By ChipN'Death

- – By Andrew Bell (a.k.a Monty) – -

Point Total 165 (with 35 points for skills)
ST 10 IQ 10 DX 13 (30) HT 12 (20)

By ChipN'Death
* Attractive
(she gets a +1 on reaction rolls [among those who know Bats, other animals may not notice. when in doubt, she should be considered "easy-on-the-eyes"] ) (5)

* Pitiable (Foxglove (like Dale) has that "certain-something" that makes others want to help her [ +3 on reactions rolls from anybody that considers her "helpless", or "needy".]) (5)

* Alertness (even for a Bat, foxglove tends to be "aware " of the things happening around her [+2 to her IQ roll to "notice stuff"] ) (10)

* Ally ( if the adventure takes place before she and Dale become "boyfriend/girlfriend, then its (7 )[she isn't a Ranger, and she rarely goes on "missions"]. If Afterwards it's (15!) [due to the fact that Dale is "always there for her" and the fact that she is a Ranger]. ) (7/15)

* Strong will (+2 to willpower rolls) (8)

* Sensitive (Foxglove has a "feel", and sympathy for the people. She makes an IQ at -3 to notice what they are feeling.) (3)

– Foxglove's "Bat" package –

By Kat
Winged Flight (40)

Bad Grip (-10) [Like all bats, Foxy grasps with her wingtips.]

* Sonar vision (Like all bats, foxglove augments her vision with "echolocation powers". which allow her to "see" without the benefit of light, and in the same range as her "arc of vision", in non "heavy" weather conditions [ heavy rain/snow storms, or very LOUD sounds, and she can't use this power if she has lost her hearing ]. This "sense" gives her a complete "3 dimensional picture" of what ever she is sensing in detail. At a range of 3 feet or less she has the ability to "see" the interior of objects, and living things [she gets a +2 to detect concealed stuff, or diagnose problems of living beings if she was so inclined. I would also say she gets a +2 to any skill that requires "detailed-hand-work" such as model building]. Anyone trying to escape her notice are at a -4 on a stealth roll to do this [vision range is about 80 yards {possibly 100 yards??} ]. ) (25)

* Parabolic hearing (Foxglove can "zoom-in" on a specific sound, or area if she wants to. For example, she can "hear" a normal "specific" conversation at 16 yards, a quiet one at 8, and leaves rustling on the round at 4 yards away. But she has to filter out the junk noise from the stuff she wants to hear [standard IQ roll to do this, as modified by the GM]) (20)

* Claim to hospitality (Rescue Rangers [only if she is not a Ranger. if she is being used in plots where she has joined the group, then use the "Rescue Ranger Package" instead] ) (6)

– Rescue Ranger package –

By Dean Dodrill
Being a Rescue Ranger gives the following advantages, and disadvantages:

* Legal Enforcement Powers (10) --special deal with the SAPS- [only good within the city. They should considered the equivalent of special agents.]

* Reputation (Honesty, Honorable, will always help out anyone. +4 [in the park. +3 in the city as a whole. +2 in places where the Rangers has "done a mission"] ) (20)

* Code of Honor (Rescue Ranger: [if someone can tell me what the Ranger code of honor would be like please tell me – Andy a.k.a. Monty] ) (-10)

* Enemies (Large group including some very powerful individuals, quite often) (-60) --it's good to be a Ranger, but it'd be even better if not for Fat Cat, Nimnul, Rat Capone, Ivana Killjoy, Victoria, the occasional evil [one-armed?] Gadget-clone, Hitter, et cetera...--

* Extremely hazardous Duty (to the Rangers. Basically you are "on-call", at anytime, and the missions can be very dangerous!) (-20)

By Charles Williams
* Unusual Background [Lone Urbanized Bat] (Because bats normally live in colonies of at least 20 or so families it's reasonable to consider that any "lone Bat" would be thought of as "strange". And she lives in a highly urban / noisy place no less! [-2 on reaction rolls for small communities of 20-40 families. -1 from bigger colonies, though in real huge ones {1,000 or so of families} she will get-lost-in-the-crowd, and not be noticed to much, she will still be considered "strange" but won't be penalized for it on her reaction roll]. Of course she would be considered a type of "guru" when it comes to "urban lifestyle"! +2 on reaction rolls from those communities that "need" her as a diplomat / guide to all things of the city.) (-15)

* social stigma (Urbanized bat!? Sheesh! -1 on reaction rolls from other Bats that live "near" an urban area [the suburbs]. -2 from "Country" Bats. (-10)

* Chummy (Foxglove is a lonely Bat. so she seeks out others to be friends with. Like Dale, she works well with others, but is at a -1 to her mental skills when she is alone.) (-5)

* Cannot harm innocents (Even when she was working for Winifred, Foxglove would never do anything that would "intentionally harm" an innocent, or "uninvolved" person. This is especially true when she does Rescue Ranger work! Also she would only use "deadly", or "serious" force against a "bad-guy" as a last resort measure [for example; to save Dale from certain death at the hands of an enemy]. ) (-10)

By Kristopher Smith
* Low self image (Foxglove tends to underrate her self, and it affects her ability to do stuff. She gets a -3 to all her skill rolls [in addition to other modifiers] when she is in a position where she thinks that the odds are against her, and or others expect her to fail, or she needs a bit of luck to succeed.) (-10)

* Compulsive love for: Dale (Foxglove is hopelessly, madly, in love with Dale! Whenever he needs something from her, Wants her to do something. Or if he is in trouble. Foxglove will automatically do what ever it takes to satisfy /save/help her. even to the detriment of her own health. She must make a +5 to her IQ roll to avoid taking this to the extreme.) (-20)

* Phobia: (Magic [Manaphobia] ) (Due to her bad experiences with Winifred, Foxglove is afraid of magic in all forms. She must roll at a -6 on her willpower roll to "keep control" of herself when confronted with "hostile magic", and a -3 when confronted by "beneficial magic" ) (-10)

* Odious personal habit: [Shameless affection for Dale] (Foxglove likes Dale a lot! She must make a -4 to her willpower roll, to keep herself from taking her affection for Dale to the extreme! If [or should we say when] she fails this roll, she will express her affection for him by very "overt" flirting, clingy behavior, and other "vampish" actions [-2 on reaction rolls from people who thinks this public display is "inappropriate", and (or) she is getting "out of hand"]! Also she is more than a bit jealous towards "any" other female who she sees as a rival for his affections [-2 on reaction rolls]. This is especially true of any female who has at least an "attractive looks", or "Charisma" advantage [-3 on reaction rolls, with the modifier increasing for every level of the advantage], Foxglove is also more than willing to confront said female, in order to keep Dale. ) (-15)

By Ilya Pestov
* Shyness (foxglove is not a very assertive bat [except when it concerns Dale] and gets a - 2 on any skill that requires her to deal with the public. She is even a bit quiet among her friends.) (-10)

* Sense of Duty (to her friends) (-10)

(Foxy is an urbanized bat and has bought off her racial Primitive disadvantage.)

Quirks: -jealous of Gadget -Wears no clothing -Broad minded -Cheery -Helpful -Attentive

Flight (P/A) [8] DX+2 (15)

Other skills are really a matter of choice. Stealth might be appropriate, or not. We really don't see enough of Foxy to make any clear statements as to her skills. Certainly she *has* skills, we just don't know what they are. We set aside twenty-one points to reflect this.

jpw 4-25-99

(*) Andy aka MOnty 12-99

{+165 / -195}

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