Foxglove?! Who's Foxglove?

Foxglove played a short but unforgettable appearance in episode "Good Times, Bat Times" part of Disney's chipmunk duo spin-off, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Her shy but coy advances to Dale, as well as her warm, adorable voice made her stand out from the supporting Rescue Rangers lineup.

Unfortunately like most supporting figures in the cartoon, Foxglove lived in one episode. She never appeared in another RR cartoon thereafter. For those who would have loved to see her on the series as a regular, this came as a
Thanks to Pouncer for the drawing!
shock and a disappointment. I said once to a friend; "Foxglove was a taste you could only enjoy once." Luckily, there are people who don't feel this way and want to share their talents and experiences with you.

The Foxglove Feature

This site will try to bring those people together for you to see, hear and read. You'll find a growing collection of Foxglove drawings, compiled from sites around the RR community. If you've ever dreamed about what Dale and Foxy would do together if she appeared in another episode, look no further. Talented writers have whipped up stories that are sure to entertain your every curiosity. If you've never seen or heard about Foxglove's episode before, the Feature Episode Guide will show nearly every aspect of "Good Times, Bat Times". Since the Feature started back in 1998, it's received lots of goodies from fellow Foxyphiles and casual Ranger fans alike.

I hope to add more features to this site as time passes. If you have something to share with the rest of the gang here, I'd really like to hear about it.

Well, enough chat - I think you came here to explore Foxglove's world...

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