- – By Dave Junker and Dave "El-ahrairah" Pitts – -

Dave Junker - Day 1

Wanted to tell everyone about my trip to Tucson...in three intervals...or maybe two.

Let's see…

I got to the airport at noon…I was supposed to take a flight from Detroit to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Tucson. The flight to Atlanta was postponed to the point where a lady at the desk gave me a new flight…from Detroit to Phoenix, then from Phoenix to Detroit.

Well, this flight was at 3: 30….so I got to Tucson around 7 PM (the flight from Phoenix to Tucson takes about 10 minutes!). I had told Julie that I was gonna be there at 6 and would meet her at Old Main and we could go get dinner. Oh boy, I was in trouble.

Well, I checked into a Best Western, right next to the airport (really cheap) and took a taxi over to U of A (not so cheap). It was pitch dark, but I found Old Main….and Julie wasn't there. I was NOT discouraged however (I really should have been a private eye). I went to this other building (the student union I think) and found Julie's address in a student directory.

So, I finally got to Julie's dorm (frat house?) at 8 PM. I asked the front desk if she was in. They didn't get an answer on the phone…so I waited in the front hall. The whole place was filled with students in Halloween costumes. The whole CAMPUS was filled with people in Halloween costumes!

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"I met Deborah at the airport along with Julie Parrish, Anne Helm and Michael Callan and I got to ride to the hotel where they were having the autograph show with them!"
I kept asking people if they knew Julie Bihn and kept getting responses like “I donut know” or “Yeah, but I donut know where she is.” I was beginning to feel that I wasn't going to see her that night and I should get going when a girl in a bright red and blue dress, trimmed with gold, walked by.

“Hey! Do you know Julie B….” I started to say, when I got a good look at her face. I had seen it before….

‘Oh! You ARE Julie Bihn!’ I thought.

Upon learning that it was me, Julie greeted her fellow Rangerphile with…

“Where the heck were you?!”

I explained that my plane was late….which got me out of trouble. We talked for a little while…Julie was on her way to somewhere (darn it all if I forgot where) so we walked around campus…went to the McDonald's….and to the Baskin Robbins. I got two cheeseburgers and a brownie sundae….

Then, we went back to the dorm (or was it a fraternity?) and went to Julie's room where a bunch of her friends were hanging out…we watched Disney movies…some Rescue Rangers and Anime.

I got pretty late and I asked Julie if she could PLEASE come to the autograph show tomorrow for just a little bit…Julie declined saying she had an Anime festival tomorrow, but gave me a couple of Foxglove drawings for me to give to Deborah.

So, I called a cab and went back to the Best Western….watched TV for a while and went to sleep…..actually I passed out watching TV. It was 1 AM PST, which is 4 AM EST, after all…..

Dave Junker - Day 2

Ok, lets see….

I awoke at about 6 AM on Saturday….which was darn lucky because I hadn't set my alarm or anything! I also had forgotten to brush my teeth last night…YUCK! I had fallen asleep watching TV….

First order of business was breakfast….I was trying to keep this trip really cheap…..HEY! I had only eaten one of those cheeseburgers last night…the other was in the fridge (yes, the room came with a small refrigerator). Popped it in the microwave….breakfast! Then I showered, shaved brushed my teeth and washed up and was ready to go.

Well, I had read on the Autograph Show web page that some of the celebrities were flying in on Southwest Airlines and Deborah said she was flying in that morning and flying out that night, so I figured I could meet her at the airport! And I DID! Southwest flight from Los Angeles at 9: 00 AM….

I met Deborah at the airport along with Julie Parrish, Anne Helm and Michael Callan and I got to ride to the hotel where they were having the autograph show with them! A van was sent to the airport to pick them up and I got to go along! Oh, yeah! Julie, I gave Deborah those Foxglove drawings and Deborah thought they were great!

Well, we got to the hotel about 9: 30 and went to the room….tables were all set up for the celebrities….the Honky Tonk Man was there! This was supposed to be a big event with an Elvis Presley look alike contest and lots of people wanting autographs and pictures taken with the celebrities and such. I emphasize the word “supposed”!

NO ONE came to this thing! Just a handful of people….no Elvis lookalike contest….nothing….ZIP….NADDA!! Just me and Deborah and Anne and Julie and Michael sitting around talking…and I did go over and talk to the Honky Tonk Man a couple of times…He left around 2 PM the show was so bad!!

Did I say nothing happened that day?! Well, not quite nothing…..a man with curly hair a beard and glasses came up to Deborah and said…

“Ms. Walley, I represent the members of the Acorn Café….” And other stuff, I cant remember.

Deborah jumped up and gave him a high five…no, it was ten, actually. Then, I knew who it was…Dave Pitts!

He said that he thought Foxglove was so cute…”Dale, go for it!” he said. He said that he believed other people were coming…like David Junker. Deborah motioned towards me…”He's right here!” she said. Dave got out his camera and took pictures of me and Deborah together…then I took pictures of him and Deborah together….we talked a while…then he had to go because he had…uh….to do something with his family, I think.

Well, the rest of the day went by….finally. Man, NOBODY SHOWED UP! “This was the worst show I've ever been to!” Deborah said to me as we went back to the airport. We went to a store in the airport, had a drink and then Deborah and friends had to go home….BOO HOO HOO!

Well, Deborah and company had gone, so I thought I would go back to U of A and see Julie again. Once again I took a cab over and went to this auditorium where they were showing Anime…Julie had said that was where she would be….But I didn't see her! So I went back to her dorm and her friends said she would be there and we all walked back to the place. The films ended and the lights came on….and there was Julie. I didn't recognize her the first time because she was dressed in a purple and white kimono and was wearing a long, flaming red haired wig and she had a scar painted on her cheek. She was dressed like one of the characters from the movie…

Well, we went back her room…where she took off her wig and then we went to Baskin Robbins again (Julie still dressed in her kimono…..trying to remember if she left the samurai sword back in her room). Then we went back to the dorm,

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"I walked up to the table where Ms.Walley was seated, introduced myself and said "I bring you greetings from the Acorn Cafe." That's when the double arms above head high-five occurred. She really appreciates her fans!
looked in on a Halloween party that was taking place outside…went back inside talked some more…We looked in on the Acorn Café…Dave Pitts had put up a message about his meeting Deborah and “David Junkers” and wondered if Julie had gone to the show.

Then I had to get going because I had to catch a flight early tomorrow. So, we said our good-byes and I went back to the ol’ Best Western and went to sleep……

Dave "El-ahrairah" Pitts

As for my view of the trip...Well Mr. Junker is correct when he said it wasn't very crowded, was lame, or something along those lines. I never saw any local advertising in any shape, form, or fashion. If it hadn't been for a posting on the Acorn Cafe I would have missed it completely. Kudos to the Cafe!!

Let's see, I walked up to the table where Ms.Walley was seated, introduced myself and said "I bring you greetings from the Acorn Cafe." That's when the double arms above head high-five occurred. She really appreciates her fans!

I mentioned that when the RR show was in its initial run I would sit with my kids and watch it with them...and that when I first saw Foxglove becoming interested in Dale my response to Dale was "Hey, she's cute, she's interested, go for it."

I also said that I thought other RR/Foxglove fans were on the prowl and that's when she motioned to Dave Junker who was seated behind and to her left. I would have loved to stay longer but my wife's parents were in town and we had made plans much earlier for that day's activities. Talk about awful timing!

In closing, I'd like to ask Dave Junker to verify something I thought Ms. Walley mentioned. "Didn't she say she'd been in touch with her "agent?" and that Disney WAS looking at another Ranger project?" I really can't remember what she said about it. DOH!

All in all I had a great time, short as it was. I got to meet Ms. Walley and a fellow RR/Foxglove fan to boot. Worked for me!

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