The Truth Revealed

By "Strider" Stephen T. Stone

Chip Maplewood, Dale Oakmont, Gadget Hackwrench(-Maplewood :), Monterey Jack, Zipper, Foxglove, Fat Cat, Mepps, Wart, Mole, Snout, Rat Capone, Sugar Ray Lizard, and Arnold Mousenegger are property of Walt Disney Animation. Dr. O'Connor is the creation of Rachel S. Helvey. Osiris and Warden McDugell are the creations of Matthew Plotecher. Top Dog is the creation of William Shane Wheeler. Leviathan and Don are the creations of "Strider" Stephen T. Stone. All characters and events described within this story are purely and totally fictional, but only to those with limited or no imaginations. ;)

-Chapter 1-
    On a night when the Rescue Rangers usually sat down and watched TV
together, Leviathan was alone in his room.  It had been a painful day for 
him, and for most of it he had avoided talking to anyone.  But now it was 
useless for him to try and stay silent--for Gadget had entered the room, 
slowly approaching her friend.
    "Leviathan?" she calmly asked.  The "dark savior" slowly turned his head 
from the window to his visitor.  "Are you okay?  You've been awfully silent 
all day," she said with concern in her voice.
    "Gadget..."  Leviathan sighed heavily before approaching her.  "In my 
life, there is one day I dread every year.  It is the anniversary of my 
parents' deaths.  Today."  Leviathan stepped closer to Gadget.  "Gadget, I 
love you.  Never forget me."  He kissed Gadget, then left the room quickly, 
leaving a stunned Miss Hackwrench-Maplewood behind.
*  *  *
    When Chip Maplewood made his way to Leviathan's room, he found Gadget 
sitting on the bed, her paw on her forehead.
    "Gadget, are you okay?" were the first words to his wife.
    "Yeah...fine..."  Gadget seemed lost in thought.  When her eyes met 
Chip's she moved her paw to her lap.  "Chip, I think Leviathan's gonna try 
to kill himself."
    "Chip, he said he loved me, for me to never forget him, then he kissed 
me and left," the inventor explained.  "Today's the day his parents died.  I 
don't think he's gotten over it.  And he might miss them so much, he'd want 
to join them."  Chip now had the same stunned look as Gadget.
    "Gadget, we've got to find him!" Chip exclaimed.  When she nodded, the 
couple ran to the others, then informed them of their crisis.
    "Crikey!  We've gotta find 'im before he does something!" Monty said.
    "But where do we look for him?" Dale asked.  This was a question no one 
knew the answer to--except one mouse.  Gadget ran to the phone in her
workshop and dialed a number.
    "Please pick up...please...hello, Don?  We need your help!"
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 2-
    "Leviathan!"  Don's voice rang through the night as he spotted his old 
friend looking at what remained of the ruins of his original home.
    "Funny..." the grey mouse said flatly.  "They didn't even bother to 
clean it up.  It is a bad neighborhood, though..."
    "Leviathan, are you okay?"  Don saw his friend's face, and he could see 
no emotion on it.  "Gadget called me, and said something about suicide..."
    "She had the right idea."  Don's mouth hung open as Leviathan turned to 
fully face him.  "Don, I have nothing.  My life isn't worth living anymore."
    "What are you talking about, Leviathan?  You're a Rescue Ranger; that in 
itself is a reason to be happy.  You're helping people everyday..."
    "I know that, but..."  Leviathan turned back to his parents' resting 
place.  "Don, I've heard rumors that my parents were murdered.  That the 
fire was an arson.  And that a mouse caused it."  He walked closer to the 
charred wood.  'Still smells like death,' Leviathan mused silently.  "I 
enjoy helping others, but I want to help myself just this once."
    "Leviathan, your parents died almost thirty years ago."  Don walked over 
to his closest friend.  "If it was murder, and they haven't found the guy 
who did it after all these years...then it's hopeless."
    "No.  I'm going to find him.  Like Gadget always says, nothing's 
impossible."  Leviathan's attention then quickly turned back to the 
burnt-down house as a cold wind blew away some ashes.  "Wait a second..."
    "What is it, Leviathan?"  Don saw Leviathan walk on the rubble, bend 
over, and dig out a hat of some sort.  "What's that?"
*  *  *
    "Guys, I've got some bad news for you..."  Gadget had just come from her 
workshop to inform the boys of a phone call she had just received, but 
trailed off when she saw Leviathan and Don enter Ranger HQ.
    "Leviathan!  Are you okay?" Zipper buzzed.
    "Hope I didn't scare anyone..."
    "Well, you did!" Dale spouted out.  "Hey who's hat is that?"
    "We were hoping you could tell us that," Don said as he took the hat 
from Leviathan and handed it to Chip.  "We found it at the site of 
Leviathan's parents' deaths.  He thinks it's evidence..."
    "It is, Don.  I'm positive.  I just don't know why, but that hat looks 
familiar..." Leviathan trailed off as he lost himself in thought.
    "I have to agree with Leviathan here," Chip said.  "This hat does seem 
familiar, but I just can't remember from where."  He passed it to Monterey 
and Zipper.
    "This is a stumper for me, mate.  I can't place it.  Although I do 
remember something about a cheese cutter..."
    "I don't know," Zipper said.  The hat then made its way into Dale's 
    "Well, I certainly can't remember," Dale stated.
    'That figures,' Chip thought.
    "It looks like something out of a cheesy gangster movie to me."  Dale 
handed the hat back to Don.
    " far, we have a hat that reminds us collectively of a cheese 
cutter and a gangster movie."  Chip turned to his wife.  "Any ideas who it 
could be, Gadget?"  Gadget made no response.  She had a blank look on her face.  "Gadget?"
    "He just escaped from the detention center," Gadget finally replied, a 
somber tone in her voice.
    "Who?" the others said simultaneously.
    "Rat Capone."
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 3-
    "It all makes sense now."  Leviathan began to pace the room as he 
talked.  "Dad always made bets on sporting events and the like--and Capone 
was more than likely his bookie."
    "So?" Gadget asked.
    "Dad was always getting visits from Capone.  I assume it was because he 
never paid up.  I guess Capone got fed up with it..."  Leviathan's pacing 
stopped as he walked over to the nearest wall, then with all of his strength 
and fury, punched the wall as hard as he could.  "No...I won't let Capone 
live...not after what he's done..."  Leviathan began to break down and cry 
as he sat down on the domino steps near the front door of Ranger HQ.  Chip 
then approached him.
    "Leviathan, I...I'm sorry about what happened to your parents.  But we 
can't pick up Capone on a charge of murder.  We just don't have proof."
    "Chip, who else wears a hat like that that we know?" Dale cried, 
pointing to the hat.  "We have evidence right there!"
    "Sorry, mate, but unless we get a confession or somethin' similar, we 
can't pick that bloke up and charge 'im for murder...although I would like 
to..." Monty told the red-nosed chipmunk.
    "Hey guys, let's go to the detainment center and see if Warden McDugell 
has anything on Capone we could use," Gadget suggested.
    "Monty, go with Gadget and Zipper in the Ranger Wing.  Don, Leviathan, 
Dale, and I will be there shortly in the Ranger Plane," Chip ordered.
*  *  *
    "Well, we don't exactly know who broke him out, but several inmates are 
being questioned about the incident.  Arnold and Sugar Ray also managed to 
escape."  McDugell had just met up with Gadget, Monty, and Zipper, and was 
informing them of the--successful--breakout attempt.  "I'd tell Chip to 
watch his back--considering what he did to Capone last time he saw him."
    "I still can't believe he did that," Gadget spoke.  "Excuse me, Warden, 
but we're here for any sort of evidence that you may have on Capone.  
Ledgers, notebooks, anything of importance."
    "We don't have every one of his ledgers--when we raided one of his 
hideouts, he was burning some of them.  He saw us and bolted, leaving his 
henchmen behind," McDugell said.
    "Gee, he's real caring, isn't he?" Leviathan remarked sarcastically as 
he, Don, and the remaining Rangers approached the group.  "We just got here 
a minute ago.  So, where are his ledgers?"
    "Right in my office."  The Rangers and McDugell walked into a nearby 
office, and McDugell handed each Ranger a ledger or notebook.
    "Hmm...Rangers, search for anything regarding my parents in here," 
Leviathan said as he flipped through a ledger.
    "Hey Leviathan, is this what you mean?" Dale called out as he handed the 
grey mouse a small note.  "I found this stuck between two pages of this 
ledger."  As Leviathan opened it and read it, his face had a look of horror 
on it.
    "This is my proof.  It's a note Capone wrote to himself reminding him to 
pay his final visit to my parents.  The day of their deaths."  Leviathan 
handed the note to Gadget.  "And then right below it, years later, he wrote 
himself another reminder to pay a final visit to another mouse.  Geegaw 
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 4-
    Gadget let out a wail usually reserved for the eternally damned as she 
finished reading the note.  She then ran to Chip and began crying on his 
    " dad's was sabotaged...Capone did it...because of 
an unpaid bet..." she managed between sobs.
    "That does it!"  Monterey pulled his sleeves up and began cracking his 
knuckles.  "I don't know about you mates, but I'm gonna go find that 
slimeball and give 'im the beatin' of 'is life!"
    "No, Monterey."  Leviathan spoke with a voice that concealed every bit 
of rage flowing through his body.  "We are, first and foremost, Rescue 
Rangers.  As much as I hate to ruin it for you, Capone's punishment is for 
the judge to decide.  Our job is to get him back here."  Leviathan took the 
note from Gadget, who was now drying her eyes, and gave it back to Warden 
McDugell.  "Warden, keep this.  It'll be needed as evidence."  The "dark 
savior" then turned back to the rest of the Rangers.  "I know you want 
revenge for what Capone's done.  I know I do.  But justice comes before 
that.  We must control ourselves.  Now let's go get that piece of filth Rat 
*  *  *
    Flying back with Chip, Dale, and Don, Leviathan pondered his decision.  
He now had the truth he had searched for, but it hurt him to learn it.  Now 
he had to figure out how to handle it.  He had stayed silent for most of the 
trip until Chip spoke up.
    "I admire what you said back there at the detainment center.  About 
justice coming first.  I couldn't have said it better myself," Chip stated.
    "As hypocritcal as it may sound, I hate violence.  I really like to try 
and use it as a last resort."  Leviathan turned his head to the stars.  
"Guys, I want you to listen carefully to what I'm about to say."
    "What is it, Leviathan?"  Don was curious as to what Leviathan was going 
to say.
    "I have a feeling that I may lose control of myself again."
    "Well, that's certainly understandable," Dale interrupted.
    "I'm going to have to count on the rest of you to keep me under 
control," Leviathan continued.
    "How are we gonna do that?" Chip asked.
    "Don, I want you to take this."  Leviathan pulled a syringe filled with 
a clear liquid out of his cloak.  "If I get out of control, stick this in 
me.  It's a powerful tranquilizer I got from the hospital last time I paid 
them a visit."  Leviathan remembered a recent case and a twisted ankle he 
had to go have checked out.
    "Leviathan, you can't honestly..."
    "Don...guys, promise me.  If I get out of control, one of you must use 
that on me.  You have to, for everyone's sake."  Leviathan was not about to 
have his mind changed, and the others knew it.
    "We promise," they all said simultaneously as the Ranger Plane landed on 
the runway behind the Ranger Wing.
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 5-
    "Where am I?  I can't see, see?"  Rat Capone could see nothing.  He had 
just been broken out of jail, and to boot, blindfolded and knocked 
unconscious.  He had just now woken up, and couldn't see a thing.  "Somebody 
answer me!"
    "Duh, boss, are you okay?" a voice rang out.
    'Great--just great,' Capone thought hatefully.  "Arnold, is dat you?"
    "Yeah, boss, and Sugar Ray is right here," Arnold said.
    "Hiya, boss," Sugar Ray said.
    "Did youse two see who broke us out?" Capone asked.
    "No, but you're about to," a sinsiter voice spoke.  A few lights turned 
on, and Capone's worst nightmare came true.
    "F-F-F-Fat Cat!  It was you?"  Capone was truly shocked.  For years, he 
and Fat Cat had been bitter rivals.  Now it seemed that he wanted to 
befriend the gangster-wannabe.  "But why?"
    "Plain and simple, we want your help."  Top Dog, Fat Cat's new "business 
partner," stepped into the light.  "We know you've come close to eliminating 
or enslaving the Rescue Rangers on separate occasions."
    "Yeah, I've heard da same about youse two," Capone responded.
    "Yeah, and we've heard people talk about you, too," Arnold said.
    "Shaddap!" Capone, Fat Cat, and Top Dog shouted at the same time.
    "Enough of this foolish nonsense."  Fat Cat walked toward the trio. 
"Let's get down to business."
*  *  *
    "So what do youse really want from me?"  Capone was not about to trust a 
long-time rival of his.
    "I had an idea.  It seems that since each of us, alone, have been close 
to eliminating the Rangers, but ultimately failed."  Top Dog was apparently 
not pleased at this thought.
    "So why not pool our resources together?"  Fat Cat was thinking this 
plan through in his mind as he talked.  "We can use our casino as a trap, 
and somehow lure the Rangers there.  Once they arrive, we can eliminate them 
at our lesiure!"
    "Yeah...dat'd be perfect!  But what to use as bait?" Capone questioned.
    "That girl mouse is out of the question," Fat Cat said.
    "Why?" Top Dog asked.
    "She's just too much trouble," Capone finished for the feline.
    "Exactly," Fat Cat replied.
    "So then, is it a deal, Rat Capone?" Top Dog bellowed.
    "Will you help us destroy the Rescue Rangers?" Fat Cat added.
    "Only if I have your word dat youse two ain't gonna double-cross me, 
got it?" Capone shot back.
    "You have our word," Fat Cat and Top Dog replied.
    "Then it's a deal!"
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 6-
    "I think I our best possibility is to try an area search."  Leviathan 
was talking with Chip while the other Rangers were studying a map of the 
city Gadget had brought into the main room.  "Capone couldn't have gotten 
far, especially with his two flunkies, from what you've told me about them."
    "You're right, Leviathan, but where do we begin?"  Chip pointed towards 
the map.  "He could be anywhere in the city by now!"
    "Not really, Chip," Gadget replied to Chip's observation.  "Considering 
that Capone and his goons would have to stay in hiding while on the run, the 
chances of those three traveling a distance of over twenty blocks is almost 
zero percent."
    "So they really couldn't have gotten far."  Chip took out a compass and placed the point at the detainment center.  Then after doing a couple of quick calculations, she measured off a distance and made a circle.  "This area here is probably our best bet, guys."
    "I think you're right, Chip, but one question," Don spoke.
    "Yes, Don?"
    "Why is that building starred?" he asked, pointing to a building on the 
map that had a star-like symbol on it.
    "That's Fat Cat's hideout, the Happy Tom Cat Food Factory.  At least it 
was last time we checked," Dale answered.
    "Hmm...guys, you mind if I go check it out?  I might be able to dig up 
some clues to Capone's whereabouts."  Leviathan had already made up his mind 
to go, whether the Rangers gave him permission or not.
    "Sure, Leviathan, but be careful.  And be sure not to slam the door when 
you come in this time; it woke us all up last time."  Chip really didn't 
mind letting him go, but he knew that he might need help.  "Don, would 
    "I need to go alone, Chip.  No help."  Leviathan was adamant on this as 
    "I..."  Chip looked at the others--the looks on their faces said, 'Let 
him go.'  "Oh, alright.  But don't stay around there too long; we don't want 
you getting caught by Fat Cat, Top Dog, or their goons."
*  *  *
    Leviathan had found a nice little stakeout post for the time being--one 
of the eyes of the cat statue that served as Fat Cat and Top Dog's casino 
and office.  He was now waiting for something to happen; something that 
might give him a clue to Capone's whereabouts.
    "Where would I hide if I were Capone?" Leviathan thought out loud.
    "Behind youse!" Capone screamed as he rushed Leviathan from behind.  
With almost no time to brace for impact, the grey mouse took the full brunt 
of Capone's punch, and it nearly knocked him into the office.
    "How did you...know..." Leviathan sputtered.
    "Where else would someone like youse hide?"  Capone stomped on 
Leviathan's face as he hung from the edge of the statue's eye.  This caused 
Leviathan to fall into the office; fortunately, he had braced for impact 
this time, but it still hurt him more than he let on.
    "I...can't let them...get me..."  It was too late, however.  Before he 
knew it, Mepps, Wart, Arnold, and Sugar Ray were holding him down and tying 
his hands up.  Then they brought him to Fat Cat and Top Dog, who were 
waiting in the empty casino below.
    "Good, the one I wanted.  Now, are you ready to work for me again?" Fat 
Cat teased.
    "I don't work for slime like you anymore, fatso," Leviathan sneered.
    "You will, mouse.  Osiris, put him under."  A tall mouse walked out from 
behind Top Dog, and began to speak.
    "By Osiris and Osaris, by Neptinea and Nortunea, by the sea from the 
north and the sun to the south, by the final winds that blow from the mouth 
of the great evil of Sarafin to encompass the innocent in her ever-vile 
breath, I am your servant."  The entire group of villains smiled when they 
heard Leviathan's next words:
    "I am your servant."
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 7-
    "He's under, Fat Cat.  Now what?" Osiris asked.
    "Simple--do what you did to him last time, but make it last longer, and 
make it more potent."  Fat Cat wanted no screw-ups this time.  Not after he 
nearly lost his life the last time he dealt with Leviathan.
    "Whaddya mean, 'last time'?" Capone asked, having arriving from his 
ambush site atop the cat statue just a second ago.
    "Over a year ago, I had the pleasure--if you can call it that--of 
teaming up with a mouse named Norton Nimnul.  Seems he was really a human, 
but something those Rescue Pests did to him turned him into a mouse."
    "What did they do to him?" Top Dog questioned.
    "Whatever they did, he was able to reverse it at his laboratory.  I had 
Osiris here help us hypnotize Leviathan and a friend of his, and later a 
friend of those Rescue Rodents when Nimnul and I needed something from 
them."  Fat Cat was obviously growing displeased as he told the story.  
Osiris continued for him.
    "I hypnotized Leviathan and his friend, Don, and forced them to eliminate the Rescue Rangers.  My hypnosis was only temporary, but I hoped 
it would give them enough time.  It apparently didn't, so we went to our 
back-up plan and hypnotized a female bat who was friends with the Rangers.  
She stole a device they had made that made human-to-animal talk a reality 
and gave it to us."
    "Unfortunately, that got destroyed.  So did Nimnul's lab."  Fat Cat 
interrupted Osiris to finish the story.  "The Rangers came to save their 
friend, and when we tried to destroy them ourselves, we ended up blowing up 
Nimnul's lab."
    "Hey, wait a sec...since you had no use for me after hypnotizing the 
bat, I was simply turned back over to the authorities.  What makes you think 
I'm gonna trust you now?" Osiris demanded.
    "If youse don't trust us, we're gonna make you join da Rangers when 
Leviathan here's through with dem, see?" Capone threatened.  Osiris 
realized that he was trapped with no way out.
    "As you wish, then."  Osiris led the hypnotized mouse back to the 
elevator, and then proceeded to make his way to Fat Cat and Top Dog's office 
while the rest of the evil group plotted a trap for the Rangers.
*  *  *
    "Hi, guys," Gadget yawned as she entered the kitchen early the next 
morning.  Monterey Jack was whipping up another cheese-filled concotion, 
while the rest of the Rangers were talking.
    Wake up...    I'm awake.    Good.    "Hey, did anyone see Leviathan come back last night?  I went to wake 
him up, and he wasn't in his room." Chip asked.
    "Not me," Dale, Don, and Zipper replied simultaneously.
    "Do you think he could be in trouble?" Gadget questioned, a hint of fear 
in her voice.
    Who are you?    I'm Leviathan.    "I'm not sure, but it wouldn't hurt to check," Chip suggested.
    "Are you sure about that, Chipper me lad?" Monty commented as he brought 
breakfast to the table.
    "Yeah, I mean, Top Dog's working with Fat Cat now, and if they found us 
snooping around their casino, it could be big trouble for us," Dale said.
    Are you a Rescue Ranger?    No.    What is your mission?    It is...    "I say we wait a few more hours, then if he's not back, we go see if 
anything's wrong," Don proposed.
    "Good idea, Don," Gadget responded as she reluctantly ate breakfast.
    I said, what is your mission?    It is to destroy the Rescue Rangers.						
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 8-
    After waiting until nearly 5:00 in the afternoon, the Rangers and Don 
were flying towards the Happy Tom Cat Food Factory building.  They were glad 
it had been deserted for some time--it made it easier to fly around it 
without being spotted by any humans.  Chip and Gadget were flying in the 
Ranger Wing, while the rest of the gang was in the Ranger Plane.  The two 
vehicles landed behind an air conditioner on the roof.  Then the Rangers 
    "Okay, Rangers, we don't know exactly what to expect, so be alert.  
Dale, that means you too."  Chip was almost scared to go in there, 
considering his possible enemy.
    "Guys, I'll stay out here in case you need backup," Gadget said.
    "Well, now that that's settled, let's go find..."  Monty cut himself off 
as he sniffed the air--and lost control.  "Ch-eeeeeeeeese!"
    "Monterey, no!  Don't do this--not now!"  Dale did his best to hold him 
back, but to no avail.  As Monterey ran towards a plate of cheese waiting 
inside the casino, the others were quickly following him.
    "Fight it, Monty!" Zipper buzzed.  Just as Monty reached the cheese, 
Leviathan popped out from behind the plate, and jumped in the path of 
Monterey Jack.
    "Not today, fatboy."  Leviathan planted a sidekick straight into Monty's 
face, knocking him out of his trance.  It also knocked him to the floor, 
allowing Leviathan enough time to cover the cheese with glass.
    "Leviathan, what are you doing?" Don screamed.
*  *  *
    "Our job, Don.  We were hired to destroy the Rescue Rangers.  I want to 
thank you for luring them here."  The still-conscious Rangers glared knives 
at Don.
    "Guys, I...he must be re-hypnotized!"  Don put his hand on the syringe, 
and pulled it out of his shirt pocket.
    "What is that?" Gadget asked.
    "Our last resort."  Don approached Leviathan, ready to put the syringe 
in him.  "Leviathan...stand still."
    "What are you doing with that?" the grey mouse questioned.
    "I'm saving us all."  Don readied the syringe--then heard the glass 
break as Leviathan shot an arrow at it, breaking it and spilling the liquid 
all over the floor.
    "So, you're one of them now.  Well, I was getting tired of you anyway."  
Leviathan propmtly kicked Don in the stomach, then gave him a double-handed 
smash to the back which knocked him to the floor.
    "Guys, we've got a problem here."
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 9-
    "Zipper, go check on Monty and Don," Chip ordered the housefly.  Zipper went unnoticed by Leviathan as he turned to face Chip, Dale, and Gadget.
    "Um, Chip, what do we do now?" Dale asked, fear in his voice.
    "Try to get out of here.  But for now, until we stop Leviathan, we protect Gadget." 
    "Well, then..."  Dale whispered into Chip's ear.  Chip smiled, and nodded to his partner.  "It's worth a shot."
    "Let's try it!"  Chip and Dale crouched down, then stared at Leviathan.
    "Hey, Leviathan!" Dale shouted.
    "What?"  Leviathan stopped in his tracks.
    "You're next!"  Dale taunted as he and Chip rushed the unsuspecting 
mouse, and gave him a double tackle that would have made Goldberg proud.  
But as soon as they celebrated putting Leviathan down, he got up, punched 
them both in the gut, then advanced towards Gadget.
    "I let you go last time for a reason.  I wanted you to lead me to your 
friends, so I could eliminate you all at once.  Unfortunately, I was somehow 
forced from doing so."  Leviathan glanced at Don, who, along with Monty, was 
recovering from Leviathan's blow.  "But now I can finally do my job.  
Starting with your destruction."  He grabbed Gadget by the neck and lifted 
her into the air.  "Now I can finally say that I am the one who eliminated 
Gadget Hackwrench!"  He started to squeeze Gadget's neck, cutting off her 
air supply.
    ""  Gadget's face turned purple as Leviathan choked 
the life out of her.  Then he dropped her.  Gadget landed and began to thank 
the Lord as she breathed once more.  Then she saw Leviathan lying on the 
ground out cold--and Foxglove right behind him.
*  *  *
    "Oh, Foxglove!"  Gadget ran up to her and began to hug her.  "Thank you 
so much for saving my life!"
    "Um, Gadget..."
    "Oh, sorry, Foxy."  Gadget promptly released the pink bat.  She had 
knocked out Leviathan using a slingshot Dale had made, and a very large rock 
(well, large for rodents, anyway ;).  "It's a good thing I woke you up."
    "Too right, Gadget-love," Monty said as he finally got up.  "Another 
minute or so, and you would've joined your dear old Dad."
    "I've already had too close a call on that one," Gadget replied.  "You 
guys okay?"
    "Other than having the wind knocked out of us, fine," Dale responded.  
Foxglove ran over to Dale and began to hug him.
    "Are you okay, sweetie?"
    "I said I'm fine, Foxglove..."  Foxy then proceeded to kiss him, 
prompting blushes from everyone watching.
    "Yeah, you're fine," Foxglove said coyly as she released him.
    "Aw, so touching.  If I had a heart, it'd be melting!" Capone hissed.  
The Rangers turned to the entrance to see Osiris, Fat Cat, Top Dog, Rat 
Capone, and all of their goons standing in front of the doors.
    "Osiris, order Leviathan to destroy the Rangers--now!" Top Dog barked.
    "Leviathan...awaken."  Osiris then proceeded to bolt out the door, 
surprising the entire group.
    "You guys..."  Leviathan woke up, and pointed directly to Fat Cat and 
his entourage.  "You guys are mine."
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 10-
    "I don't believe it!  He double crossed us!"  Fat Cat attempted to 
control his anger.  It didn't work.  "AND he escaped!!"  Then he looked at 
the Rangers.  "But there's still you bothersome pests to deal with."  He 
stared at Capone.  "Capone, stop the Rangers from escaping.  My boys will be 
more than happy to help."
    "We will, boss?" Mepps spoke.
    "Of course," Top Dop said.
    "Okay.  Boys, go get the Rangers!"  The goon squad didn't budge.  They 
saw Leviathan standing in front of the group.
    "Guys, I'll hold them off as long as possible.  I want you to find a way 
out of here," he ordered.  "The odds of myself getting out here alive while 
protecting you are slim, so save yourselves.  After nearly killing Gadget, I 
don't deserve to live."
    "No.  I'm helping you, Leviathan."  Don moved himself beside his friend.  
"I'm not about to see my best friend killed.  Not after what we've been 
    "We're all helping, Leviathan."  The Rangers positioned themselves 
beside Leviathan.
    "A pity that you will all die together.  Get them!" Fat Cat yelled.
*  *  *
    The henchmen rushed the Rangers, eager to try and catch them.  However, 
familiar with their tactics, the Rangers spilt up and led each goon on a 
wild goose chase that rendered each of them useless.
    "Don, now!"  Leviathan and Don leapt up onto a nearby table, then pushed 
a stack of chips off it--and right into the path of Arnold and Sugar Ray.  
The chips nailed their heads, knocking them into a state of unconsciousness.  
"Good job, Don!"
    "Hey guys, how are you doing?" Gadget called out, still running from 
    "We're fine!" the rest of the group called out.  Foxglove and Dale were 
keeping Mole confused, Monty was having fun walloping Snout, and Chip was 
busy with Mepps.
    "Geez...ya just can't find good help nowadays."  Top Dog circled his 
hand in the air as Capone rushed over to his henchmen, and slapped them 
awake.  Then he turned to Gadget, who had her back turned to him, and 
grabbed her, covering her mouth and dragging her back between the tables.
    "Hey guys, what happened?  Why did they stop?"  Leviathan had noticed 
that Mepps, Wart, Mole, and Snout had stopped chasing the Rangers, and 
returned to Fat Cat's side.
    "At da moment, youse got something else ta worry about!"  Capone stepped 
into the light, still covering Gadget's mouth.  She was being held by Arnold 
and Sugar Ray.  "You move one inch, and she gets it!" he threatened, pulling 
out a knife to prove his point.
    "Correction, Capone:  You're all going to 'get it,'" Fat Cat sneered.
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 11-
    "This entire building, as well as this statue, is wired to blow in about 
three minutes.  I hope you find a way out, Capone.  That way the Rangers can 
bring you to trial."  Capone stood open-mouthed at what his "partner" was 
saying.  "Oh, I know all too well about your past.  You sabotaged Geegaw 
Hackwrench's plane when he refused to pay a lost bet.  You killed 
Leviathan's parents when his father consistently refused to pay lost bets.  
I wouldn't even stoop to murder, Capone.  If you escape, good luck at the 
trial."  Fat Cat closed the doors, then placed a piece of wood against the 
doorknob.  "That is, if the Rangers get out too."
    "Why dat dirty...I'm gonna get him for dis!" Capone screamed.
    "Not if I get you first."  Leviathan's comment had done what he had 
intended it to do--it had gotten Rat Capone's attention.  When he turned 
around, all Capone saw was a grey mouse running straight for him.  So Capone 
did what any "intelligent" criminal would do--he dodged out of the way.  He 
knew that right behind him were his two flunkies and Gadget.  He would at 
least harm her first.
    "Nice try, cheddar brains!" Capone taunted as he heard a scream of pain.  
Then he realized something--it was male.  Turning around, he--as well as 
everyone else--stared open-mouthed at the sight:  Leviathan had planted his 
claws firmly into the side of Arnold Mousenegger.
*  *  *
    "Boss...I don't feel so good..."  Those were his last words before 
falling unconscious.  As Leviathan removed his claws from Arnold's body, he 
slumped to the floor, allowing blood to spill on the carpet.  Capone was 
still horrified by the sight, so he was surprised when someone spun him 
    "That was low, even for you."  Monterey Jack planted a punch square into 
Capone's face that sent him into next week, and right into slumberland.
    "We gotta find a way out and get Arnold to a hospital..."  Sugar Ray had 
already made up his mind to surrender to the Rangers, but he was still gonna 
help his friend.
    "Foxglove, go open the doors from outside.  I suspect Fat Cat and Top Dog barricaded it, and we need someone who can get out there and get rid of 
it," Leviathan ordered.  "No offense, Zipper."
    "None taken," the fly buzzed as Foxglove flew out the window.  A minute 
later, she had the barricade moved and the doors open.
    "Okay guys, here's the plan.  Don, Leviathan, and I will take Arnold to 
the hospital.  The rest of you, get Capone and Sugar Ray back to the 
detainment center.  We'll meet with you there."  After lifting off, the 
Rangers looked behind them--and saw the abandoned Happy Tom Cat Food Factory 
explode, destroying everything inside.
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 12-
    "Dr. O'Connor, how is he?"  Leviathan asked a mouse walking out of the 
operating room.
    "Well, his injuries weren't life-threatening, thank heavens."  Dr. 
O'Connor took his gloves off, then breathed a sigh of relief.  "He did lose 
a lot of blood, however.  We've managed to stabilize him, but he's still in 
critical condition."
    "Will he get better?"
    "Of course.  He should be fine in about two to three days.  Then he can 
be moved back to the detainment center."  Dr. O'Connor then felt a nurse tap 
on his shoulder.  He turned to face her, then she whispered something to 
him.  "Right.  I'll be there in a minute, Nurse."  The female mouse smiled, 
then walked down the hallway.  "If you'll excuse me, Leviathan, I have to go 
check on a patient."
    "Sure thing.  Thanks, Doctor."  Dr. O'Connor nodded, then walked off in 
the opposite direction Leviathan did.  The "dark savior" eventually reached 
the roof after taking a long stairway there.  Once he closed the door, he 
sat on the roof's edge and looked out into the starry night.  The other Rangers had gone back to HQ, but Leviathan had wanted to stay around.
    "Why?  Why did I have to lose control?" Leviathan muttered under his 
    "It wasn't your fault."  Leviathan spun around to find Foxglove standing 
behind him.  "I'm sorry to startle you.  I was out feeding, then I saw you 
up here and thought you could use a little cheering up."  Leviathan smiled.
    "Thanks, Foxglove.  I appreciate that."
*  *  *
    "Leviathan, what happened wasn't your fault.  It was entirely Rat 
Capone's fault."  Foxglove sat down beside Leviathan.  "Don't blame yourself 
for anything he did--including killing your parents.  At least you knew 
    "I'm sorry to hear that, Foxglove.  Do you remember...anything about 
them?"  The bat shook her head.
    "I don't remember anything as a child.  The only thing I remember was a 
warm feeling when I was very small.  Then, that feeling went away.  I opened 
my eyes, and found myself lying in a flower.  A little girl said, 'Look at 
the pretty foxglove!' as she passed by me.  I thought she meant me, and 
that's why I took the name Foxglove.  Later, I found out that the flower I 
had fallen in was a foxglove."  Foxglove sniffed back a tear.
    "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked."
    "No, it's okay; I think it makes me feel better to talk about it."  Foxy 
smiled.  It had made her feel better to talk about her past with Leviathan.
    "Foxglove, I want to apologize for never taking the time to get to know 
you before.  You are a genuinely caring, loving individual.  Dale's lucky to 
have you for a fiancé, and the others are lucky to have you for a friend."
    "Thanks, Leviathan."  The pink bat hugged him for a second, then got 
ready to leave.  "Hey, I'm heading back to Ranger HQ.  Want me to tell the 
others anything?"
    "Tell them I want to see them tomorrow morning," Leviathan replied.
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 13-
    The Rescue Rangers walked into the hospital early the next morning and found Leviathan waiting in the lobby for them.  As he noticed them, he calmly approached them.
    "Guys, I'd like to talk to you, but not here.  Can we go for a walk?"  Puzzled, the group collectively nodded, then followed the mouse out of the hospital.
    "Is everything alright, Leviathan?" Gadget asked, concerned for her friend.  The "dark savior" sighed heavily before responding.
    "No.  Nothing's okay.  I could have very well ended up killing you all yesterday, had it not been for Foxglove.  I came so very close to losing what mattered to me."  Leviathan pulled up his left sleeve.  "This...this nearly killed Arnold Mousenegger,  and I could have very easily used them to kill you.  That's why I asked you here."  Leviathan unplugged the wire running out his arm from the device, then deattached it from his wrist.  He then handed it to Gadget.  "I don't care what you do with it, just get rid of it.  I don't want my past mistakes repeated."
    "But Leviathan...are you certain?" Chip questioned.
    "Yes, Chip.  I've already requested that Dr. O'Connor reverse the surgery that I had done on me.  It'll be a couple of days before I'm healed up and able to come back home.  I only need your approval."
*  *  *
    "Why ours, Leviathan?"  Dale was as puzzled as the rest of the gang.  "I mean, if you want the surgery, can't you just go get it without us saying it's okay?"
    "Yes, I can, Dale.  But I want to make absolutely sure you're all okay with this."  Leviathan walked up to Chip.  "Chip, if I had killed your wife, I would have never been able to live with myself.  If something like that ever happens again, I want to make sure I'm not as lethal as I can possibly be.  The only way I can do that is this surgery."
    "Leviathan, I...I don't know what to say."  Chip turned to Gadget, who looked at him with a smile and nodded.  "I guess it's okay with me, as long as it's okay with the rest of the Rangers.  Guys?"
    "Well, if it'll make you happy, mate, I'm fine with it," Monterey replied.
    "Same here," Zipper buzzed in.
    "I agree," Dale added.
    "Leviathan...I know you don't really want to do this, but if you're doing it just to keep us safe, then...that's noble, Leviathan.  Thank you."  Gadget walked up to her long-ago "dark savior" and kissed him on the cheek.  "And thanks for getting Capone," she whispered to him.
    "Then it's settled.  I'll go into surgery tonight."
~  ~  ~
-Chapter 14-
    "Jury, have you reached a verdict?" the judge called out.  The trial of Rat Capone had been very quick, and it was now the time for the jury to do its duty and serve justice.
    "We have, Your Honor," the foreman announced.
    "What is your verdict?"
    "We, the jury, find the plaintiff, Rat Capone, guilty on all three counts.  We find the plaintiff guilty of murder in the first degree by arson of one Anthony Walker.  We find the plaintiff guilty of murder in the first degree by arson of one Sonya Walker-Clark.  We find the plaintiff guilty of murder in the first degree by sabotaging a plane engine of one Geegaw Hackwrench."  The final verdict prompted a cry of joy from a blonde female in the back.  She had finally learned the truth behind her father's death, and his murderer had been brought to justice.
    "Oh, you can rest in peace..." Gadget whispered inbetween sobs.  Don was sitting directly behind her and the Rangers, smiling.
    'I can't wait to tell Leviathan the news,' he thought.  'If that doesn't cheer him up, nothing will!'
    "Rat Capone, nothing would make everyone here happier than to have me set down the death penalty on you," the judge spoke.  "But unfortunately, I have decided against that.  You are sentenced, Rat Capone, to live out the rest of your life in Alcatraz Prison in California.  You will live with the memory of what you have done for however long you live.  You are to be transported to California tomorrow morning, then arrive by boat at Alcatraz.  This court is adjourned."
*  *  *
    "Finally...that lousy rat's getting what he deserves," Leviathan commented as he talked with Don about the verdict.  "Hey, Don, I guess Capone's karma finally came around and bit him in the butt, huh?"
    "Guess so," Don replied as he laughed.  "Well, how have you been feeling?"
    "Other than the numbness in my left arm at the moment, just fine."
    "That's great to hear.  So the operation was a success?"
    "Comlpete.  Dr. O'Connor said I should be able to go back to the Rangers in about a week."  Leviathan paused for a moment.  "Don, how would you like to join the Rangers?"
    "I...I couldn't, Leviathan.  I teach martial arts classes now; there's no way I could just tell my students I was quitting to join the Rangers."
    "I thought so...maybe someday?"
    "I'll think on, Leviathan.  Hey, want something to eat?"
    "Sure, Don."  Don got up and left the room, and after he shut the door, Leviathan closed his eyes and looked to the sky.  "Mom, Dad, I don't know if you can hear me, but it's your son, Leviathan.  I...I'm sorry for running away.  And...I want to tell you that your murder has been avenged.  Capone got sentenced to life in prison today.  I...I miss you.  I know I have the Rangers now, but I still miss you two.  I'll see you someday, though.  I hope."  And as he stopped talking and prayed, Don shed a tear as he closed the door silently and walked down the hall.
~  ~  ~
    The evening after the trial had ended, Gadget was sitting in her workshop, staring out the window while fiddling with a spare part.  Then she heard the door open.
    "Gadget?"  Chip walked in, and put his arms around his wife.  "You 
    "Yeah, I'm fine.  I was just thinking...about the trial...about Dad..."
Gadget trailed off as she turned to look Chip in the eyes.
    "It's alright now, Gadget.  Capone got what he deserved, and he'll never 
be able to harm anyone anymore."  Chip kissed his wife on the forehead.
    "I know, but...Chip, there's something I've been meaning to tell you for 
a couple of days, but I've been too scared to do it."  Gadget looked at the 
floor, still wrapped in Chip's warm embrace.
    "What it is, Gadget?"  Chip was worried that it might be bad news.
    "Chip...I'm pregnant."  When Chip woke up, he saw Gadget looking at him 
as he laid on the floor.  "He's awake, guys!"  Chip looked around and saw 
Dale, Monty, Zipper, and Foxglove standing around him.
    "Wha...what happened?" Chip asked, still dazed.
    "You fainted!" Dale replied.  "And I can understand why--Gadget just 
told us the good news!"
    "Depends on how you look at it," Monterey added.  "But still, it 
couldn't have happened to a nicer couple!"
    "Except maybe us," Foxglove chimed in, hugging her fiancé.  Dale then 
took the same way out Chip did--faint.  "Dale!"  When he awoke, Foxy looked 
at him and said, "I didn't mean I was pregnant, silly!"
*  *  *
    "Really?  She is?  That's great news!  Give them my congratulations, and 
tell them I'll be back home in a couple of days.  Goodbye, Dale!"  Leviathan 
hung up the phone, then turned to the visitor he had with him.  "Hey Don, 
here's a shocker for you--Gadget's pregnant!"
    "She is?  Wow...from what I've heard, she didn't seem the type to want 
to have kids," Don commented.
    "Hey, I never would have thought she'd get married," Leviathan joked.
    "Well, I've got to get going," Don said as he stood up and looked at the clock on the wall.  "I've got another class to teach in about an hour, and it's gonna take me at least half an hour to get back home."
    "Um...Don?  I thank you."
    "Thank me?  For what?"
    "For being a friend.  For helping me out when I needed it.  For sticking 
with me.  For everything."  Leviathan held out his unbandaged right hand 
towards Don.
    "Anytime, Leviathan.  Anytime."  Don took his friend's hand, and shook 
it, noting the grip--or lack thereof--Leviathan was using, thanks to his 
surgery.  "Well, I'll see you tomorrow."
    "I'll see you then, Don," Leviathan called as Don closed the door behind 
him.  Not long after his best friend had left, Leviathan had settled in and 
gone to sleep.
The End

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