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- – By Andrew Bell (a.k.a Monty) – -

Point Total 226
ST 11 (10) - DX 12 (20) - IQ 11 (10) - HT 12 (20)

What if Dale wasn't really as dumb as a stack of old newspapers? What if his entire persona--well, most of it--was a carefully calculated ruse, an incredible and complex practical joke? What if, in other words, Dale was only playing the fool? Why Dale would choose to do this I don't know, but as shown in the fiction of John Nowak, it's a valid option.

By Kristopher Smith
* Attractive:
Appearance (He is a good-looking fellow. +1 to reaction rolls) (5)

* Charisma: (Likable as well. +1 to reaction rolls) (5)

* Pitiable: (+3 to reaction rolls from anyone who thinks he is in need, and/or is helpless. Awww! ) (5)

[With these three advantages, how could Gadget have said "maybe"!?]

* Combat Reflexes:
( Dale is quick on his feet, and in a "deadly" confrontation he is rarely surprised for more than a moment! he gets a +1 to any active defense of himself! This applies to any "fast draw" skill, and initiative to "avoid" a surprise attack [+2 if he is leading the team]! Also, he gets a +2 to his IQ to keep from "freaking out" as well as a +6 to recover from a surprise, or mental "stun" attack! Zowie!!) (15)

Daredevil: (Dale gets a +1 to all his skills whenever he takes "highly risky" action! In addition, he gets to "re roll" any critical failures in his skill roll while he is taking these chances!) (15)

Serendipity: (for some reason, the forces that govern "fortuitous coincidences" seem to like Dale a lot! Twice per game day, Dale will have some kind of "occurrence" that favors him in a "big" way [it is usually something that advances the game plot, or helps out him just when he needs it]. ) (30)

Luck: (Once every hour or so, the dice of fate just seem to roll in Dale's favor! This means that Dale gets to roll 3 times for any "one" thing [skill / advantage, or have some "GM controlled" situation go "his" way], and he get to "pick" the best roll! ) (30)

Danger sense: (Dale has that "something" that warns him when things are "just-not-right". Whenever Dale is in a position of impending danger/disaster, and other assorted, and "potential" life threatening situations. The GM "secretly makes an IQ roll for Dale. If he succeeds, Dale is among the first to sense that there is something wrong. ) (15)

By ChipN'Death
Versatile: (Dale is a very imaginative fellow, and he gets a +1 to all skills that require imagination, or creativity [such as art/mechanics/electronics/computers and the like!] ) (5)

Jack-of-all-trades: (Thanks to his good imagination, and cleverness. Dale can "pickup" a skill, and use it without lengthy instructions [+2 per lvl to any skill]! This only goes for skills that "default" to his main attributes [STR, DEX, IQ, HT]. Not to skills that default to other skills [for example; Dale "could" learn to do computer operation {defaults to IQ}, but not say Aviation Engineering {defaults to mechanics engineering}]. This also means that Dale can learn these skills more quickly than others [50% faster]. ) (20)

High Pain threshold: (For some reason, everybody wants a piece of Dale! As a result, he has the ability to withstand pain longer than your average animal hero! This means Dale gets "no" penalties to his attributes due to shock [at least for the first turn], and he gets a +3 to resist torture, and other physically painful situations! ) (10)

Very Fit: (Dale is very energetic and he loses only half his fatigue points when exerting himself, and regains it at 2x the normal rate!) (15)

– Dale's Specialties Package –

Every Ranger has something special about them and Dale is no exception. It has been implied, and to some degree stated in fics that Dale is not just good, but very good with his fencing skills! As a result he has the following advantages, and disadvantages:

* Trained by a Master: (Sometime during his early years (maybe before he met Chip or during there early years of there friendship) Dale was taught skills of fencing that go way beyond what a person would normally learn. Who this person is, or how this occurred is known only to Dale (and maybe Chip). This training normally last 1d6+1 years, and gives Dale an extra 20 points towards costomizing his fencing style. ) (40)

* Weapon Master:
(Not only is Dale an expert at the use of a Sword Rapier and a Short parrying sword. But he also gets an extra attacks and parries for every 3 lvls of skill over the average! Also he may learn (and spend points for) some of the following esoteric skills to further customize his fencing style. Blind fighting, Breaking blow, Disarm, multi parry, precognitive parry/strike.) (20)

– Rescue Ranger package –

Being a founding member of the Rescue Rangers. Dale gets the following advantages, and disadvantages:

By Charles Williams
* Legal Enforcement Powers (10) --special deal with the SAPS- [only good within the city. They should considered the equivalent of special agents.]

* Reputation (Honesty, Honorable, will always help out anyone. +4 [in the park. +3 in the city as a whole. +2 in places where the Rangers has "done a mission"] ) (20)

* Code of Honor (Rescue Ranger: [Dale really believes in his Ranger ideals! Even though he doesn't always act like it.] ) (-15)

* Enemies (Large group including some very powerful individuals, quite often) (-60) --it's good to be a Ranger, but it'd be even better if not for Fat Cat, Nimnul, Rat Capone, Ivana Killjoy, Victoria, the occasional evil [one-armed?] Gadget-clone, Hitter, et cetera.....

* Extreamly hazardous Duty (to the Rangers. Basically you are "on-call", at anytime, and the missions can be very dangerous!) (-20)

* Low self cofidence: (For some reason, Dale tends to underrate his abilities. He thinks of himself as "less powerful, competent, and intelligent than he really is! Anytime Dale must show a an unreasonable degree of "boldness" he must make a IQ rollat a -2. A failed roll means that he "doubts his ability to prevail", and becomes "extra" cautious [he is the last to take action?] -3 to all skills. He also gets a -2 to reaction rolls from more "confident" people.) (-20)

* Weirdness magnet [Women]: (For some unknown reason, Dale seems to draw towards himself, powerful, attractive, and [at least] slightly "unbalanced" women [automatic +3 to reaction rolls] much to foxglove's chagrin! In addition, anytime one of these "bad girls" find themselves alone with Dale, they must make a willpower roll at a -3 to keep from making a pass, flirt, or trying to "vamp" him! This doesn't mean they still won't try to harm Dale [though they may do it in the nicest way possible], or that they want to "date" him [though it's a possibility]. Also, any plan against the Rangers will "involve" Dale as part of its component [possibly a prominent part]! Also these women will tend to "underestimate" Dale's abilities giving him a chance to beat/survive his encounter, thus gain their "admiration" [which may not be a good thing]. +2 on reaction rolls for future encounters! Dale has no control over this, and is always surprised when it happens. Examples are: Victoria, Ivana Killjoy, Widget, and Carolyn. ) (-30)

By Ilya Pestov
* Odious Personal habit (Otaku [fan boy]!: Dale is basically addicted to comics, movies, anime, Role Playing Games, video games, and other (so called) fan-boy activities. -2 to willpower rolls to keep from taking this to the extreme (though Foxglove doesn't seem to mind). -2 to reaction rolls from people who consider themselves "to-old for that stuff") (-10)

* Sense of Duty: (to his friends) (-15)

* Sense of duty: (to Foxglove even if he doesn't act like it sometimes.) (-20)

* Compulsive Carousing: (Dale just "loves" to party, and will seek to do so when ever he gets a chance or thinks it's OK to do so! He must make a +2 IQ roll, to avoid acting on his impulse to „Party On Dude!!. He gets a -1 to -4 on reaction rolls from others who "don't want to hang out" ( sober minded and/or puritanical people). He gets a +1 to +4 from like minded „party animals especially if his „antics are entertaining! ) (-6)

* Odious Habit: Pretends to be Clueless [it's an act to protect himself from rejection]. -2 on reaction rolls from people who thinks he is „slow-of-mind. (-10)

* Weak Will: (sometimes Dale has to put "extra effort to resist his impulses [-1 to his willpower rolls. -3 if Foxglove is making the „moves on him]. ) (-8)

* Reputation [among the Rangers] (Lazy, and sometimes a slob. Needless to say he isn't always taken seriously. [-1 to reaction roll] ) (-5)

-Flirts with Gadget
-enjoys Foxglove's flirtation
-Heavy Metal music fan
-quirk-level laziness
-quirk-level Clueless
-Dreamer (While Dale is busy dreaming up stuff that he gets a -1 on his skills when he has a "long term" project that's boring to him.)
-Responsive (Dale can imagine the feelings, and motivations of others. Guess he is just a "sensitive" kind of guy.)
-enjoys baiting Chip (and sometimes other people)
-Trade mark: Always wears a Hawaiian shirt

By Matt Ploetcher
Acrobatics (P/H) [2] DX-1 11
Acting (M/A) [14] IQ+6 17
Area Knowledge (the City) (M/E) [1/2] IQ-1 10
Climbing (P/A) [8] DX+2 14
Escape (P/H) [1/2] DX-3 9
Fencing (P/A) [4] DX 12
Hobby skill: Comic books (M/H) [4] IQ+2 13
Hobby skill: Television (M/A) [2] IQ+1 12
Jumping (P/E) [4] DX+2 14
Pilot (Suction-Cup/Flashlight Technology) P/A [1] DX 12
Running (P/H) [4] DX 12
Stealth (M/A) [1] IQ-1 10

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