The Dark Savior Saga

(also known as "Untitled" or "Turn Gadget's Hair White!" :)

by "Strider" Stephen T. Stone

Chip Maplewood, Dale Oakmont, Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack, Zipper, Geegaw Hackwrench, Foxglove, Fat Cat, and Professor Norton Nimnul are the property of Walt Disney Animation. Magnolia (Maggie) Oakmont is the creation of "B&M;" Glenn S. Byrnes. Silvia is the creation of "Robo|\|erd" Robert Noel Hollingshead. The Daring Detectives are the creations of William Shane Wheeler. Jennifer and Geegaw Maplewood, Bridget Hackwrench, Leviathan and Don are the creations of "Strider" Stephen T. Stone. The song Lost in Your Eyes was originally performed by Deborah Gibson. All characters and events described within this story are purely and totally fictional, but only to those with limited or no imaginations. ;)



"Chip?" Gadget was sitting outside of Rescue Ranger Headquarters. She had just turned to face Chip, her husband of 15 unforgettable years of marriage. She and Chip were both about 40 years old.

"Yes, Gadget?" Although they had aged, they were still the same as they ever were. Not once had they ever changed, nor had they ever had a "bad day" in their marriage.

"Chip, do you ever wonder...what our lives would be like if...well..."

"You know, Gadget, the thought had never crossed..." Chip was cut off by the familiar voices of Geegaw and Jennifer, their two children, both about fourteen years old.

"Hi, Mom," Jennifer said to Gadget. They both hugged each other and preceded to talk to each other.

"Hey, Pop," Geegaw said to Chip. Chip walked over to his son and gave him a handshake and a pat on the back.

"So, how was school today?"

"Fine, Dad," Jennifer replied.

"Pop, can we ask you something?" Geegaw asked.

"What?" Gadget and Chip replied simultaneously. They were ready to answer any question from their children.

"Well, we were wondering..."

"When did you two fall in love?" Jennifer had finished her brother's question. "I mean, when did you know that you loved each other?"

"That's a long, strange story, mates," said a familiar voice. Monterey Jack stepped outside to join his friends. He had aged as well, and was now over 50 years old, as was Zipper. Dale, who was in town visiting the Rangers, had gone out that day to shop for Christmas presents with his wife, Foxglove, and his daughter Magnolia, or Maggie for short.

"But we'll all be happy to tell it to you," Gadget stated. "Let's go inside, though; it's getting a bit cold out here."

-END Prologue-


-Chapter I-

"Hey Chip!" Gadget called from her workshop. She was twenty-four years old, and had been living with the Rescue Rangers for about four years. She was still as beautiful as the day she first met Chip and Dale.

"Huh...oh, what is it, Gadget?" Chip had been reading another Sureluck Jones novel; Gadget, however, was more than a worthy distraction.

"Chip, I need your help in here. Could you..."

"Coming!" Chip had never passed up the opportunity to work with Gadget alone. All it meant to her was help. All it meant to him was time with her. Chip walked into the workshop to find Gadget fiddling with some walkie-talkies and adjusting them a little bit. Gadget turned around to find the leader of the Rangers standing behind her.

"Oh good, you're here," Gadget said. "We can get started now."

"What are you doing?" Chip inquired, puzzled.

"I sent Monterey Jack and Dale out with two walkie-talkies that I modified. Well, actually, I kind of just modified the antennas, but that wouldn't count as the whole walkie-talkie, or..."

"Alright, Gadget, I get the point. What do you need me to do?"

"Well, I need you to test Dale's reciever." She gave Chip a walkie-talkie. "Just flip this one on and wait for Dale to speak." Chip didn't have to wait long, for as soon as he turned it on, he heard Dale--loud and clear.

"HEY, ANYBODY HOME?!?" Dale screamed. Chip fell flat on his back. Gadget turned around and tried her best to keep from laughing out loud.

"Hey, Dale, you didn't have to scream at me!" Chip had now gotten up from off the floor and cooled his temper.

"Sorry, Chip. Hey, can Gadget hear me?

"I hear you just fine, Dale. Monty, can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear, Gadget-love!" Monterey Jack remarked. "And ya know what? I'm halfway across town! How did you ever pull this one off?"

"It was simple, really," Gadget said. "I simply boosted the antenna's range on each walkie-talkie about 50 times. I didn't even have to do much to the circuitry to do it, either."

"Too-ra-loo, Gadget-love! You're a bloomin' genius!" Monty stated.

"I'll say!" chimed in Dale.

"Thanks, guys." Gadget was obvoiusly flattered by the statement, for she was blushing like mad. She quickly regained her senses and snapped back into reality. "Just stay where you are. We'll come and pick you up in the Ranger Wing. We've got a tracking device for the walkie-talkies, so we'll pick you both up shortly."

* * *

"Golly, it sure is foggy today," Gadget commented as she piloted the Ranger Wing above the city. "Y'know, maybe I shouldn't have sent them out today."

"Don't worry, Gadget. Monty and Dale are fully capable of taking care of themselves," Chip reassured, then thought to himself, 'Well, Monty, anyway.'

"Well actually, it's us I'm worried...aaaAAAHH!" Gadget had just seen something through the fog--a building, with no way of avoiding it. "Chip, JUMP!"

The two Rangers jumped just as the Wing slammed ino the building. Both fell into the fog. Chip had managed to grab on to a bar on a fire escape. But...

"Gadget?" Chip called. No answer. "Gadget!" Still no answer. He was getting worried--real worried. "GADGET!!!"

"Hold...on...Chip...I'm...coming..." Gadget struggled to get the words out as she climbed up the side of the building. She met Chip halfway. "Come on, let's get down to ground level." They both climbed down together, and when they reached the ground, Chip touched down first, and Gadget leaped down after him. She had misjudged, and Chip hurried to catch her. Gadget sat in Chip's arms for a second, then a strange, indescribable feeling came over her--one like she had never felt before. She then stood up on her own, and pulled out her walkie-talkie. Luckily, it had not been damaged during the leap.

"Monty? Dale?" Chip called.

"What's up, mates?" Monty answered back.

"We had a s-l-i-g-h-t problem with the Ranger Wing. Sorry to say this, but it looks like you'll both be walking home," Gadget said apoligetically.

"What?!?" Dale exclaimed. " have been telling me to get some exercise, Gadget..."

"Right, Dale," Gadget laughed. "We'll see you at home. Gadget out." She turned off the wakie-talkie, then slipped it into her pocket.

"Let's get going, Gadget. We've got a long walk ahead of us," Chip stated. They agreed, and walked into the fog. As soon as they were out of vision, a tall, grey mouse dressed in a black cloak appeared where they had been standing.

"Yes...Gadget...she's perfect...perfect for the tests..." The mouse then disappeared from the darkness which spewed him out.

* * *

"Chip, I'm gonna go in this hardware store and check it out. Y'know, see if they've got some parts I can use to repair the Wing?" Gadget always took a so-called 'accident' as an excuse to look in a hardware store.

"Sure, Gadget, but be careful, okay?" Chip was always uneasy about leaving her alone, especially when he remembered what had happened with Nimnul and his Molecular Rearranger Device about a year ago.

"Don't worry, Chip," Gadget said in a reassuring voice. "I've got my walkie-talkie, remember? If I run into trouble, I'll either call you or flick the tracking device on."

"Well...alright. But don't be too late," Chip ordered.

"Okay. See you later," Gadget called as the two Rangers parted ways. Gadget managed to enter the store by using a mouse hole she found in the back. She spent about twenty minutes avoiding humans and scrounging for parts she could use to repair the broken Wing. Suddenly, she looked down and saw a shadow covering hers up.

"Hello, Gadget, dear..." a voice called from behind. Gadget turned around. There was no one there. She was now a little bit scared.

"Don't worry..." Gadget turned back around to see a tall, grey mouse wearing a black cloak and a scar on the right side of his face. "I won't hurt you...yet..." This worried Gadget. She reached in her pocket and flipped the walkie-talkie on.

"Who are you? What do you want with...mmph!?!" Gadget was grabbed by a mouse from behind, who covered her mouth. She felt something sticking in her right arm, and looked down to see a syringe injecting her. She suddenly felt very drowsy. The mouse removed his hand from her mouth.

'' Gadget though as she fell unconscious. The first mouse Gadget saw took her in his arms.

"Good work, Don," the mouse commented.

"Are you sure we should be doing this, Leviathan?" the mouse named Don asked, nervously.

"Of course not. That's what makes it more exciting, doesn't it?" Leviathan said, chuckling. Don nervously agreed, then both mice moved with Gadget into a dark area between two shelves. Shortly thereafter, a thoroughly smashed walkie-talkie was thrown from the same area.

-END Chapter I-


-Chapter II-

Chip, Dale, and Monterey Jack were all at Ranger HQ, and all of them were waiting for Gadget. It had been at least 7 hours since Gadget and Chip parted ways, and it was well into the evening. Chip was pacing around, Dale was reading a comic, and Monty was sitting at a table, preparing cheese sandwiches for everyone. Zipper was out looking for a good meal for himself, since he never liked Monty's cooking anyway.

"I don't like this, guys. She's never been gone a whole day before," Chip commented, concerned for Gadget's safety. "She's worked a whole day before, but never been gone that long..."

"Aw, don't fret, Chipper, me lad," remarked Monty, who was preparing to eat a spare slice of cheese. "Besides, you said she had 'er walkie-talkie."

"Hey, that's right!" Chip perked up. "C'mon, Dale!"

"What for?" Dale asked, looking up from his comic book.

"We're gonna go call Gadget," Chip replied. As he was walking to her workshop, however, he heard a faint knock at the door. "Maybe that's her now!" Chip ran up to the door and opened it. He gasped at the sight before his eyes.

"Ch...Chip..." Gadget then fell unconscious into Chip's arms. The other Rangers quickly ran to the door, and then saw what Chip had seen.

"Gadget..." Monty, nor any of the Rangers, had never wanted to see Gadget like this. "What happened to ya, Gadget-love?"

The Rangers laid her on the couch and looked over her from head to toe. She was bruised, had a black eye, and was bleeding from various scratches all over her body. Her coveralls were ripped and singed in various places, as well.

"We've got to get her to a hospital! NOW!!" Chip ordered. The other Rangers, for once, made no replies or remarks whatsoever. They only ran to the Ranger Plane and got it ready to go. Chip carried Miss Hackwrench out to the Plane, then laid her in it. Monterey flew the Plane to the hospital and Dale rode beside him, while Chip looked over their precious inventor in the back. Chip had laid Gadget's head in his lap, and was now comforting her.

"Don't worry, my love," Chip whispered to Gadget as he rubbed her face gently. "We'll get whoever did this to you. I promise you." Chip lightly kissed her forehead, then continued to watch over her.

* * *

"...Gadget...Gadget...hey, are you awake?" Gadget slowly opened her eyes, then looked over to the side to see Dale staring at her. "Hey, guys, she's awake!"

The other Rangers quickly ran into the hospital room to greet their fallen member. They were surprised to hear from the doctor that morning that, despite her looks at the moment, she would live, and she had no broken bones, either.

"How ya feelin', Gadget-love?" Monterey asked softly.

"Well," Gadget began. "Considering what I went through, I feel like a million dollars." She laughed a little bit. The other Rangers, confused, managed weak smiles.

"Gadget, what exactly happened to you? Who, or what, did this to you?" Chip asked. He knew he wasn't the only one who wanted a little revenge.

"Th...that's a long story, Chip," Gadget said nervously, as if to cover up some dark, terrible secret. "Would you mind if I told you later? I'd kinda like to get a little rest."

"Sure, Gadget." Chip had heard the tremble of fear in her voice, although the other Rangers hadn't. "C'mon, guys, let's let her get some sleep." The others reluctantly followed Chip. "Gadget, we'll come back tomorrow, okay?"

"Sure...okay..." Gadget quickly answered. Again, Chip noticed a slight tremble in her voice.

'Why would Gadget be acting like this?' he thought. 'What could she have to hide from us?' He logged his thoughts into memory and left the room. Dale followed closely, but Monterey stood with Zipper at the door and watched Gadget fall slowly back to sleep.

"Hey, mates, I'll catch up with ya later," Monterey called to the two chipmunks. "I've got somethin' I need ta do."

"Sure, Monty." Neither Chip nor Dale paid much attention to him. They were busy thinking about Gadget. Monterey left the hospital, then walked to a tree in a nearby park to visit an old friend.

"Geegaw, old mate," Monterey started as he kneeled before the familiar grave which sat before him. "I promise that we WILL find the guy who did that to yer little girl, and I WILL give him one solid punch for you. I swear me life on it." Monterey sat there for a second, remembering the last time he saw Geegaw and Gadget together as father and child. "She's so sweet...who would do that to 'er...and why?" He stood up, saluted Geegaw's grave, then started for home. However, Zipper noticed something strange--Monterey Jack passed three cheese stores on the walk home. He didn't have even one cheese attack.

* * *

"Where am I?" Gadget asked. She was in a room--at least she thought it was a room--with no walls, no doors, no light. Just darkness. She could only see one thing--herself. "Chip? Dale? Monty? Zipper? Anyone?" she called, to be answered by no one, not even an echo.

"Gadget..." a voice echoed. Gadget heard the voice, and turned around in all directions, trying to figure out where it came from. "Come closer..." the voice called. A column of light shone down from above. Gadget ran into the light, looked around, then looked down. She fell into a room with metal walls and a metal floor. She stood up, then looked up to see a metal plate cover the top of the room.

"Oh, no...not again..." Gadget fell to her knees, buried her head in her hands, and started to cry. "Leave me alone..." she said, in a timid, fearful voice. She looked up, fear in her eyes. "" she cried.

"I wouldn't dream of it," a voice said. Gadget looked straight ahead. Her eyes grew bigger--and she grew more afraid. Leviathan appeared and started to walk towards her. He stopped in front of her and grabbed her arms. Gadget struggled to break free, but to no avail.

"!" Gadget screamed as she sat up in her bed at the hospital. She found out that it was midnight as she looked at a nearby clock. Cold sweat was running down her face. "A..a dream...only a dream..." Gadget ran her fingers through her long, blond hair. "How can I tell them what happened? What'll they think? What'll they do?" The inventor mouse pondered her questions as she slowly laid back down, and reluctantly went back to sleep.

-END Chapter II-


-Chapter III-

Gadget awoke late next morning to find the other Rescue Rangers pacing around her hospital room. She slowly sat up as they noticed she had awoke.

"Did ya sleep well, Gadget?" Dale asked.

"Oh, fine," Gadget yawned. "How are you guys?"

"We're fine, Gadget-love," Monterey remarked. Zipper smiled at Gadget, indicating that he was in a good mood.

"Uh, Gadget," Chip began. "Now, what exactly happened to you yesterday between the time you went into that hardware store and when you came back to HQ?" He was ready to hear this story as much as the others.

"Well..." Gadget hesitated. She looked at her friends' faces. She knew that, sooner or later, one way or another, she would have to tell them the truth. She sighed sadly. "Okay. I'll tell you everything I can remember." The other Rangers pulled up some nearby chairs as Gadget began her story. Zipper sat on Monty's shoulder. "Well, after I went in the hardware store, I had spent a few minutes looking for parts when this tall mouse distracted me while someone else--I don't know if it was a mouse--grabbed me from behind and injected me with some sort of tranquilizer. I fell asleep almost instantly. When I came to, however..."

* * *

"Who...what...where am I?" Gadget still felt a little drowsy due to the tranquilizer, but she could tell from the cold temperature in the room that she was not in the hardware store anymore. She felt around, for her sight was still a little blurry. She found out that she was in a small room with metal walls--and nothing else. Suddenly, Gadget heard a door behind her. She turned and saw a short, small blur, and a very tall blur. Then her eyesight started to return to normal.

"Well, well, you're awake. It's about time," remarked Leviathan, who was wearing a pair of gloves now. "Allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Leviathan, and this is my associate, Don." Don nervously bowed towards Gadget.

"You..." Gadget could see as clear as ever now. "You kidnapped me!" Angry, she rushed Leviathan.

"Oh, come now," Leviathan yawned. He grabbed Gadget's arm, then flipped her over his shoulder into the next room. "Never try to fight me, my dear. I know more fighting styles than you could ever hope to think of."

"Okay..." Gadget sputtered out--half dazed, thanks to the throw. She slowly stood up with a small pain in her back, then regained her composure. "Now, why did you kidnap me? For my brains? For my looks? For a ransom?"

"None of the above," Leviathan said. Gadget had noticed that he was very cold and hardly showed any emotion in his actions and speech. "I abducted you to be the first subject in my experiments. I'm going to see how strong the Rescue Rangers really are." He walked through another door, which was locked by a control panel on the wall. "Don, make sure our guest can't escape." The door closed.

"I'm...sorry..." Don closed the door to Gadget's cell and locked it. "I didn't want to do this..." Gadget wondered what he was talking about.

"Don!" Gadget and Don looked up to see Leviathan in a control room of sorts, protected by glass. He was speaking through a loudspeaker. "Get up here--NOW!!"

"I'm...truly sorry..." Don retreated to the door Leviathan had exited through, then exited the room himself, leaving Gadget to stand alone, awaiting her fate. She didn't have to wait long.

* * *

"Now, my dear, we can begin the first of my experiments," Leviathan spoke.

"I feel so priveleged..." Gadget began to remark sarcastically.

"At least you'll live--be thankful for that," Leviathan retorted quickly. The second Gadget heard that, her spirit sank deeper than ever before. She knew something was going to happen to her, and it was going to hurt. "Are you ready?" All the captive could do was nod her head. A moment after she did, she heard something behind her.

"What the..." Gadget turned around. She was met with a slap to the face that sent her flying clear across the room. The female mouse looked up to see three metallic mice heading straight for her.

"Robots after my own design. I had them, but they're all mine now," Leviathan stated. Gadget wasn't paying attention to him. She was too busy absorbing the blows of the robots. After taking about fifteen of them, Don moved toward Leviathan.

"Leviathan, you've got to stop them! They'll kill her!" He reached for the control panel. A roundhouse kick from the grey mouse convinced him otherwise.

"As you wish, Don," Leviathan sighed. He pulled a lever on the control panel, and almost immediately, the robots shut down. Gadget--who had been held by one robot and punched by the other two--slumped to the floor, beaten and weak. "Take her to her cell. We begin the next experiment in one hour." Leviathan then walked out of the room. Don ran down to Gadget, lifted her up, and examined her. She was barely conscious, bruised all over, and her nose was bleeding. Gently Don put Gadget's arm over his shoulder and carried her back to her cell.

"Forgive me, Miss Gadget," Don pleaded as he laid Gadget down in her cell. He cleaned her face of the blood, then stopped her nose from bleeding any more. "Please forgive me..." Don turned to leave, looked over his shoulder, then left, closing and locking the door behind him.

'I...forgive you...Don...' Gadget thought. She then fell unconscious.

* * *

Gadget awoke to find that she had been strapped to a medevial-type rack machine of some sort. She looked directly in front of her--and found Leviathan and Don standing there. Don looked worried, and Leviathan looked as he had before--black cloak, gloves, and no emotion on his face.

"Well, well, you're awake. It's about time. You didn't throw us off schedule that much, but I'll have to go quicker now," Leviathan muttered to Gadget. He looked at his hand. Gadget looked at it and saw that it was empty. Then Leviathan flicked his arm, and a long black staff dropped out of the right sleeve of his cloak. "Now we begin the next test." He pressed a button on the end of the staff, and the other end started to spark. Leviathan then held the staff towards Gadget.

"I can't watch..." Don simply covered his eyes. He could still hear Gadget's screams of pain as she was shocked with electricity over and over by Leviathan. 'Why did Leviathan decide to do this?' Don thought to himself. After about two minutes, Gadget's cries for help and screams of pain stopped. Don uncovered his eyes to find Leviathan leaving the room, staff in tow.

"Hmph...Most of the mice I've used this on last at least three and a half minutes--four tops. Don, the quickness of this test has given us at least fifteen extra minutes to our schedule. In an hour and a quarter, we resume testing. Return her to her cell." Leviathan exited the room. Don looked over at Gadget. She was very weak, and her coveralls were singed and ripped in various places all over her body. Quietly, Don unhooked Gadget from the "rack," carried her to her cell, laid her limp body down, then left her alone.

'This is insane...I've got to stop Leviathan before he kills her!' Don thought. 'Why is he doing this, anyway?' He quickly moved the "rack" into another room, then exited the testing area the same way Leviathan had.

-END Chapter III-


-Chapter IV-

"...but Leviathan, you know you can't keep doing this to her! Gadget's a female, and you know that their bodies are physically weaker than males!" Gadget awoke to overhear Leviathan and Don arguing outside of her cell. She had never heard Don speak like this, and intently listened. "I won't let you hurt her anymore!"

"Don, shut up." Leviathan's command froze Don, as well as Gadget. "We agreed to do this for the benefit of our employers." Gadget wondered who his "employers" were. "We will be paid handsomely as a reward for doing this. Now, any questions?"

"Yes. Why start getting paid now?" Don asked. "We were never paid before, and look at us. And why all of a sudden do you decide to kidnap a Rescue Ranger and torture her? They're on our side, remember?" Now Gadget was beginning to wonder about her captors. She thought about what Don and Leviathan had said.

'Who would want the Rangers destroyed so badly that they would hire this...this madman to do his dirty work?' Gadget thought, scared of what Leviathan might do to her next. 'And what was that about them being on our side?'

"Don, our guest needs to eat. Wake her up and give her her food." Gadget heard Leviathan walk out of the room. She quickly retreated to the back of the cell as Don entered. He noticed that she was awake, but thought nothing of it.

"Um, Miss Gadget, you need to eat. I've brought you something to eat," Don stated quietly. He set down a plate with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a glass of water. Gadget slowly walked up to Don, still weak and in pain.

"Don, I heard you talking outside. Who is your employer?" Gadget asked, immediately sorry that she had.

"I--I don't know...excuse me, I've got to go," Don quickly answered. He then ran out of the room as fast as he could and closed the door. Gadget simply returned to the back of her cell, examined the sandwiches and water, then decided that Leviathan wasn't going to poison her. She ate the sandwiches, washed them down with the water, then awaited her fate silently. While waiting, however, she fell back to sleep.

* * *

When Gadget awoke, she was again attached to the "rack." She did not see Don anywhere, nor did she see Leviathan. She wondered where her captors were, then saw Leviathan and Don enter the room simultaneously.

"Good, she's ready. Don, leave the room." Leviathan had never had Don leave during a test before, and Gadget wondered what was happening. Don left the room, and Leviathan turned to Gadget.

"Wha...what are you gonna do to me now?" Gadget asked, very nervous and frightened.

"I'm simply going to finish the tests now. Are you ready?" Gadget simply nodded and waited. Leviathan walked to the back of the machine, then turned a wheel. Gadget felt a slight stretching in her arms and legs. "The good old fashioned rack."

"Ohno." Gadget realized what he meant, and every time he turned the wheel, her limbs stretched out further and further. After ten turns, she screamed in pain. Leviathan turned the wheel five more times, each time prompting a scream of pain and terror higher in pitch than the previous one from the inventor. After the fifth turn, he turned the wheel back the other way, thus returning Gadget's limbs to their normal position. 'Thank goodness it's over,' Gadget thought. Unfortunately, when she opened her eyes and looked up, she saw Leviathan standing there, motionless. 'What now?'

"I've noticed something about you, Gadget," he started. "You are a very beautiful woman." Gadget would have been flattered--if Leviathan had not drawn closer to Gadget, then gave her a very passionate kiss. She tried to stop him, but couldn't. Then he moved away. "I'll let you rest, then in an hour, I'll let you go." Leviathan left the room as Gadget passed out from pain and the exhaustion of trying to resist it.

* * *

"Wh....where am I?" Gadget awoke, weak and hurt. She was in an alley in a part of town she did not recognize. She stood up, tried to walk, and fell flat on her face. She looked up to see a male mouse standing at her head.

"Miss? Do you need some help?" he asked. Gadget reached out her paw, and the mouse lifted her on his shoulder. "Where do you need to go?"

"As close to the park as you can," she replied, weak from the torture she had just underwent. The kind mouse helped her walk to the park, stopping every once in a while to rest and eat a little bite of food. Gadget made a mental note to find this mouse later and thank him for his help. Eventually, the two travelers made it to the park.

"Here we are,, what's your name?" the mouse inquired.

"Gadget," the inventor replied as she stood up on her own. "Thank you for everything, sir."

"No problem," the mouse said as he walked away, back into the city. Gadget slowly started to walk to the tree which held Ranger HQ, remembering Leviathan and Don, and what Leviathan had done to her. She slowly climbed up the tree, tired after her long ordeal. She weakly knocked on the door.

"Maybe that's her now!" Gadget heard Chip say behind the door to Ranger HQ. He opened it and had a look of horror on his face.

"Ch...Chip..." Gadget then fell unconscious.

-END Chapter IV-


-Chapter V-

"Oh, guys..." Chip came over to Gadget, held her head to his chest, and stroked her head in comfort as she cried.

"'s all right, Gadget...we're all here's okay...shh..." Chip quietly comforted Gadget as the other Rangers walked over to her and Chip. "Listen to me, Gadget." Gadget looked up at Chip and wiped the tears out of her eyes. "We want you to stay here for about one more day. We're gonna go look for this Leviathan, and we want you to be safe, okay, Gadget?"

"Okay, Chip," Gadget answered. Chip turned to the other Rangers.

"Guys, let's go. I think she needs some time alone."

"Sure, mate. See ya later, Gadget-love," Monterey said.

"See ya soon, Gadget!" Dale called as he left the room with Monty and Zipper. A few moments after they left, Chip turned to Gadget.

"Gadget, I promise that we will find Leviathan and make sure he gets what he deserves for what he did to you," Chip told her. Then he realized that Gadget was asleep; she had cried herself to sleep. Chip walked over to Miss Hackwrench, moved her hair out of her face, kissed her forehead softly, then quickly left the room.

"Chip, do ya think Gadget's gonna be all right?" Dale asked his partner.

"Physically, yes. Emotionally, however..." Chip trailed off as he though about what Gadget had said. Then he looked around. "Dale, where's Monterey?"

"I dunno. He said he had to go visit an old friend."

* * *

Monterey Jack and Zipper walked over to the grave which they had so recently visited, except this time--after some heavy negotiation--they were joined by Chip and Dale. All four stopped in front of the grave and kneeled before it.

"Geegaw, these two here are me mates Chip and Dale. They wanted t' say somethin' to ya," Monterey spoke. Dale approached the stone first.

"Um, Mister Hackwrench, sir," Dale said nervously, for he had never done anything like this before. "I just wanna say that, um, I really think that that Leviathan guy shouldn't have done what he did to your daughter, and we're gonna catch him for you. Um, Chip?" Chip rose and walked up to the grave.

"Geegaw, it's a shame we never met you. From what Monterey Jack and Gadget have told us about you, I think you would have made a great Rescue Ranger. But now, we're going to avenge Gadget for what Leviathan" Chip stopped speaking, and, for one of the few times in his life, broke down and cried. He loved and cared for Gadget, and he never wanted any harm to come to her or any of the Rangers. The others walked over to him. " keep her safe...I...should...have stayed with her..."

"Easy there, Chipper," Monterey told him. He put his hand on Chip's shoulder. "You didn't know that would happen..."

"But I could have stayed with Gadget!" Chip shouted. He knocked Monty's hand away. "I could have kept her safe! Then she wouldn't be lying in a hospital right now, crying her heart out because someone tortured her!" He ran off, alone and in a rage unmatched by any feeling he had ever felt before.

"Chip! Chip, wait up!" Dale started to run after Chip, but Monterey and Zipper again stopped him in his tracks.

"Dale, let's give Chip some time to cool off." 'I think he needs time alone more than any of us, even Gadget,' he thought to himself. The three remaining Rangers then returned to Ranger HQ in the Ranger Plane.

* * *

"Have they found Chip yet?" Gadget was sitting up in her hospital bed, talking to Foxglove. Beside Foxglove was Silvia, who had heard about what happened and came to see Gadget.

"No, I'm afraid not," Foxglove answered. "It's been almost ten hours since they said Chip disappeared, and they still don't have any clues as to where he went."

"Gadget, how could anyone you?" Silvia inquired. "I know you have enemies, but one who would..."

"I know." Gadget cut her off. "I just wish I knew who that guy was, or why he really kidnapped me."

"Well, don't worry, Gadget," Foxglove said cheerfully. "The Rescue Rangers will find that Leviathan guy and make him pay for what he did to you."

"If they can find Chip first," Silvia added. Only she laughed at her own joke. Foxglove was giving her a dirty look, and Gadget merely looked away from both of them. Silvia then realized what she had said. "Oh, Gadget...I'm sorry, I..."

"It's alright, Silvia," Gadget said forlornly, not even looking at her. "I just wish I knew where Chip was, too." Unknown to any in the room, Chip was right outside, on his knees, looking down at Gadget through the window. He was now concerned with finding Leviathan.

"Gadget, I promised you I'd find the guy who did this to you. I won't break that promise!" Chip stood up and walked away. Gadget and her friends continued to talk.

"Well, I've got to get going," Silvia said, looking at the clock on the wall. "I'll see you later, Gadget."

"G'bye, Silvia." As Silvia left, Gadget turned to Foxglove. "Foxglove, will you help the Rangers out for me? Until I come home tomorrow, that is?"

"Sure, Gadget!" Foxglove knew that now she could spend some more time with Dale--hopefully. "You want me to go now?"

"Wait," Gadget said. "Foxglove, make sure that they find Chip before they find Leviathan--or before Leviathan finds him." With those words embedded in her mind, Foxglove left the room, then left the hospital and flew into the starry night to look for Chip.

* * *

"Crikey, this city's bigger than I thought!" remarked Monterey Jack as he brought the Ranger Plane down for a three-point landing in front of Ranger HQ after an exhausting night of searching for the missing Ranger. Foxglove landed shortly thereafter. "I didn't think Chip could hide forever in there, but he's certainly doin' a good job of it right now!"

"Don't worry, Monty. Chip'll show up sooner or later," Zipper said as Dale opened the door.

"Why, I bet he's probably inside, waiting..." As Dale turned and entered Ranger HQ, he, nor anyone else, couldn't believe the sight before his eyes--Chip was indeed waiting inside Ranger HQ, and he standing next to Leviathan, who was tied up, gagged, and unconscious. "Whoa!" was all he could muster.

"Chip!" Foxglove cried out. "Is this that Leviathan guy?"

"I had a hard time tracking him down, but I eventually found him, and...persuaded come with me," Chip said with a mischevious grin.

"All right, you monster! Now you're gonna get it!" Monterey Jack walked up to Leviathan. "You hurt me old mate Geegaw's little girl, and now I'm gonna hurt YOU!"

"He won't feel it, Monty. He's out cold." Zipper examined his eyes, then confirmed what Chip had said.

"Oh. Well, when he wakes up..." Monterey dragged the captive over to a nearby corner and tossed him into it. Foxglove started for Gadget's room, sleepy after a hard night of searching for Chip.

"Guys, do you think Gadget would mind if I used her bedroom?" Foxglove yawned. She was ready to hit the hay--so to speak.

"Go ahead, Foxglove. Have a nice nap," Dale called as he walked towards Leviathan. When he heard Gadget's door close, he turned to the captive. "Okay, you..."

"Shut up." This came from Leviathan, who had regained consciousness and spit out the gag. He tried to stand up, but found that he was tied up. He looked at Chip. "If HE hadn't hit me from behind, I wouldn't be here right now." Leviathan struggled, then with all his strength, snapped the rope which held him down much to the awe--and fright--of the Rangers. "But since I'm here, I'll just do my job--and destroy all of you right now."

"If it's a fight you want..." Monterey rushed him. Leviathan gave him a spinning roundhouse kick. Chip and Dale watched as the resident muscle mouse was knocked across the room, then as Zipper was batted away in the same direction as Monty. Then the two chipmunks rushed the "captive."

"Give me a break," Leviathan sarcastically pleaded as he somersaulted over the boys. Chip and Dale ran into the wall, thus getting knocked out in the process. Looking around, Leviathan chuckled. "Now, how can I easily destroy them?" Just then the door opened. Leviathan turned to see Gadget in the doorway.

"Guys, I'" Gadget saw Leviathan standing there, and saw the other Rangers slumped on the floor, passed out. She knew she was in serious need of help--and quickly.

-END Chapter V-


-Chapter VI-

"Oh, no...please...leave me alone..." Gadget started to back out slowly of Ranger HQ. Leviathan quickly followed. "Stay away from me..."

"I don't think....aaaAAAHH!" Leviathan grabbed his head and dropped to his knees. " head...what the..." He slowly got up, still holding his head. "What...what am I doing here...where..."

"Stay...away...from...GADGET!!!" Leviathan turned around to see an enraged Chip barreling straight for him. He connected a head butt to the stomach, knocking Leviathan backwards. Gadget jumped to the side to avoid him, but lost her balance and fell off the side of the runway. She grabbed a tiny branch on the way down.

"Guys, I need help!" Gadget knew that the branch she was holding on to wouldn't support her weight for long. "Quick!"

"I'm coming, Gadget! Just hold on!" Chip knew he only had seconds to get the Plunger Harpoon, load it, and fire a plunger with a string long enough to reach Gadget. It was hopeless. Then he turned to see Leviathan get up and look down at Gadget.

"No...I remember's--it's impossible...I...I...NOOOO!!" Leviathan jumped over the side of the runway. Chip was suprised to see a small grappling hook fire from out of his right sleeve and grab the side of the runway. He was even more surprised--and grew angry--when he saw him swing over to and grab Gadget. "Gadget, take this rope, climb it, but don't let go." Gadget nodded, took the rope in her hands, then started to climb it. When she was halfway up, Leviathan bit a piece of the rope at the bottom, near his sleeve. He dropped down to the ground, hitting hard against it.

"What did he just do?" Chip had seen what Leviathan did, and after helping Gadget onto the runway and reviving the other Rangers, he quickly rushed down to check on him, the others right behind him. "Gadget...he..."

" life..." Gadget could hardly believe that Leviathan--who had earlier tortured her--saved her life, then took his own. Then she saw Leviathan's eyes blink. "Guys, he's not dead! Look!"

"Crikey! That's one tough mouse there!" Monterey was amazed at this. Leviathan had fallen almost the entire height of the tree, yet he was still alive. 'No mouse could 'ave survived that fall. No normal mouse, anyway...' he thought.

"What do we do now?" Dale asked.

"We get him to a hospital," Chip said.

"WHAT?!?!?" All of the Rangers were shocked to hear this--all of them, that is, except Gadget, who understood why he had said this.

"He saved my life. The least we can do is save his," Gadget explained. The other Rangers made no attempt to argue this point, and simply helped carry him to the hospital.

* * *

"...oh, man...where am I?" Leviathan quickly sat up, only to discover that he was in a hospital room. The other Rangers were waiting at the back of the room for this event to occur. They had waited all morning. Now they had Leviathan trapped--there was nothing he could do to escape, no way of fighting back. " brought me here...after what I did to her?" he asked, pointing to Gadget.

"We couldn't let you die," Gadget explained. "You saved my life. Even though you did what you did, if you saved my life, the least we could do is save yours. Besides, the doctor said you only had a broken leg and a fractured arm. Or was it a fractured leg and a broken arm? Or..."

"Gadget-love, we get the picture," Monty interrupted. 'Too-ra-loo, only a broken arm and leg? But how? That fall shoulda killed him!' he thought.

"Well, now that you're awake," Chip started. He grabbed Leviathan. "Do you mind telling us why you tortured Gadget?!?"

"Listen, Rescue Ranger," Leviathan warned, grabbing Chip's arm. "I didn't do it to her on purpose."

"You're saying you acidentally harmed Gadget like that?" Dale screamed. Now he and Chip were angry to the point that they would actually harm Leviathan.

"Let me explain..."

"No, mate, I'll explain somethin' to you..." Monterey moved toward their fallen foe. Gadget stopped him before he could reach Leviathan.

"Guys, let me talk to him alone. I might be able to get more out of him than you could." Gadget couldn't believe what she had just said--and neither could the other Rescue Rangers. The guys discussed this between each other for a second, then turned to their friend.

"Okay, Gadget, we'll let you talk to him alone," Chip reluctantly agreed. "Remember, we'll be right outside this door if you need us." As they walked out the door, he turned and whispered to Zipper. "Zipper, look in the window and keep an eye on him for us."

"Right!" Zipper replied. When the door closed, he flew up to the window and watched.

* * *

"Leviathan, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?" Gadget asked as she went to sit in a chair a small distance from Leviathan. The bedridden mouse then rose and sat on the side of his bed.

"As you wish. I was born twenty-eight years ago in this city. I was a lonely kid. I never had any friends; all of the other kids thought I was too weird. My parents were nice, but I was never sure if they cared for me. While I lived with them, they always made it a daily ritual to beat me over the head..."

"Oh my gosh..." Gadget had never heard of such a thing--ever. She suddenly felt untold compassion for him. "Your parents...beat you?"

"Every day for ten years. Whenever I tried to tell someone, they never listened. So, when I was thirteen, I left home and searched the city for another place to live. There was a mission where I stayed at for about a year. Then I thought about returning home."

"So did you?"

"I tried. The night I went back, however, the house where my parents lived had caught fire. I rushed in and tried to rescue them, but...I failed. This scar is from a falling piece of wood during that fire that struck me. I never felt the pain of it. I was too busy trying to save my only vain..."

"Oh, Leviathan..." Gadget never realized that anyone could have a life like his. She wanted to ask more, but she was afraid she was being too personal. "Um, Leviathan, did you ever, well, make amends with your parents?"

"During the fire, my parents got caught behind a fiery pice of wood. There was no way for them to escape. I forgave them as I was dragged out of the house by a fireman--or firemouse, as the case may be--and forgave myself for running away. They forgave me for that, too. Those were the last words they spoke, and that was the last time I ever saw my parents."

"Golly..." Gadget was now sorry she had ever asked him to tell her about his life. She saw a small tear drop down Leviathan's face and over his scar. At the same time, tears formed on Gadget's blue eyes, as she not only thought about Leviathan's terrible past, but as she remembered her own, late parents, Geegaw and Bridget Hackwrench.

* * *

"I became a drifter after that. I traveled around the city, and helped people in trouble for about twelve years. I could never live with my failure to save my parents, so I tried to make up for that loss by saving others in need of help. About two years ago, I met Don, my partner. Together, we trained in martial arts. I learned it quicker than he did, although he knows quite a bit himself. After about three months of training, I became a vigilante and basically did your job when you couldn't--no offense, however, since from what I've heard, you guys do a great job."

"Thanks..." Gadget could hardly believe what he was saying. A vigilante--a one-man Rescue Ranger group--had tortured her! 'What drove him to this?' Gadget wondered. She looked at the window in the door and saw Zipper; she had not looked that way the whole time, and assumed that it was time for her to leave. "Sorry, Leviathan, but I've gotta go. I'll come back tomorrow, if you want..."

"Sure. Oh, and Gadget?" Gadget turned to Leviathan. "I've never shared that with...anyone...thanks for listening."

"Leviathan...I sorta understand what you went through myself. I'll tell you about that tomorrow...goodbye..." Gadget left the room. The other Rangers turned towards her.

"Well, what did he say?" Dale asked.

"Yeah, Gadget-love? Why did he..."

"Guys, you wouldn't believe it..." Gadget simply walked to the Ranger Plane. The other Rangers looked at each other, shrugged, and walked back to the Plane and headed home.

-END Chapter VI-


-Chapter VII-

"Hello? Leviathan?" Gadget had knocked on the door to his room, but heard no reply. "Are you awake, Leviathan?" she whispered, so as not to either wake him if he was asleep or to disturb anyone else in the area who was asleep. She had come early that morning, not bothering to wake the other Rangers.

"Come in, Gadget," Leviathan called. Gadget walked into the room to find her savior walking around on crutches in his familiar black cloak. "Man, I hate crutches..."

"I guess you get used to them, huh?" Gadget joked.

"In my line of business, I guess so," Leviathan laughed. It was the first real laughter Gadget had heard from the troubled mouse. She actually felt at ease with him now; as if he weren't going to do any harm to her.

"Well, shall we continue where we left off?"

"You said that you understood what I had went through. How so?"

"" Gadget was too afraid to speak now. The memories brought back so much much sadness...

"Gadget? If you don't want to talk about it, I understand."

"No, I really want to talk." Gadget started digging deep into her soul to bring back the painful memory of her parents' deaths. "My parents both...died...without me ever saying goodbye to them."

"Gadget...I'm sorry, I...I didn't know..."

"No, it's fine. Like you, I've never shared this with anyone--not even the other Rangers." The inventor now started to cry softly. "My mom...Bridget...right after she gave birth to me, she died. My father died in a plane crash over five years ago. He was going to compete in an air race...he never came back...oh, Leviathan..." Gadget buried her head in her hands and cried harder and longer than she ever had before in her life.

"'s okay..." Leviathan slowly limped over to Gadget and comforted her in the same manner Chip had done when she first told the Rangers of what had happened to her. "Gadget, you are one of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes upon. How do you manage to have such beauty on the outside when, like me, your soul is scarred and bruised?"

"I know," Gadget said, drying her tears and looking up at the resident philosopher. "Days after my father died, I closed myself off from the world, building traps that would keep others from ever reaching me. I was too afraid of having anyone around...getting too close to them, only to have them leave me like my parents did. Then, four years ago, the Rangers met me, and I decided to live with them--to make them my new family."

"Gadget, I just realized something," Leviathan spoke. "We've lived almost similar lives. Our parents have died, we never got the chance to tell them goodbye, and we've tried to make up for that loss. I had my way of doing so, and you had yours. We've never forgotten them, we must never forget them, and hopefully, someday, we'll see them again. Until that day comes, Gadget, we must continue to live our lives to the fullest."

"You're right." Gadget stood up and hugged Leviathan. "Thanks, Leviathan. I really feel a lot better now." Unknown to either mouse, however, Zipper had seen what had happened. He had received strict orders from Chip to keep an eye on Gadget, and to report whatever she did concerning Leviathan directly and only to him. Zipper was now carrying out the latter part of his task, and was flying back home at full speed to Ranger HQ to report to Chip.

* * *


"Yes, Gadget?" Leviathan was now looking out a window, leaning on his crutches.

"I was just wondering--how did you save my life? I mean, how did you fire that grappling hook?"

"That is one of my tools. Look here." Leviathan pulled up his right sleeve. Gadget looked in amazement at a device attached to Leviathan's wrist. It had a grappling hook, at least a foot of wire, and a small firing mechanism.

"Did you make this yourself?" Gadget asked in awe.

"Yes. I have a similar device on my left arm, but that one is a little bit more complicated than this one," Leviathan said, looking down at his left arm.

"Can I see it?" Gadget's curiosity was like one of a little child.

"Of course," Leviathan replied, and he lifted up his left sleeve. Gadget was even more amazed to see a device similar to the one she had just seen, yet the new one was equipped with a miniature crossbow, another grappling hook launcher, and a set of four claws. "The claws are retractable, and I control this device with my own thoughts."

"How can you do that?" Gadget questioned, examining the blades. Then she noticed a small wire running into his arm, with a small plug connecting into the device.

"I had an operation which ran that wire up my arm and connected it to my brain. The plug connects the wire--and thus, my brain--to a mini-computer, which I use to control the blades, the crossbow, and the grappling hook. It's complicated, but maybe one day I'll explain it to you."

"Wow..." It was the only word Gadget could muster from her vast vocabulary. She was in total awe of this mouse and the devices which he had created--one of which had saved her life. "Y'know, you'd make a great Rescue Ranger, Leviathan!"

"I think I would too, but I don't know if the other Rangers would like me being so close to you, especially after what I did to you."

"Hey, wait a minute! You never told us that--why did you do what you did to me?"

"It's one heck of a story, Gadget..."

"Too bad you won't have time to hear it! You're leaving!" Gadget spun around to see Chip standing in the doorway, with Monterey Jack, Dale, and Zipper directly behind him. "We don't exactly like the idea of you being near him!"

"Chip's right, Gadget! We all know what he did to you!" Dale chimed in. "How do you know he won't do it again?"

"You know what? I haven't even got me punch in yet!" Monterey walked into the room and over to Leviathan. "Now you're gonna get it!"

"Monty, no!" Gadget looked up at him with tears in her eyes. Monty had no idea why, but he backed off of Leviathan as soon as he looked at her. "Guys, leave us alone. We were only talking about..."

"Gadget, let them stay. If they want to hear the names of the criminals who forced me to torture you, that is," Leviathan said. All of the Rangers piled into the room. Chip shut the door behind him. "You've got two minutes to explain yourself," Chip stated.

* * *

"About two weeks ago, Don and I were walking around the city when two unnamed criminals approached me with an interesting offer--they could make me the richest mouse in the world--if I just got rid of all five of you."

"Who were they?" Chip asked. He looked at the clock--one minute, forty-five seconds left.

"I'll tell you in a minute. After I refused their offer, we were jumped from behind," Leviathan related. "I was knocked out immediately. When I awoke, we were in a small metal room--similar to the one I kept Gadget in. We were subjected to a form of mind control, and, while under hypnosis, we were ordered to destroy the Rescue Rangers--starting with Gadget, then eventually the rest of you."

"So it wasn't your fault you hurt me! You were being controlled by someone else who forced you to do it!" Gadget exclaimed.

"So who did it, mate?" Monty asked, noting that Leviathan now had one minute left. "Who put ya up to it?"

"Again, that can wait. The hypnosis we were under apparently either temporary or not that strong, because after I saw Gadget again, my mind began to come back under my control. I realized what I had done, and I wanted to only save Gadget, then destroy myself." Leviathan looked at his legs. "I failed in the second part of my task, as you can see. Don's hypnosis must have worn off much earlier than that, because he kept trying to stop me from harming Gadget. He must not have remembered our little encounter, because I kept trying to explain to him what those two villains would do for us if we destroyed you, but he wouldn't listen. Now you know what happened." The Rangers now realized that these two criminals were the "employers" Leviathan had referred to during his talk with Don.

"Okay, we know what happened, and why you harmed Gadget," Dale said. "But who was controlling you?"

"I believe they are two of your arch-enemies: a mouse named Norton Nimnul and Fat Cat."

-END Chapter VII-


-Chapter VIII-

"Nimnul and Fat Cat!" Chip exclaimed. He, nor any of the other Rangers, made a note of the time any more. "They teamed up to take us out--and forced you and Don to do their dirty work!"

"They'll do anything to rule the world," Gadget explained to Leviathan. "We've foiled every one of their plans so far!" she bragged.

"Apparently, they weren't expecting you to stop this one. At least now I remember everything. I can tell you that I was put under their control in this huge building that looked like it had a giant globe on the top of it..."

"Nimnul's laboratory!" Dale shouted. "That's where you were! But if Nimnul is still a mouse, how can he use the equipment in there?"

"Maybe he got Fat Cat to do it," Monterey joked.

"Or maybe he became human again," Zipper said. Every one of the Rangers thought about this. Nimnul may have had a backup Molecular Rearranger at his lab. They had never considered this.

"I do remember seeing a human with thick glasses and a white lab coat. He was short and bald, too," Leviathan said.

"That's Nimnul, all right!" Gadget was moving towards the door. "C'mon, guys, let's go give those two a good reminder that the good guys always win!"

"Right! Rescue Rangers..."

"Wait." Every one of the Rangers turned and looked at Leviathan. "I want to go with you. After all, I want a little revenge myself. Can I return to your headquarters with you? I can help you plan for your assault on Nimnul."

"Sure, I guess. Is it okay with you guys?" Chip asked Monty, Zipper, and Dale. Each of them nodded yes. "Gadget?"

"Fine with me. I'll get the Ranger Plane ready." Gadget walked out of the hospital to the Ranger Plane--and saw the Ranger Wing sitting right beside it.

* * *


"We took it to a mechanic and had it repaired while you in the hospital. It was going to be a surprise when you woke up, but..." Chip trailed off. He and the other Rangers had helped Leviathan out of the hospital and were now helping him into the Ranger Wing. Dale and Monterey flew with Leviathan in the Ranger Wing, while Gadget, Chip, and Zipper rode in the Ranger Plane.

"Golly, Chip, I thought that you wouldn't want Leviathan near me after what he did to me!"

"Well, I guess he's okay," Chip said. "I mean, he didn't try to hurt you while you were alone with him, so I don't think he'll try to hurt you again." Chip knew, however, that Leviathan would have to be watched closely during his stay at Ranger HQ--a job he would now take care of personally.

"Y'know, Chip, Leviathan's led a very harsh life. You wouldn't believe what it was like." For the remainder of the flight, Gadget related as best she remembered what Leviathan had told her about his life to her friend. Chip, as Gadget had predicted, hardly believed what she had said.

"You're kidding!" Chip exclaimed. "You mean..." Gadget nodded. "Oh, man...I've never heard of anything like that happening. Y'know, I think I understand his motives now--why he became a vigilante."

"So do I." Then she thought silently, 'But I understand more than his motives, Chip.' Gadget landed the Ranger Plane behind the Ranger Wing. All of the Rangers helped Leviathan into Ranger HQ, then led him to the couch so he could rest.

"Thank you very much, Rescue Rangers. I'm going to rest for a while, so I don't want to be disturbed, okay?" Leviathan sat down on the couch.

"Sure, Leviathan. We'll wake you up just before dinner. That okay with you?" Chip asked.

"Fine. See you in about ten hours." Leviathan laid down, then shortly went to sleep. The other Rangers went about their normal daily chores, albeit a little quiter, so as not to disturb their unexpected guest.

* * *

"Leviathan, wake up," Dale said as he lightly shook Leviathan. Leviathan slowly rose and returned to reality.

"What, dinner time already?" Leviathan joked. He took his crutches and followed Dale into the kitchen. The other Rangers were waiting for their friend and their guest before starting to eat. "What are we eating tonight?"

"Cheese chowder--my favorite," Monterey called. He brought in five plates of cheese chowder--Zipper had once again gone out for dinner. "You ever had any, Leviathan?"

"Hmmm...only once, when I was a kid," Leviathan said. Chip and Gadget simultaneously looked at him. "My mom made the stuff from a recipe a friend of hers had given her. I think his name was Geegaw...Geegaw Hackwrench..."

"You knew Geegaw Hackwrench?!?" Gadget leaped up from her chair. She had never told Leviathan the name of her father, so he didn't know who Geegaw really was--or why Gadget asked about him.

"I kinda remember him. I was only ten years old when I saw him last. He was a very nice person. I remember his kid, too. She was about six years old when I last saw her...always making stuff with things around her--blocks, paper, anything. I forgot her name, though..."

"It was Gadget. Geegaw was Gadget's father, mate," Monty explained.

"Oh...I--I didn't know..." Leviathan was about to stop speaking and eat, but the smile on Gadget's face told him everything was okay. "He was very resourceful and smart, Gadget. You definitely inherited both of those traits."

"Golly, thanks..." Gadget started to blush. Chip and Dale were starting to turn green with jealousy.

"Well, ready to eat?" Monty started to eat. Everyone soon followed suit.

-END Chapter VIII-


-Chapter IX-

"Boy, that was good, Monterey," Leviathan remarked as he headed for the main room of Ranger HQ. The other Rangers followed him and settled down on the couch to watch the evening news. Leviathan turned to Chip. "Chip, is there a guest room here? I'm going to go ahead and get some sleep."

"Sure, Leviathan, right this way," Chip said as he got up and led Leviathan to the guest room. As Leviathan entered the room, he turned to his host.

"You love Gadget, don't you?" Chip was speechless at the accusation. "I noticed how you tried to keep her away from me. I know you love her."

"" Chip could no longer contain his thoughts and emotions. He ran to the door, shut it, and locked it, then turned to Leviathan. "Yes! Yes, I love her! I love her more than any girl I've ever known! Ever since the first day I saw her, I loved her with all of my heart and soul! I've wanted to tell her for so long! It's tearing me apart inside!"

"Then tell her," Leviathan said. It half sounded like an order and half sounded like a request. "Maybe she loves you, too."

"NO!!!" Chip exclaimed. "I can't tell her! Do you know how the other Rangers would react if Gadget and I told them we were in love? Especially Dale! He's been competing with me over Gadget ever since we first saw her!"

"That doesn't matter. Tell her you love her. Even if she rejects you, at least you'll have gotten it off of your chest. You'll feel better if you do." Leviathan laid his crutches against the wall and sat on the bed. "Trust me. You may never again get the chance to tell her. Do it now...before it's...too...late..." Leviathan trailed off as he laid down and went to sleep.

'Maybe he's right,' Chip thought. 'Maybe I should tell her before it's too late.' Chip unlocked the door, opened it, then left the room and shut the door quietly behind him.

* * *

Later that night, Leviathan awoke, almost immediately, after hearing a small crash next door--the kitchen. He walked over to the next room, without his crutches, to find Gadget cleaning up a small spill and picking up some broken glass.

"Oh, Leviathan, did I wake you? I'm sorry, really," Gadget said. She cleaned up the water she had spilt, while Leviathan cleaned up the glass. "I came down for a glass of water, but my hand slipped and I dropped the glass."

"That's okay, Gadget. We all make mistakes," Leviathan replied as he threw the glass in a nearby trash can, then started for the door. "Well, good night, Gadget."

"Leviathan, wait." Gadget grabbed Leviathan's arm. He turned his head to look at her. "Your parents...I just wanted to know, well, were they nice people?"

"Yes, Gadget. They were good people. I really wish you could have met them."


"I forgave them after every time after they beat me. I had no other family, like you, so I had no other choice but to do so. I felt so bad leaving them. That's why I went back. I wanted to make amends. Then..."

"Oh." Gadget touched the door. "Ow! Darn splinters!" She and Leviathan looked at her hand. It was bleeding slightly.

"Where do you keep your bandages?"

* * *

Gadget led Leviathan to her workshop, where she kept a small amount of medical supplies (among other things). "Amazing...did you build all of these things?"

"Yea, why do you ask?" Gadget handed him a bandage.

"It's just that...I've never seen anything like this before..." Leviathan trailed off as he placed the bandage on Gadget's hand. Suddenly, Gadget took his paws in hers, then leaned over and kissed him. Leviathan drew back, startled. "Wha...why did you do that?"

"I...I don't know..." Gadget put her paw to her head and sat down. "I just...felt something, and...I just..."

"Gadget, you care for me, don't you?"

"Well, of course, you're our guest, and..." Gadget had quickly tried to cover up something. Leviathan sensed it.

"I mean, personally. As like, say, a brother? Or a boyfriend?" Now it was Gadget's turn to be startled. "Truthfully, now..."

"A...a boyfriend," Gadget whispered. She looked down, as if she was ashamed to admit it. Leviathan now was starting to realize something. He turned away from Gadget.

'I understand her,' he thought. 'I'm the only person, from what I can tell, that's ever understood her. She loves me because I understand her.' He shook his head, then turned to face Gadget. "Gadget, don't be ashamed." Gadget looked back up. Leviathan placed his hands on her shoulders. "I want you to understand something. I've met many women during my adult life, and most of them have fallen in love with me. I can never make a commitment, however, because of my line of work. Even though you're the most beautiful mouse I've ever seen"--Gadget blushed--"I could never start a relationship with you, or any other mouse. Now, don't think that I don't care for you, because I do. Just not in the way you had hoped. Understand?"

"I...think so..." Gadget said, slightly dejectedly. "It's just're the only person who's ever understood me. I just wanted it to be true...that someone loved me..." Leviathan now thought about what Chip had said.

'Someone does, Gadget. Someone loves you very much,' he thought. "Listen, Gadget. Let's just go to bed and not tell anyone about this little, er, incident. Okay?" Gadget nodded her head in agreement.

"Leviathan?" The inventor looked up at her dark savior. "Just out of curiosity, would you have, well, commited to me?"

"Without a doubt, if my life was different, yes, I would have." Leviathan then looked down at his legs. "Well, well, look at me. I forgot my crutches."

"But you've been walking perfectly all this time! How is that?"

"I can't tell you right now. Maybe some other time?"

"Uh, sure. Good night, Leviathan!" Gadget left the workshop. Leviathan slowly followed, but sensed he was being watched, and turned in the opposite direction Gadget was walking to see a familiar silouhette disappear to another room. Leviathan quickly ran towards it, then looked in the window of the door the figure had entered. He saw a sheet slowly falling over a chipmunk in a bottom bunk.

-END Chapter IX-


-Chapter X-

"Well, good morning, everyone," Leviathan said as he entered the main room of Ranger HQ. He did not want to say anything directly to Gadget right off, or to Chip, who also knew what had transpired that night. He was fortunate, however, because it seemed like the Rangers were busy. "What's up?"

"Oh, hi, Leviathan!" Gadget exclaimed. Then she turned back to Chip. "Are you sure Foxglove didn't come in? I mean, she's not in my room, but maybe she's outside in the tree."

"I checked every branch I could get to that Foxglove might rest on, but she wasn't there," Chip replied.

"Crikey, mates, d' you think she's still in the city?" Monty asked.

"Maybe she found a good place to rest for the day that was closer than Ranger HQ, like that Armenian church," Dale said. Then the Rangers realized that they were neglecting their current guest.

"Oh, Leviathan, did you sleep well?" Gadget asked.

"Yea, did you?" Chip turned and gave Leviathan a real nasty look only he saw. Leviathan paid no attention to it.

"The best sleep I ever had," he answered. "I was listening to your little discussion. There is the possibility that Foxglove may have been kidnapped by Nimnul and Fat Cat."

"Golly, why didn't we think of that?"

"Too right, mate! They'll be trying to lure us into a trap with Foxglove as the bait!"

"So what do we do?" Chip asked.

"I have an idea," Leviathan said. The Rangers eagerly listened as their guest explained a plan to use just in case Foxy had been kidnapped--because they already going to pay a visit to Nimnul's lab that day.

* * *

"Do you really think this plan'll work?" Chip said to Leviathan. The duo, along with Dale, were riding in the Rangermobile. Gadget, Monterey Jack, and Zipper followed closely overhead in the Ranger Wing.

"I've tried riskier plans, and they've all worked. Besides, I've heard you've tried some pretty dangerous plans yourselves."

"Hey, that's right, Chip!" Dale exclaimed. Chip made a mental note to bonk Dale later.

"Hey, Gadget!" Chip shouted to the Ranger Wing. "How much further until we reach Nimnul's lab?"

"Not much further, guys," Gadget shouted back.

"Well, let's make sure to go in on foot. We don't want Nimnul to see our vehicles--he'll know it's us for sure. Find a place to hide the Rangermobile and the Ranger Wing, then we'll continue on foot," Chip stated. Gadget turned the Ranger Wing down a dark alley. Only Monty knew where they were.

"Oh, no...C-C-C-Cat Alley!" Monty cowered in the back of the Ranger Wing. Zipper tried to make him stop, but it was no use.

"MEEEEOOOOOWWW!!!" A group of cats had emerged from the darkness to look at the Rangers and Leviathan. "Well, well, lookee here, fellas!" the first cat said. "Lunch!"

"Not likely," Leviathan shot back. Chip noticed something. The minute the cats had come out, Leviathan changed his expression from one with a smile on his face to one of anger and concern. He also noticed that four claws had emerged from his left sleeve at about the same time. Leviathan jumped at the cats.

"What the...!" Chip was genuinely concerned for Gadget's dark savior. But, as unlikely as it seemed, when the smoke cleared, it was Leviathan who had come out on top. He was standing on top of the first cat, with the other two begging for mercy. His claws were now gone.

"Alright, listen up." Leviathan jumped down off of the cat's belly and stood at his head. Now every cat in Cat Alley--much to Monty's extreme dislike--was watching this mouse. "You're going to let my friends park their things here and come back here to get them later. If you so much as brush a whisker against either of these vehicles or my friends, I will personally make every one of your faces look like his. Understood?" Every cat meowed yes in fear. "Okay, Gadget, it's safe!" The Ranger Wing slowly descended and landed beside Leviathan. The Rangermobile was parked right behind it.

"Mate, you gotta stick around for a while! We could use your help!" Monty told Leviathan. After seeing what Leviathan did, he, like Gadget, was now sure that he would be a perfect addition to the Rescue Rangers.

"I'll think about it," Leviathan responded. He looked at the cat he had just clawed. He was getting up, and was obviously a little peeved. All of the Rangers stared at the cat's face. It was now covered with four scars on the right side. "So, you're back for more, huh?" Leviathan unsheathed his claws.

"Uh, well, heh, I, er, gotta get going, nice to meet you!" The cat ran off quicker than any cat the Rangers had ever seen run--even Fat Cat.

"Well, let's go," Chip ordered. All of the Rangers and Leviathan exited Cat Alley and headed for Nimnul's lab.

* * *

"Well, well, well, they're right on schedule," Fat Cat said as he looked into a monitor on a computer about his size. The monitor showed a picture of the Rangers and Leviathan headed for Nimnul's lab. "Good news, Professor; they're closing in."

"Goody! Our trap worked!" Nimnul walked toward Fat Cat. He was human, and for some strange reason, wearing a small box around his neck. He could even understand what Fat Cat had said. "When will they be here?"

"Knowing them, sometime in the next five minutes," Fat Cat replied. "You can always count on those rodents to be on time."

"Tell me about it," Nimnul joked. He looked over to a nearby cage. "And thank you for your help, dear. Without you, I would have never got this little device." He held up the box to the cage. Foxglove could only stare at Nimnul with despair. She knew what Nimnul and Fat Cat were planning for her friends. She wanted to try and stop them, but due to the cage, she couldn't even try.

'If only there was some way I could warn them,' she thought bitterly. 'If those two hadn't forced me to get Gadget's voice box, they wouldn't be the team that they are right now. I've got to help the Rangers! I can't let Dale get hurt!' She sat down and thought harder than she ever had before.

-END Chapter X-


-Chapter XI-

"We're almost there, Rangers," Chip told the team. They had almost scaled the hill road that led to Professor Nimnul's lab. Now their purpose was two-fold: save Foxglove, and stop Fat Cat and Nimnul. "Just a little bit longer, and we'll be there."

"Then let's get up there quick! Who knows what they've done to Foxglove!" This came from Dale, who was now running--something the Rangers had hardly ever seen him do. After witnessing this rare event, the others now used their reserved energy and started to run up the hill behind Dale.

"Come on...we can't--aaahhh!" Leviathan fell down and clutched his left leg. "My leg..."

"Guys, go ahead." Gadget stopped running and turned back to Leviathan. "I'm gonna help Leviathan."

"No." Leviathan glanced at Chip, who looked half relieved to hear the word. He slowly stood up. "You go with the Rangers, Gadget. I'll be up there shortly. Trust me." Gadget had no choice but to nod and continue running up to Nimnul's lab.

"Gadget-love, why didn't ya try to change his mind?"

"There's something about him...I can't put my finger on it, but it makes you believe every word he says," Gadget replied, slightly lying. She knew why she left Leviathan behind, and although she didn't know it, Chip knew why, too.

"Well, the more time we spend talking, the less time we've got to save Foxglove, so let's move out!" Chip turned to face Nimnul's lab.

"Rescue Rangers, AWAY!"

* * *

"Hello! Anybody home?" Dale called into the darkness. They had found a way to get into Nimnul's lab with ease, and were now searching for any signs of life within it. "Foxglove?"

"Over here, Dale!" Foxglove cried. The Rangers followed the sound of her voice over to her cage, where they found her standing up.

"Foxglove, are you okay?" Gadget asked. "I mean, have they done anything to you?"

"Not yet, we haven't!" All of the lights came on at once. The Rangers, startled, turned to see Fat Cat and a human Professor Norton Nimnul step out from the remaining shadows. "Ingenious device, this voice box! Wouldn't you say, my dear?" He stared at the inventor of the device.

"What..." Gadget turned to Foxglove.

"I'm sorry, Gadget...they hypnotized me...I couldn't help it..."

"It's alright, Foxglove." Gadget patted Foxy's shoulder.

"QUIET!!!" Fat Cat stood up. "Now, Professor, what's the best way to exterminate pests in your average household?"

"A cat, of course," replied the deranged little man. "But since this is an out-of-the-ordinary household, we need an out-of-the-ordinary cat! And I've created the best one ever!" The Rangers weren't going to try and make a break for it, for two reasons: Foxglove wasn't safe, and Nimnul or Fat Cat might stop them with another trap before they could escape. So all they could do was stand still.

"Behold, Rescue Rangers--the device that will finally get rid of you, once and for all!" Fat Cat laughed manically as Nimnul pulled the sheet off of his latest invention. "The ultimate robotic feline! It will chew you up, then grind what remains of you up in his gears! Try and stop this marvelous invention!"

"Mates, you can officially start to panic."

* * *

"Oh, man, what did I do to deserve this?" Leviathan thought out loud.

"I've got to get up there quickly!" It had been only a few seconds after the Rangers had left him behind, but he was determined to catch up with them. "How do I get up there quickly?" He thought for a second, then raised his right arm. A grappling hook came out, then clamped on to a nearby rock. Leviathan pulled himself up, then slid down the other side rather roughly. He saw the Rangers, although they didn't see or hear him. They were now in front of Nimnul's lab.

"Try and find a air vent, Zipper," Monty said. Zipper saluted, then flew around the domed building. He then landed back on Monty's shoulder, shrugging.

"Well, let's try and find another way in. Maybe there's a hole in the wall somewhere," Chip suggested. The group spilt up, and soon they had found a hole in the side of the wall. Leviathan watched closely as each Rescue Ranger crawled into the hole, then disappeared into the darkness.

"Well, that's their escape route, I hope. Now it's my turn to get in." Leviathan unsheathed his claws, then started to scale the side of the building, with a little help from the grappling hook. When he reached the glass, he stopped. Now Leviathan could hear the Rangers and their two adversaries.

"...since this is an out-of-the-ordinary household, we need an out-of-the-ordinary cat! And I've created the best one ever!" Leviathan noticed that the Rangers were next to a cage with a bat in it; he assumed that the captive was Foxglove. Seeing Nimnul enraged him.

'That's the human who forced me to harm Gadget! Just wait until I...' He was going to finish his thought, but looked back inside to see the biggest and meanest looking robot he had ever seen.

"The ultimate robotic feline! It will chew you up, then grind what remains of you up in his gears! Try and stop this marvelous invention!" Fat Cat laughed. Leviathan didn't catch what Monty had said, and he didn't care, either. He wanted revenge. He stood on the glass, and after taking a deep breath, stomped on it.

-END Chapter XI-


-Chapter XII-

"What was that?" Nimnul screamed. He had heard a plate of glass shatter, then saw a mouse--or what appeared to be a mouse--fire a grappling hook that connected with a nearby pipe and swing over to a nearby computer.

"Nimnul, meet Leviathan!" Gadget taunted. She didn't know how he had gotten up to the lab, or how he had even climbed to the glass dome, but she did know that her savior was here--and that he'd protect her and the Rangers.

"Stop him! He'll ruin everything!!" Fat Cat shouted. Nimnul took a remote control out of his pocket and pressed a red button on it. The robot which had been silent seconds ago was now active. "Make sure that thing eats him alive!"

"Sorry, boys, but it won't get the chance." Leviathan shot an arrow at Nimnul's hands. After having it lodge in his left hand, Nimnul dropped the remote and yelped in pain. "Now, as for you..." He stared at Fat Cat.

"Guys, let's get Foxglove out of here, then help Leviathan!" Chip suggested.

"Me and Zipper'll get Foxglove; you go on ahead!" Gadget exclaimed. Chip was the only one who was surprised to hear this. He thought that she would want to help her true love for sure.

"Right!" Dale and Monterey agreed. By the time the Rangers had crawled to the floor, Leviathan was already trying to slash at Fat Cat, while the pudgy pussycat was slowly backing up.

"Alright, mates, what now?"

"We get the remote and either shut that robot down or turn him against its creators. Dale, distract Nimnul while Monterey and I go for the remote," Chip said.

"Okay!" Dale ran towards Nimnul, who had now removed the arrow from his hand. "Hey, baldie! Down here!" He stuck out his tongue at Nimnul.

"You little...I'll fix you for sure!" He tried to stomp Dale, but he quickly dodged the Professor's shoe. Nimnul got angrier and tried harder to stomp Dale, completely forgetting about what was going on in the rest of the lab.

* * *

"Hey, Chipper, what button do I press?" Monterey and Chip had gotten the remote control and dragged it over to a safe corner. From what they could see, the robot was activated, but was awaiting a command. Leviathan was still keeping Fat Cat at bay, and Dale was busy with Nimnul. By the time they had dragged the remote to safety, Gadget and Zipper had freed Foxglove, and all three had come over to them.

"Try the one marked, 'Off,' Monty," Chip suggested with a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

"Oh, yeah...heh, heh..." Monty said. He pressed the 'Off' button, and almost immediately, the robot shut down. "It worked!"

"Now let's get Dale and get out of here!" Chip exclaimed. Then he wished he hadn't, because he knew what Gadget was going to say.

"What about Leviathan? We can't just leave him here!" As much as Chip hated to admit it, she was right.

"Gadget, he can take care of himself. Right now, we've got to get Foxglove to safety, and we need to get Dale out of trouble!" Gadget glanced at Leviathan, then glanced at Dale.

"Okay, let's get Dale first. But we're coming back for Leviathan!" Chip had no choice but to agree with Gadget, and the group ran towards Nimnul. At that same moment, Fat Cat had knocked Leviathan away with his paw and was running for the remote. Leviathan tried to stand up and stop him, but he couldn't, and even if he could have, it was too late.

"Now, you Rescue Rodents, prepare to meet your maker!" Fat Cat pressed the 'On' button, then pressed another button below it. The mechanical monster started to turn to the Rangers, who had now retrieved Dale. Now Nimnul moved out of the way, and the Rangers and Foxglove looked in horror at the giant metal beast.

"Foxglove, get out of here!" Dale commanded.

"Not without you, Dale!" Foxglove replied. She and Dale held each other tightly. All of the Rangers could see that Leviathan wasn't able to stand up, much less run over and distract either of the two madmen who had them trapped. Then Gadget did something no one would have ever expected her to do--she sprinted over to Leviathan.

"Stop her!" Nimnul exclaimed. Fat Cat pressed another button, and the robot cat ran towards Gadget and Leviathan. The remainder of the trapped group were relieved, but only for a second, because Fat Cat had now replaced the fake cat.

* * *

"Leviathan, are you all right?" Gadget asked as she ran over to the fallen mouse. She lifted him up on her shoulders, then hugged him when he stood up on his own.

"I'm...fine..." Leviathan looked up and saw the robot in front of them. "Gadget--when I tell you to, run for your life. NOW!!!" Gadget ran away from Leviathan. He then turned to the tin tabby. "Alright. Let's do this right. Here, kitty, kitty..." Leviathan jumped out of the way as the giant robot (well, giant to him, anyway :) snapped at him. He ran over to the computer Fat Cat had been using. The cat once more leaped at him.

"LEVIATHAN!!!" Gadget screamed in pure horror. Leviathan fired a grappling hook and pulled himself up just a second before the cat would have had him.

"I thought it would do that." He pulled himself up to the keyboard, then looked down to check out the metal feline. It had smashed through the metal plate at the bottom of the computer, and was now shorting out. Nimnul and Fat Cat turned to see this.

"What happened?" This distraction allowed the Rangers to run over to the hole they had entered through earlier. Chip instructed Zipper to lead Foxglove out, then take her at least a few feet away from the lab.

"Gadget! Come on!" Chip shouted to Gadget. She was too busy noticing something about the computer Leviathan was standing on--it was about to explode. "Gadget! Hurry!"

"I...I'm coming!" Reluctantly, Gadget ran over to the Rangers, unnoticed by Nimnul and Fat Cat. A few seconds after she reached the hole, however, the computer exploded.

"Oh no!" Chip exclaimed.

"LEVIATHAN!!! NOOOO!!!" Gadget's voice box was pierced by a bit of shrapnel in the explosion, so Nimnul heard none of this, nor did he hear Fat Cat run for his life.

"I'm out of here!" The kitty kingpin ran for the door and jumped through it. Nimnul ran for another exit. The Rangers, meanwhile, were holding back Gadget.

"I've got to find him! Let me go!" The Rangers forced her to exit with them. As they crawled out of the hole, they ran away from the fiery lab. When they were behind a rock, all of the Rescue Rangers ducked as the entire laboratory exploded. Shrapnel which should have hit the Rangers was blocked by the rock. When they were sure it was safe, they turned back around. The lab was completely destroyed.

-END Chapter XII-


-Chapter XIII-

"Gadget, there was nothing we could do," Monty said as they flew back to Ranger HQ in the Ranger Wing; Chip was piloting while Gadget, Monterey Jack, and Zipper sat in the back. Dale had decided to take Foxglove for a drive in the Rangermobile.

"But we could've searched for him...we..."

"Gadget, if we had stayed any longer, we'd have been in that lab when it went up," Chip explained. "You know we couldn't have saved his life, even if we had stayed behind."

"No..." Gadget slammed her head into Monty's chest and cried. He and Zipper comforted her as they neared the tree which they called home. Chip was silent the rest of the way there.

'We couldn't have saved him,' he thought. 'We didn't have the time. But why don't I feel right about it?' He thought long and hard about this as he landed the Wing on the runway. Gadget jumped out and ran inside Ranger HQ. Monty and Zipper were about to join her, but Chip stopped them.

"What is it, Chipper?" Monty inquired. He saw the forlorn look on Chip's face, then asked Zipper if he'd check on Gadget.

"Right, Monty!" the fly replied, then flew into the tree to check on his friend. Monty and Chip hopped out of the Ranger Wing.

"What's wrong, Chipper? Why the long face?"

"Monty, I...I purposely left him behind..."

"What? But..." Monty was shocked to hear this coming from Chip. "But why?"

"I...I heard him and Gadget talking last night. She said that...she loved him...he...I..." Chip whispered. He looked up at Monterey. He was looking over at the door. Chip turned to see a tearful Gadget looking at him. He walked towards her. "Gadget...I..."

" him there?" Gadget asked. Chip couldn't muster up enough courage to answer her, so he looked down in shame. Gadget simply slapped Chip in the face, then ran back into Ranger HQ, crying and furious. She had never felt rage like that before, and couldn't hold back her emotions any longer.

"Gadget...Gadget-love, wait!" Monty ran after her, paying no attention to Chip. He just stood there, not moving one bit. Then he walked to the edge of the runway and sat on it. When the sun had set and the full moon had arose, Chip was still sitting there, motionless.

* * *

"Dale, look at 'im. He hasn't budged an inch since last night," Monty said, concerned for Chip. He not only hadn't moved, he hadn't eaten since yesterday morning, either. "He just ain't the same no more..."

"Maybe if I talked to him..." Dale suggested. Monty shook his head.

"I don't think that'll do the trick, mate," Monty told Dale. He turned around to see Gadget coming from the kitchen, where she had just finished eating breakfast. She came over to the door, looked out its window, and turned to go back to her room. "Gadget, wait..." She had locked the door when she ran inside that night, so Monty never got the chance to talk to her. "I just wanna talk to ya..."

"No, Monterey, there's nothing to talk about. Chip let Leviathan die, and as far as I'm concerned, he can stay out there all he wants." Gadget walked to her room, shut the door, then flung herself on her bed and cried. 'I didn't mean it that way...but he left Leviathan for dead...' she thought between sobs. Now Monty had entered the room and sat down beside the weeping inventor. "Monty...he..."

"I know, Gadget-love, but he was right, though. If we had stayed behind, we would've died with Leviathan. We had no choice." He put his hand on Gadget's shoulder.

"I loved him, Monty...he was the first mouse I ever loved..."


"Because he understood my life..." Monty was unsure of what this meant. "He knew what kind of pain I had gone through when I lost my parents..."

"Gadget..." Now Monty understood. "Gadget, Leviathan's gone now. Ya got to believe it. But now Chipper's fading. Do ya really want that to happen, Gadget? Do ya want Chip to die?"

"I...I guess...not..." Gadget sat up and dried her tears. "I better go talk to him."

"Atta girl, Gadget!" He then thought, 'If this doesn't snap Chip out of it, I don't know what will...'

* * *

"Chip?" Gadget whispered. She had walked outside, and was standing a few inches from Chip. "Can I talk to you?" Chip made no reply or movement whatsoever, so Gadget slowly walked towards him. "Chip, please..."

"No..." Chip stood up and walked further down the runway. Gadget slowly followed. " know what I did..."

"Yes, but..." Gadget didn't want to upset Chip. "I just want to know why you did that..."

"I...I..." Chip couldn't reply. It would mean that he would have to tell Gadget his feelings for her. He couldn't do that yet. He simply looked down.

"Chip, please tell me. I care about you." This was all Chip could stand. He ran right by Gadget and started to run down the tree. "Chip! Chip, wait! I..."

"What happened, Gadget?" Dale asked. He and Monty had been watching from inside, and were now outside Ranger HQ. "Why'd he run off like that?"

"I...I don't know..." Gadget suddenly walked to the Ranger Wing and started it up.

"Gadget-love, where are ya' goin'?" Monty inquired.

"To find Chip," Gadget solemnly replied. She took the Ranger Wing up, then flew it out of the tree and over the city. The other Rangers had no choice but to wait for both of them to return. They knew that they shouldn't interfere.

-END Chapter XIII-


-Chapter XIV-

"Why...why did he leave him behind?" Gadget asked herself. She had spent nearly ten hours searching for Chip, with still no clue as to his whereabouts. She was thinking about going home, since the sun was starting to set. Then, on a rooftop, she saw a familiar shadow. She piloted the Wing over to the building, then landed it. Gadget jumped out and walked over to the figure. "Chip?"

"Leave me alone, Gadget," Chip said bluntly. Gadget had no intention of doing so.

'Not this time,' she thought. "Talk to me, Chip."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Chip, please talk to me. I'm your friend. It hurts me to see you like this," she said. Chip merely turned his head away from Gadget.

"Gadget, leave me alone."

"No, Chip, I want to..."

"Gadget, I told you to just leave me alone!!" Chip screamed as he turned to face Gadget. He was angry at her and showing it. Gadget was now frightened for Chip, as well as for herself.

"But...Chip, I...I'll leave you alone." She started to walk to the Ranger Wing, saddened. Chip turned to face the horizon. He realized what he had done and started to talk.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Gadget turned to see Chip sitting down near the edge of the roof. She stood there for a second. "It's just so beautiful..."

"What, Chip?" She sat down beside him. "What's beautiful?"

"The sunset," he replied. "I used to come up here as a kid and watch the sunset every day. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Now it's the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen..."

"What do you mean by, 'second most?'" Chip now realized that he had no choice but to confess his feelings to Gadget. He remembered what Leviathan had told him that night. Chip decided right then to do it.

"The most beautiful thing I've ever you..." Gadget was shocked at his answer. He moved his paw over hers. "I love you, Gadget."

* * *

"I...I..." Gadget was utterly speechless, almost devoid of emotion. The chipmunk who had left her first love for dead was now admitting what she had admitted to Leviathan. "Chip..."

"Gadget, I love you more than anything or anyone I've ever laid eyes on. Not a night goes by when I don't dream about you and me together." Chip stood up slowly. "Gadget, I love you with all of my heart and soul."

"Chip...I..." Gadget was going to answer, but Chip had embraced her. They were drawing together, but Gadget prevented it. "No, Chip."

"What do you mean, Gadget?" Chip looked confused.

"Chip, if I say...what you hope I'll say, then what do you think will happen with the Rangers when we tell them?" Gadget's logic wasn't faulted--and Chip knew it, too.

"You're right, Gadget," Chip reluctantly agreed. "But I just want you to listen to me, Gadget Hackwrench. I think you're the most incredible person I've ever met. I love you, and I know that somewhere, deep inside of yourself, you feel the same. If you don't want to admit it right now, fine. If you want to wait until next week, or even next year, I'm okay with that. But I want you to understand that I've always loved you, and I always will. Gadget, I love you with every bit of my soul." Gadget simply took in everything he said, then embraced him.

"Chip...I love you, too." And the two shared a singular, emotional, passionate kiss that sealed their feelings there on the spot. It was Gadget's first kiss, and she could never remember when she had felt such a feeling of affection for anyone since her father. For the new couple, they knew there was no denying their feelings for each other anymore. When they parted, the couple looked out to the horizon. "You're right, Chip; it is beautiful." The couple completely forgot about time, as they spent over an hour talking to each other by the light of the full moon. They talked about each other's lives, and they remembered and laughed at some of their past cases. By the time they were ready to go home, Gadget was sitting in Chip's lap, with his arm around her waist.

"Gadget...what do we tell the others when we get home? What do we say to them?" Chip asked as he released Gadget and stood up.

"We tell them what happened. But separately. You'll handle Monty, and I'll handle Dale. That way, it'll be easier on all of us." She and Chip walked to the Ranger Wing hand in hand. They stopped in front of it and looked deep into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Gadget."

"And I love you too, Chip." They drew close and kissed again against the background of a starry, moonlit night sky.

* * *

"Hey, Foxglove!" Dale called to the bat who was just getting ready to leave Ranger HQ for the night. "Where ya goin'?"

"I'm gonna go out for dinner tonight, if you guys don't mind," she replied. Monty seemed a little insulted, but got over it quickly.

"Alright, lass, but be back in the mornin', okay?"

"Okay, Monty," she laughed. "See you in the morning!" She opened the door and looked straight ahead of her to see Gadget and Chip walking towards Ranger HQ holding hands. "Hi, Chip! Hi, Gadget!"

"Hi, Foxglove!" Gadget said. She released Chip's hand and waved to their guest. Chip walked beside Foxglove and entered Ranger HQ.

"Monty, can I talk to you for a minute alone?" Chip asked nervously. Monty smiled and nodded to Zipper, who proceeded to fly to his little room in Ranger HQ and retire for the night.

"Sure, Chipper. What's up?"

"Not here. Let's go to your room," Chip suggested. Monty shrugged and led Chip to his room. Shortly afterwards, Gadget waved goodbye to Foxglove and turned to face Dale.

"So, is Chip alright? It took you long enough to find him," Dale cracked. Gadget laughed a little, then took on a serious look as she started to tell Dale what had happened an hour ago. Dale's expression changed from happy to forlorn as she told Dale that she loved Chip. He thought now that Gadget didn't like him anymore, so he shouted when Gadget finished, "Leave me alone, Gadget!" and ran to his room.

'No, not him too,' Gadget thought. 'I shouldn't have told him.' Chip and Monty came from the direction Dale had run in, looking over their shoulders. "Chip, would you talk to Dale?"

"No problem, Gadget." With that, he kissed Gadget on the cheek and walked to his room. Monty turned to Gadget with a sly look on his face.

"Gadget, Geegaw would be proud of ya. Ya don't find a better person in life ta love than someone like Chip. Ya made the right choice," Monterey Jack said. Gadget smiled, hugged Monty, then ran to her room, ecstatic because someone other than her father loved her for the first time in her life, and because she loved that someone back.

-END Chapter XIV-


-Chapter XV-

"Good morning, Gadget," Foxglove yawned as she entered Ranger HQ after a hard night. She was ready to get some rest, but was now realizing that Gadget was never up this early. "Hey, what are you doing up?"

"I just couldn't sleep last night, Foxglove," the inventor replied. "I just couldn't get to sleep, so I stayed up all night. Y'know, Foxglove, isn't love a great feeling?"

"I'll say," Foxglove replied. She thought about how much she loved Dale. "Well, I'll see you later tonight."

"Oh, Foxglove, before I forget, Dale told me to tell you to meet him at the bottom of the tree tonight."

"What for?"

"I don't know," she said. "He told me that it was a surprise for you."

"Oh...well, I'll guess we'll find out tonight...see ya, Gadget..."

Foxglove called as she walked into Gadget's room. Gadget waved to Foxglove as she closed the door. A few minutes later, Chip walked out of his room to see Gadget sitting on the couch. He sat down beside her.

"What are you doing up early?" he asked. "Unless you've got something to do in your workshop, you're never up this early."

"I just couldn't go to sleep last night, Chip. All I could think about was you." She smiled at Chip and leaned over to kiss him. Chip placed two fingers on her lips.

"Later, Gadget. Dale's just getting up, and I don't think the first thing he'd like to see is us kissing," he told her. Sure enough, Dale walked into the room just a few seconds later, followed by Monty and Zipper.

"Morning, guys," Dale groggily said as he walked into the kitchen to have breakfast. Monty looked at the couple on the couch, holding hands and smiling.

"I swear, Zipper, I've never seen either of them so happy," he told his little friend. Zipper nodded in agreement, then followed Monty into the kitched to join Dale in the hunt for breakfast.

"Gadget?" Chip started. "I've got something I want to ask you."

"What is it, Chip?" Gadget was surprised to see Chip get down on one knee and pull a small box out of his inside jacket pocket.

"So, Dale, what happened last night?" Monty asked his breakfast companion. "I mean, after you and Gadget talked?"

"Well, Chip came in the room and we talked about Gadget and how we each loved her, and we agreed that Chip loved her more, so I just let it go. That's all." Dale then began to eat his small bowl of cereal. Ten minutes later, Gadget burst into the kitchen. She was crying and smiling like crazy.

" won't believe and Chip...we're engaged!" Both of the feasting Rangers looked up almost immediately and stared at the ring on Gadget's finger. "We're gonna get married!"

* * *

"C'mon, Foxy, where are you?" Dale impatiently wondered as he looked around for Foxglove. It was already 9:00, and he was wondering if Gadget had given her his message. His mind quickly banished those thoughts as Foxglove flew down in front of Dale.

"Hey, Dale!" Foxglove called from a few inches above Dale. When she landed, she put a flirtatious look on her face. For once, Dale didn't look one bit nervous because of it.

"Um, Foxglove, I've got somethin' to tell ya," Dale said to her. "You might wanna sit down for this..."

"Dale, what is it?" Foxy remained standing. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just that, well..."


"Foxglove, I love you." Foxglove was as surprised as Gadget when Chip had told her he loved her. "I love you more than anyone I've ever known. I want you to know that I'll always love you."

"Dale...oh, Dale!" She ran up to her chipmunk and kissed him. Dale felt something, and actually didn't try to stop her; in fact, after Foxglove finished kissing him, he returned the favor. Foxglove blushed, then flew back up to Ranger HQ.

'Thanks a lot, Chip,' Dale thought silently. 'I owe you a big one for this, buddy.'

"Hey, Dale!" Chip called down to his friend. Dale looked up to see Chip give him two big thumbs up.

* * *

"Gadget-love, your mother would have been flattered to see ya in her own weddin' dress," Monterey said as he looked over Gadget. She was wearing an exquisite white gown with a long pearl necklace. "Ya never looked so beautiful, Gadget."

"Thanks, Monty." She walked up to her friend and hugged him hard. "Do you mind if I have a moment alone?"

"Sure, I don't see why not," he replied, and he and Zipper left Gadget's room. Gadget sat down and looked up through a window.

"Mom, Dad, I know you're up there watching me. I want you to know that I never forgot you, and I never will. I wish you could've been here to see this day, but I know you're watching from Heaven. Thanks for giving me the courage to go on with my life. I love you, Mom and Dad. I always will." She stood up, and proceeded to exit the room. She was approached by Silvia, whom Gadget had chosen as her maid of honor.

"Gadget, good luck with this!" Silvia said.

"Nonsense, Silvia! There's no such thing as luck, and I'll prove it!" she joked. The two women joyously laughed and hugged each other. Then Monterey Jack approached Gadget and Silvia.

"Okay, Gadget, it's time." Gadget took Monterey's hand and Silvia left the hallway and headed into the main room of Ranger HQ. When Gadget heard Here Comes the Bride on a piano, she and Monterey looked at each other, smiled, and walked into the main room.

"Oh...look at her...she's beautiful...gorgeous..." Gadget heard various complements as she walked to the front of the room. Most of the attendees were old friends of the Rangers and mice and chipmunks from around the city who had heard of the ceremony and wanted to come, including Don, Leviathan's ex-partner, and the mouse who had helped Gadget get home that fateful night--Gadget had found him a place to stay and indeed thanked him for his kindness. Gadget arrived at the front of the room, released Monterey Jack's hand, and kissed him on the cheek. She then took Chip's hand and her place beside him.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join these two in the holy state of matrimony," the minister said. "If there is anyone here who has any reason why these two should not be wed, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace."

"I have a reason." Everyone looked in the direction of the voice. It came from a hooded figure in the back of the room. He removed the hood and showed his face.

"Oh my's...Leviathan!" Gadget exclaimed.

-END Chapter XV-


-Chapter XVI-

"Surprised?" Leviathan slowly walked towards Gadget and Chip. "I'm not; I escaped that explosion long before it really happened."

"But how?" Chip asked. "You were still standing on that computer when it exploded! You couldn't have survived that blast!"

"I didn't get hit by it. It only occured on the bottom half of the computer. I had plenty of time to find another hole and escape."

"Then why did you make us believe that you were dead for eight months?" Gadget inquired. Leviathan took the couple aside and whispered to them.

"Gadget, Chip told me of his feelings for you the night I heard you in the kitchen. I suppose that by now you know he listened in on us. I felt that you two were perfectly made for each other, and I wanted you two to realize that. Chip, you're about to marry a great woman. I wish you both lots of luck in your married life." He shook Chip's hand and kissed Gadget on the cheek.

"Thank you, Leviathan," the lovebirds said simultaneously. Then Leviathan turned around.

"Good sir," he said to the minister. "I have had my words with these two. That was all I wanted. Please continue with the ceremony." Leviathan returned to his position in the back of the room. The minister smiled, nodded, and continued the ceremony.

* * *

"...and now, the vows. Chip, your vows first." The minister turned to Chip. Chip nodded, took Gadget's hands, and began to recite his wedding vows, which he had written himself.

"Gadget, you are about to become my wife, and that in itself is a miracle. I want this miracle to last forever, so I promise to be faithful, loving, caring, and kind towards you at all times. I love you with all of my heart and soul, and I intend on keeping it that way. I will love you forever." Chip looked at the minister.

"Thank you, Chip. And now, Gadget will...ahem...perform her special wedding vows." With that prompt, Gadget walked over to a nearby microphone. To her surprise, the mouse who had been hired to play the piano was replaced shortly by Leviathan.

"I overheard that you were doing this, and I wanted to have a part in your wedding," Leviathan whispered. Gadget thanked him by smiling at him, then turned back into the microphone and began to speak.

"Chip, I love you as much as you love me, maybe even more. I heard the song I'm about to sing about two weeks before this day, and I felt that its lyrics represent my love for you perfectly. I will never stop loving you. And now, my wedding vows." With that, Leviathan started to play the piano, and shortly thereafter, Gadget began to sing Lost in Your Eyes. Chip marveled at how beautiful Gadget's singing voice was. Indeed, even Monty was astonished--he had never heard Gadget sing. When the song had finished and Leviathan stood up, everyone started applauding the two as Gadget blushed and returned to her place beside Chip.

"Gadget, that was beautiful," Chip whispered to his bride. "I've never heard anyone sing like that before."

"Thanks, Chip," Gadget said. The minister turned to Gadget.

"Do you, Gadget Hackwrench, do you take this man to be lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better or for worse, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." The minister then turned to Chip.

"And do you, Chip Maplewood, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better or for worse, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Chip turned to his bride.

"By the power vested in me by the Lord, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Chip kissed Gadget, and then the two strode down the aisle into the kitchen, where the reception was to be held.

* * *

"A toast!" Leviathan raised his wine glass. "To Chip and Gadget; may their days of marriage be as joyous as the occasion which brought them here!" Everyone cheered, toasted the new married couple, and drank their wine. The Rangers mingled and talked with everyone who had come, while Dale pulled Chip aside and whispered in his ear.

"Chip, I wanna tell you something."

"What is it, Dale?"

"Well, first, I'm happy for you and Gadget, and second, how did you propose to Gadget?"

"I got on one knee, took the ring out of my pocket, and asked her to marry me. Why do you wanna know?" Chip wondered.

"Well, in a minute, I'm gonna propose to Foxglove."

"Dale, that's great!"

"No it's not! I'm too nervous to do it!" Chip looked his buddy over; he was shaking from head to toe.

"C'mon, Dale," Chip said. "If you love her, the words'll just come out naturally; you don't have to worry about it."

"Really? Thanks, Chip." Dale hugged his friend and patted him on the back.

"Now, let's get back to the reception, shall we?" They returned just in time to see Gadget throw the bouquet. Ironically, it landed in the hands of Foxglove. "Hey, Dale, guess she doesn't have long have to wait, huh?" Dale slightly laughed. He was still a little nervous, but not as much as he was a few minutes ago, thanks to Chip's advice.

"Well, Chip, shall we proceed?" Leviathan brought out a chair and led Gadget over to it. She sat down and lifted up her dress to show off her incredible legs. Chip knelt down, pulled the garter off of her right leg, and threw it over his shoulder. To Foxglove and Dale's surprise, it landed directly in Dale's hands.

"Hey, Dale, maybe we'll get married soon!" Foxglove exclaimed. Upon hearing that, Dale turned to Foxy, knelt down, and pulled out a small box. "What..."

"Foxglove, I'd be honored if you'd be my wife." He opened the box to reveal a ring similar to Gadget's engagement ring. All Foxglove could do was cry and smile in delight.

"Oh...oh...yes! Yes, I will!" Dale stood up, placed the ring around Foxy's neck (thanks to a string), and kissed her. The entire audience proceeded to cheer for the new couple, and during this, Gadget turned to Chip.

"You helped him, didn't you?" she whispered to him.

"I only gave him confidence, Gadget. He did the rest." Chip took Gadget's hand and proceeded to the runway. After saying goodbye to everyone, the married couple took off in the Ranger Wing, heading to the airport to go on their honeymoon.

* * *

"Gadget, aren't they beautiful?" Chip said as he looked down at his wife of one year. She looked tired and as if she was going to faint, but was smiling as hard as she could. She had just delivered her two twins into the world.

"They're precious. So tiny..." Gadget looked at the newborn baby girl. "Yet so beautiful..." She turned to the boy the doctor who had helped Gadget was holding. She raised her hand toward them. "I know you can't understand me, but I love you both very much. And I will always love you, my children." She slowly fainted due to the exhaustion. The doctor led Chip into his office, while two nurses took his newborn children for routine examinations.

"Now, Chip, have you two decided on the names for your children?" The doctor took out a pen and prepared to write.

"Yes, we decided two weeks ago. The boy's name is Geegaw--after Gadget's father." The doctor wrote the name on the first certificate, then switched to the one under it.

"And the girl?"

"Her name is Jennifer." The doctor wrote the name down quickly, then handed the two certificates to Chip.

"All I need you to do now is sign at the bottom, and--when your wife is up to it--after she signs, your children may go home with you." Chip eagerly signed the birth certificates, then handed them back to the doctor.

"Doctor, may I see Gadget before I go?" Chip asked.

"Sure, if she's awake." The doctor followed Chip into Gadget's room, noticing that Gadget had awakened. "I'll just leave you two alone." The doctor left the room.

"Gadget," Chip whispered. For a minute, all they did was look at each other in awe. They had just brought two new lives into the world, and were ready to take care of them--no matter what happened.

"Chip? I was still thinking--what about the Rangers? I mean, how will this affect us as Rescue Rangers?" Chip was prepared for this. They had both talked about it during Gadget's pregnancy, and were still discussing it. Chip quickly put Gadget's mind to rest.

"Don't worry about that right now, my love," Chip said as he kissed Gadget on the forehead. "Just go back to sleep. You need your rest. We'll worry about that problem later." With that, Gadget smiled and slowly returned to sleep. Chip left the room, happy that he and his wife were now parents.

-END Chapter XVI-



"And that's how we fell in love and had you two." Chip smiled at his beautiful wife. It had been at least three hours since they first started their tale, and Geegaw and Jennifer had been entranced the whole time.

"Well, mates, anything else ya wanna know?" Monty asked.

"Just one more thing," Geegaw said. "Dad, did you and Mom ever go on a date?"

", um..."

"Geegaw, we never went on what you might call a date, but it was similar to one--trust me."

"Sure," Geegaw said, unsure of what his mom meant.

"Thanks, guys," Jennifer said as she hugged her parents. Just then, Dale, Foxglove, and Maggie walked in the door.

"Hi guys!" Gadget called to them. "How did your shopping go?"

"Great!" Foxglove replied. "We got presents for everyone!"

"We got the perfect gift for you, Gadget!" Maggie exclaimed. She was a bat, and was about a year younger than Geegaw and Jennifer. "It's a...mmph!"

"Maggie, don't tell Gadget what we got her for Christmas!" Dale said as he released his hand from Maggie's mouth.

"Sorry, Dad!" Maggie apologized.

"Well, we'll go put this stuff away; we'll be back in a few minutes!" Foxglove said as she and her family headed for the guest room. Chip turned back to his children.

"Now I've got a question for you--why did you ask us that question in the first place?" Chip glared at the two young mice.

"Well, we've both got dates for tonight," Jennifer answered.

"Ah, the first date," Leviathan said as he limped into the room. After Chip and Gadget had returned from their honeymoon, they had asked him if he wanted to become a Rescue Ranger; he wholeheartedly accepted. Now he was again walking with the help of crutches. "One of the most memorable moments of anyone's life..."

"Oh, Leviathan, you know you shouldn't be up!" Gadget and Jennifer walked over to him and helped him to the couch. "The doctor told you to stay off even your crutches--you're supposed to use your wheelchair! Do you want those broken legs to heal right?"

"Mom, he doesn't like wheelchairs, remember? And he doesn't like crutches, either!"

"I see Gadget told you that old story, huh?" Jennifer nodded as she fluffed up a pillow for Leviathan to lay his head down on.

"Leviathan, there was one thing Mom and Dad didn't mention. Whatever happened to Don?" Jennifer questioned.

"Well, after your parents asked me to become a Rescue Ranger, Don and I talked it over, and we decided to dissolve our partnership, but remain friends. In fact, I go to visit him once a week."

"Just wanted to get that cleared up, Leviathan." Jennifer laid the pillow back on the couch. Leviathan laid his head down.

"No problem. When your dates arrive, just wake me up."

"Sure thing, Leviathan," Geegaw called. He headed to his room. After Geegaw and Jennifer came into the world, four new rooms had been added to Ranger HQ: a bedroom for Geegaw, a bedroom for Jennifer, a new bathroom, and a smaller workshop for the two; Leviathan gained use of Chip and Dale's old bedroom once Dale and Foxglove had gotten married, moved out and joined the Daring Detectives in Los Angeles. Now the two children of Gadget and Chip were eagerly awaiting the ones whom they might call their true loves.

-END Epilogue-

-The End-

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