf: hey doc, she going to be alright?

Smith: She'll be just fine Mr. Wolf, all she needs is a days rest.

Wolf: I don't know, those type of stun beams pack a punch,often with delayed action,I'd keep a close eye on her if I were you.

Smith: I'll do that.

Wolf: Thank you doctor

Smith nods and walks off to another patent's room.Wolf then turns to Chip and Dale who had been listening.

Wolf: Dale I think you should stay here with her here untill she is better, she seems to like you alot and having you around will make her feel better.

Dale: ok, and do I call you guys when she's ready to leave?

Wolf: yes, and here take this

He hands Dale a small black tube with a button under a safety cover on it.Dale takes it and after looking at it for a second shrugs and puts it in his pocket.

Chip: What's that?

Wolf: It's an emergancey transmitter, if anything goes wrong in any way, push that button and I will be able to track your location anywhere withen a fifty mile radius.

Chip: expecting trouble?

Wolf: not really but better safe then sorry.Chip,you guys stay here for a few minutes to make sure Foxglove is ok and then you make the call.

Chip: ok, we'll go to the police station and see if anything turns up there.

Wolf: make sure you pick up the radio that I gave you guys so you can contact me if anything turns up, I'm going to take my plane and search for more of those drones if I find any I'll call you up.

Chip: ok I guess we'll see you later

Chip and Dale go back into Foxglove's room and a few minutes later hear the sound of a jet taking off and a few seconds after that a sonic boom shook the building. After about fifteen minutes, all the rangers but Dale leave and go to the Police station.Dale stays by Foxgloves side in her room.After about fifteen minutes Foxglove awakes again and is delighted to see that she is alone with Dale who is partly asleep sitting on a stool and resting his head on the bed.She playfully ruffles his hair causing him to startle a bit and sit up.

Foxglove: hi sweetie.

Dale: uh, hi Foxy, how do you feel?

Foxglove: better now that your here.

Dale blushes at this comment.

Dale: say, shouldn't you be sleeping?

Foxglove: yes but I really don't feel like it, I'm not very tired.

Dale: from what Wolf and Gadget said and the way you looked when you got to Headquarters, you seemed to have gotten zapped pretty bad.

Foxglove (slowly): yeah, I really was afraid I was going to die and wouldn't see you or the other rangers again.

At these words a strange feeling came over him as he remembered back to when she landed and fell into his arms.

Dale (very softly almost to himself): Me to

Even though he said it very quietly, Foxglove'a accute hearing picked it up clearly.

Foxglove: Really?

Dale: yeah, I don't know but I was very scared when I saw you hurt.I was afraid that I was going to lose you.

Dale went silent. For the first time sinse he had met her Dale saw his true feelings toward Foxglove.These feelings were strange at first but after a few moments they made him very happy. As these wonderful emotions well up inside him he looks into Foxglove's eyes.

Dale: I...I love you Foxglove.

Foxglove is stunned by these words. She had always loved Dale but had thought that he didn't love her as much as she loved him.Now that she knew that this wasn't true she was estatic.

Foxglove: oh Dale, I love you to!

With this the pair join together in an embrace and lock in a very passionate kiss.

At the station about an hour after they left the hospital, the rangers hear Spenelli talking to Cirby and Muldoon about a breakin at the zoo and the only thing taken was all the bats in the exhibit and how the janitor said it was done by some flying robots.Chip decided to call up Wolf and tell him about the new infomation.

Chip(talking into radio): Chip to Wolf we've got some infomation on the bat case.

Wolf(over radio): this is not the time

Chip: what, are you ok?

Wolf: oh, other then the fact that I'm being chased by three of those drones, (explosion) ,WHOA that was close, I'm just fine.

Chip: I thought those things only attacked bats

Wolf: I guess that last one sent out an ID on my plane that it was a threat.I can't can't fight all of them, I don't have enough weapons, I'm going supersonic and try to lose them in the sewers.

Chip: the SEWERS!!!!are you crazy!!!

Gadget: You'll never be able to manuver down there at those speeds.

Wolf: better chance than fighting these guys off.

Chip: where are you we'll come help out

Wolf: don't try to help me fight them off but I am going to come out of the sewers through the manhole near HQ, stay back from it.Ok heres an opening I'm going in.

Suddenly static fills the speaker.

Chip: Wolf,............ Wolf come in!

Gadget: his signal can't get out from underground we'll have to go to his exit point and wait.

Monty: ok then lets go mates.

They all pile into the ranger wing and head over to the manhole to assist Wolf.When they get there explosions and gunfire can be heard and felt through the ground. They land about five feet away from the cover and go over to the cover staying back a few feet.After a few minutes the noise becomes more intense and louder as Wolf draws nearer.Soon they can barely hear each other over the explosions.

Monty: looks like those tin cans are putting up a hard chase.

Gadget: remember what he said, stay back.

Suddenly the manhole cover blows off its frame and goes flying into the dirt while a F-15 shoots out verticly and drops two bombs into the hole as it leaves.A huge fireball shoots out of the sewers and causes a large shockwave that knockes the rangers off their feet.

Wolf( over radio): did you order orginal recipie or extra crispy?

Chip: are you ok?

Wolf: my plane took some damage but is repairable.I'm going to land, meet me inside the runway,I'll open it for you.

All the rangers scamper down the runway and into the hanger where they see Wolf climbing down the ladder to his plane.

Wolf: those guys were good, it was like they had a map of the tunnels.

Chip: how could they see down there in the dark?

Wolf: I don't know, I switched to my infered vision but that wasn't enough I had to use my flight computer as well......I didn't hit anyone with the blast when I came out did I?

Gadget: no but it did knock us down.

Monty: that was mighty impressive mate.

Wolf only nodded as he pushed a button on a consul and the crane returned the plane to it's lot where robots began repairs.

Wolf: what was that intel you were talking about?

Chip: some of those robots kidnapped all the bats in the zoo.

Wolf: well it looks like foxglove isn't alone.

Suddenly a beeping sound is heard.All the rangers look around trying to find the source.

Gadget: whats that?

Wolf: thats Dale's emergancy transmitter!

Monty: Dale's in trouble! come on mates!!

All of them but Wolf start running outside to the ranger wing.

Wolf (calling after them): I'll catch up!!!

He hits another button and the crane lifts out another jet and sets it down, this time it is a F-16.

Wolf to himself: don't you just love technolagy.

He jumps in and takes off following the ranger wing.Shortly they both land outside the hospital and take the animal's enterance to find SAPS people all around.They all run to Foxglove's room and see that the back wall has been torn off and both Foxglove and Dale gone. Smith then walks in.

Chip: what happened?

Smith: we heard a large crash and some yells and when we got in here they were gone.

Chip: good thing you gave Dale that transmitter.

Wolf: follow me.

They all go outside to his plane and Wolf tells him to climb up to see something.Wolf is in the seat while Chip is on the rope rescue ladder.Wolf punches in some numbers on a keypad and on one of the displays a map of the city come up with a set of cross hairs on it.

Wolf(pointing at crosshairs): do you know where this is?

Chip: that's Professor Nimnuls lab! I should have known he was behind this.

Wolf: thats where they are so lets get going.

Chip hops down and the rangers get into their planes and takeoff headed to Nimnuls Lab.It takes about half an hour to get there because strong winds made it hard for the ranger wing to fly very fast.When they get near it they land and head up to it on foot.After they find a small hole and find their way in they are shocked at what they see.Lined up are about twenty of the drones while hundreds of bats are caged around the lab.Nimnul is working on one of the devices.

Nimnul: I am such a genus, who else would have thought of using bats as weapons!By putting a bat into my drones it completely fuses with the bats echolocation system allowing precision attacks,and now that I have enough bats I can move on to my biggest invention of all!! It allows me to see from here everything and hear everything in the city!!! Batman never had it this good, soon I will rule the world!!!!!!

Chip: we need to set all the bats free, find Dale and Foxglove and then destroy that machine.

Wolf: the machines mine boss.

Wolf then slips into the shadows and disappers.

Gadget: I hate it when he does that.

Chip: ok, zipper, zipper go find Dale and Foxglove while the rest of us figure out how to open all the cages.

Zipper salutes and flys off while the other rangers figure out how to set the bats free.Nimnul than types something on a computer that opens a cage and sends a giant hand into it pulling out a bat and bringing it to him.

Chip: Gadget, if we got you to that computer could you open the cages?

Gadget: more than likely.

Chip: ok, Monty and I will distract Nimnul while you open the cages.

Gadget: ok Chip

Then Zipper flys back to them and tells them that he found Dale and Foxglove.

Chip: good work zipper, now go back and tell them that we're going to set all of them free in a minute.

Zipper nods and flys back over to Dale and Foxglove's cage.Chip and Monty run over to Nimnul and run up into his pant leg.A few second later he is laughing and rolling around on the ground.

Nimnul: HA HA HEE HA HEE Stop that tickles!! HAHA HEE HEE HAA

While the boys are distracting Nimnul Gadget scampers up the computer and starts typing.As she is doing this Nimnul shakes Monty and Chip out of his clothes and sees Gadget.

Nimnul: Hey get away from there!!

He grabs Gadget and is shaking her around in his hand.

Nimnul: You rodents are always messing around in my plans for world domination,well I'll get rid of one at least.

Chip: Gadget!!

Then Wolf calmly walks out on top of the computer and faces Nimnul.

Nimnul: I really need to hire an exterminator.

He grabs Wolf as well and heads over to one of the drones.Before he can get there he yells out in pain and throws Wolf and Gadget into the air.Wolf had poped his claws while Nimnul was holding him and cut his hand badly.Wolf and Gadget were about ten feet up when they started to fall and Wolf grabbed Gadget by the waist from behind and flipped them over so that when they landed wolf was on the bottem absorbing an otherwise fatal impact.

Wolf: Gadget are you ok??

Gadget: I'm fine, are you ok?

Wolf: Having an unbreakable skeleton does have it's advantages but it's still painful.I'll be fine.

Gadget then runs up the counsul and opens all the cages then jumps down to the rest of the Rangers.A second later Dale and Foxglove joined them. As they were making their escape Nimnul came back in and saw all the bats flying out and then spotted the rangers.

Nimnul: you rodents have ruined everything, everything!! I'll get you!!!

Wolf: lets go, get out of here!!

As they are running, he pulls out his detonator from his coat pocket and detonates the explosives he had set in the spy device.They go off throwing Nimnul out of the lab right before it completely explodes.He trys to run away but the police patrol pick him up.The rangers all get into their planes and fly back to RRHQ.After they arrive about an hour later, Monty cooks up a big dinner and when they are done eating they all sit around in the living room to talk about today. Chip notices something strange, Dale and Foxglove are sitting in the same seat and Dale has his arm around her. He shows this to Monty with a movement of his eyes. Monty sees and gives him a sly look.

Monty: well well, do we have a couple in the house.

Everyone looks at him funny but then notices Dale and Foxglove.

Dale: yeah, while Foxglove and I were in the hospital, we talked it over and I found out that I love her as much as she loves me.

Foxglove: yeah so now we can be together and be a real couple right sweetie?

Dale: Right (he gives her a kiss on the cheek)

Chip, seeing this is estactic and instantly starts trying to get Gadget to notice him.

Wolf: well I for one think that we should make Foxglove a full ranger, her echolocation skills could come in real handy.

Monty (slyly): well I'm sure Dale won't mind.

Chip: do you want to be a ranger Foxglove?

Foxglove: of couse I would

Chip: All in favor?

All: I

Chip: all opposed?

No response.

Chip: well Foxy, looks like your a ranger now.

Foxglove: Oh, thank you guys

Monty: Crikey!! Two new rangers in two weeks?,thats great!! But we may need to get bigger tree.

Gadget walks over to Foxglove and Dale.

Gadget: I'm so happy for you two.

Dale: thanks Gadget

Foxglove gets up and hugs Gadget

Foxglove: thanks Gadget, I'm so happy.

After a few minutes of chatting, Foxglove and Dale go outside to watch the sunset together and everyone else goes about their normal tasks for that time of the day.

Wolf (thinking): So much can happen so fast.......... espically for the good.


Although Darren has left us, you can still enjoy his other great fanfics at his original web page, now mirrored at the Russian CDRR Project Group. Much thanks to Konstantin Mihailov for keeping his dreams alive.

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