Disney is certainly known for turning popular cartoons into merchandise for fans. It was no surprise that Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers would get the same treatment (which is a good thing, mind you ;) ). With that came all sorts of Ranger toys, cereal promotions, and, in this case, dolls. Unfortunately, those in marketing never thought to give the series' one-shot characters a chance. For Foxy fans like you and I, it was dissappointing. Perhaps the most dissappointed was Roy Neal Grissom ("The Enduring Man-Child"), who many in the Ranger community consider to be Foxglove's biggest fan.

Nearly a decade after the series existed, Foxy's charm still isn't forgotten. In May 1999, Shao started developing plans for a Foxglove plush. 8 months later, a UPS package was delivered to Roy Neal. To him and the rest of us, it was like a dream come true. Here, you'll find Roy Neal and Shao's posts from the Acorn Café highlighting their experiences creating and receiving the world's first Foxy Plush Doll.

Roy Neal:

Dear and beloved friend:

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect what happened just moments ago. When the UPS truck drove up I assumed it was something my mother had ordered from some vitamin catalogue. Instead it was for me.

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Shao, you are amazing. Absolutely amazing. Not only was I astonished at your beautifully crafted letter of presentation (complete with 18th Century-style "seal"), but to find the world's first and only (so far!) plush of Foxglove, the sweetest girl in all Disneyana, and second only to Mrs. Brisby in all animation! I was and am speechless! This is an example of how much more Foxglove deserved from her creators. But what they have relegated to the dust you have made alive and vibrant.

It's beautiful, Shao. The colors are perfect, even down to the yellow background for the eyes. And so large too! You say it took you months to make it, and I believe it! If Disney lets us get away with it, you could be the community's plush artist! (Weren't counting on a job out of this, were you??? ;-))

Anyway, thank you again and again, dear and beloved friend. It's very hard to devote such time and detail to something and keep it a secret, I know. You are so very kind and generous of spirit.

Maybe after this current computer problem is cleared up I'll get back to work on that story of mine as a way to repay you and all the Rengerphiles who have showered me with your love and gifts. That'll be next week at the earliest, so please be patient. But I know that I've been kind of quiet lately (except for complaining) and that getting back to writing should make me an active Rangerphile once again, even if I do still love Pikachu and root for Misty to like Ash. Oh, and don't think I've forgotten about Chip and Gadget (sorry, Julie)!

I know of nothing else to say. Thank you, Shao. You are a wonderful friend and an extremely talented artist and creator.

"The Enduring Man-Child"


EMC wrote:
> It's beautiful, Shao. The colors are perfect...

I thought it was a little dark myself, but the stores only had so many shades of purple. :)

> You say it took you months to make it...

Eight to be precise. I started designing it last May. It was supposed to be a summer project, but ran kinda long. :)

> If Disney lets us get away with it, you could be the community's plush artist! (Weren't counting on a job out of this, were you??? ;-))

I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead. ;) It takes so long to design and make these things, one’s enough for me.

> Anyway, thank you again and again, dear and beloved friend.

You’re welcome again, EMC.


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Response to post by Julie Bihn (Re: 8 months?!)

> You *could* make Foxy plushes (the second one wouldn't take as long as the first, I assume) and sell them for exorborant prices, except Disney could sue you if they found out. On the other hand, if you took 8 months to make one, I don't know that even charging $100 would make up for your time and materials. ^_^

It did take a lot of work to make this plush. Mostly in designing it, since I had to work by trial and error. Now that I know how to do it I could probably finish a second one in a month or so, but I don't intend to go into the manufacturing business. It would be wrong, as you said. I don't want to deny Disney any of the money its due for inventing our favorite bat. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though.

> And where did you find purple fur??? (I scoured several fabric stores looking for blue, finally bought fleece instead, and then found blue fur at Wal-Mart... ^^;;;)

Technically, I didn't, though I scoured all the stores I could find too. The fabric I used was called "plush felt". It has a short, tangle-y nap that makes great fur - not too long, not to short - and a felt like backing that keeps it from being too stretchy. The original design did call for longer purple fur, though, for a tuft of hair on the head. I have an all-white rough draft that has hair, and it looks very cute, but I never could find any purple fur, (I even tried dying some).

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At that, Shao is considering making his plans available to anyone interested in creating their own Foxy plush. However, he mentions that this will happen only if there are enough requests for it. If you are seriously interested in designing your own plush doll, please email Shao with your request. I'd love to see more Foxy Plush Dolls - wouldn't you? ^^

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