Disney was really on to something when they brought Foxglove into our lives.

Deborah Walley =)
Her sole episode, "Good Times, Bat Times" was not just a well-animated, entertaining part of the Rescue Ranger series. For many, Foxy was a true sweetheart at first sight. Her cute features, silky voice by Hollywood actress
Deborah Walley, and flirty demeanor towards Dale quickly hooked many that saw the episode. To fans and casual admirers alike, she remains one of the RR fandom's most remembered one-shot characters.

When I first released the Foxglove Feature, Roy Neal Grissom pointed me to an organization called Bat Conservation International, or BCI. Its purpose is to promote awareness of bats as well as debunking myths and fears that some people have about them. In truth, most bats species are quite friendly and gentle. It's often hard to convince those that are used to seeing bats in horror films, especially children.

Roy Neal mentioned in the Fall 1999 issue of Bats, the official quarterly publication of Bat Conservation International, was an article highlighting contributions to bat conservation and education by young people and teenagers. This feature also displayed drawings and poems that put bats in a positive light. Alas, he said that Foxglove was nowhere in this feature, and asked fellow Foxglove artists to send pictures to the BCI. That sole request got me thinking...

A short time later, artist Charles Williams arrived, gracing Rangerphiles and Foxyphiles alike with extremely talented drawings of the RR characters. One picture that always stuck with me was the BCI logo he designed. Many said that Foxy would make a perfect children's mascot for them, and Charles' cute logo, pictured above, really shows its potential. Since then, I wanted the BCI to know hot we felt about this particular bat. It's time to get started.

The Plan
The goal of the Big BCI Project is to tell the organization about Foxglove through a large mailout of prints and comments from visitors like you. This is done in hopes that they might consider having Foxy as an official children's mascot, or at least mention her in a future article from their quarterly magazine. To make sure that things go smoothly and that each of you get a chance to contribute, the project is divided into three parts.

First is to gather the goodies for a package. For that, I ask your favorite Feature artists for permission to send a color print of their artwork. So far, quite a few have graciously allowed me to print and send their pieces :). If you're not an artist or haven't submitted a drawing before, not to worry. I'll gladly accept any new artwork and will soon have a place that you can post a message to send to BCI. Any budding artists are welcome to join!

Second is to contact BCI and introduce them to the Feature and this project. From this point, without going too far, I can find out their feelings of this project and whether they would even consider giving Foxglove a look. There may be some issues that would prevent them from doing this (such as copyrights). I'll find this out early into the project.

Third, depending on the concent of BCI, is to gather everything you sent into one big package. I'll have more details on this as soon as they arrive.

Why not simply show them the Feature?
I have thought of that, and right now, it is still an option. I will email the appropriate persons from the BCI and tell them about the project. This way, I can find out whether it's best to send the package, or simply show them the site. Either way, the BCI will be able to see each artist's work and your comments. I asked permission to the artists in case the BCI chose to print some of their pictures in their magazine.

More coming soon!
If BCI will accept the package, then I'll take a little more than a month to get things together. Everything should be ready by late April. In the meantime, I hope that you'll flood my mailbox and the upcoming guestbook with comments you want to tell BCI. I'll add them to the letter I will send them, and post everything at the Feature, too. More information will show in this section, so stop by every now and then. I really hope that Foxy could possibly become a mascot for BCI - keep your fingers crossed! :}.

Matt Plotecher
Charles Williams
Learsi Bathory
Lar DeSouza
Brooke "Zuzu" Michelle
Kim McFarland
Learsi Bathory
David L. Stone
Ilya Pestov
Dean Dodrill

Also coming soon:
For those that would like to send a message to BCI, you'll soon have a guestbook to post them!

Comments? Questions
Please email me with any suggestions you have about this project. I'd love to hear what you have to say about it. :)

BCI wants you as a mascot? Zowie!

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